Bethany's Dedication

Started by Jack2012, January 07, 2012, 04:52:09 PM

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Ryan Matthews smiled confidently at himself in the mirror.  In the reflection, he could see his partially clad girlfriend getting her clothes back on to go downstairs, but that didn't interest him now.  He was checking his tight black t-shirt and well-worn jeans on his athletic 6'1" and 195 pound frame.  He knew he wanted to look good and together, because he knew Bethany was getting home.

It was 4 p.m., and Bethany, his dad's new wife, would be getting home from work.  Or, she'd be getting home from work for so long as he expected she'd still be working.  He didn't figure that would be for long, because his father was the typical wealthy older man who was set.  Now that Bethany had wed his dad, Ryan wondered how much longer she'd even stay on her routine. 

Of course, Bethany came across as very sweet and unassuming.  Even innocent.  As far as Ryan knew, maybe she really was.  Ryan though was a realist, and what he saw was an attractive woman much younger than his mid-50s aged hard-working father.  His dad was older, conservative and more plain, while Bethany was very attractive and younger. 

Ryan turned and rounded up Jen, his most recent girlfriend from college.  Now, he figured, was perfect.  He'd come downstairs with Jen just in time for them to run into Bethany.  Bethany could then see the freshly sexed look of Jen, and Bethany could figure out what Ryan was up to.