The dating game M looking for female

Started by seeker619, January 08, 2012, 08:25:33 PM

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If you have ever seen the dating game where three contestants trying to get a date with the man or woman they are all asked questions in a way that will win them their prize.  Now this has a bit of a twist and most of the rp would be in the series of questions in one post and answers in another until the date takes place than anything can take place.

I can play the three contestants and answer the questions then vice versa until two people each pick each other.  However, this should have some humor in it as all contestants are hypnotized to answer completely honestly for better or worse.  From there the date comes along and that also can go anywhere from steamy and sexy to dark however you want to play it.  We can switch this around a bit if you like or if you have an idea you would love to try out let me know.   I am always open for new ideas.  Thanks for reading.