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Author Topic: Catfight Club  (Read 2234 times)

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Offline Humble ScribeTopic starter

Catfight Club
« on: July 05, 2005, 06:12:14 AM »
Catfight Club

"The first rule of Catfight Club is: you do not talk about Catfight Club.
The second rule of Catfight Club is: you DO NOT TALK about Catfight Club.
If someone says 'stop', goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.
Only two girls to a fight.
No jewellery, no shoes.
Fights go on as long as they have to.
If this is your first night at Catfight Club, you have to fight."

This is just me floating a balloon, seeing if anyone might be interested. Don't send me characters just yet - I'm just gauging interest. This idea was inspired by the recent fight thread in Model Hostages (yeah, okay, so I do read the other boards really…)

So, this is an idea based on the film 'Fight Club'. In a nameless modern city there is a secret underground club where people gather after work to vent the day's frustrations. Only instead of white-collar men beating each other up, it's women. And there is a mixed audience, including male fight groupies (as an initial premise I don't think men should be allowed to fight, although I would be prepared to relax that rule by popular demand).

Why fight? The reasons, like the fighters, could be many and various; you might be fighting the bitch that got promoted instead of you, or who stole your boyfriend, or simply who just dissed the way you dressed in front of the whole office/college/whatever. There might be long-standing grudges and rivalries. Or you might just be feeling like working out and find a likely partner.

And of course, the best part of all; in this universe, the fights are usually for forfeits. The forfeit should be mutually agreed by the fighters beforehand. It can be something as trivial as a spanking or having to have sex with one of the drooling groupies or orally bringing the winner to orgasm, or it could be some temporary period of enslavement to the winner. I'll let you work that out for yourselves. So that we don't apply any arbitrary limits beforehand, I guess this would go in the 'Heavy - NC Normal System' section.

I wasn't sure whether or not to have rules for the fights, but I think I have to, really. But I don't want them to get too cumbersome or get in the way of the game. So I literally wrote them on the back of an envelope on the train on the way to work this morning. They are consequently pretty simple. After all, we mainly just want to know who wins (although some of the details of how could be interesting too, so there is at least a bit of detail). I hope the rules are fast and workable. And if they're not, I'll change them until they are.

So - have a look, and see what you think, and let me know.


Character creation:

(Proposed only - comments welcome)
Fighters can be from any background. To stay true to the spirit of the film, I suppose the majority ought to be middle class office drones, but there is no bar on profession. I am prepared to have models, actresses, policewomen, army officers, high-kicking martial arts babes, over-endowed archaeologists, hobos, desperate housewives, students and, yes, even schoolgirls if they're over 16.
BUT – all characters must be 'normal' humans. No aliens, no vampires, no furries (no, it's not THAT kind of Catfight), no cute magicians with a sarcastic black cat, no Vampire Slayers, no robots, replicants, superheroines, demons or squamish eldritch horrors. Okay?

You have 33 points to allocate between the following 6 characteristics. All operate on a 1-10 scale. 1 is very bad, 10 is very good.

Strength:         How strong you are (duh).
Skill:       How good a fighter you are.
Toughness:    Not just how much punishment you can absorb – more like the mental will to go on in spite of pain.
Fitness:    How, er… fit you are – in the sense of being able to sustain athletic activity.
Looks:    How Fit you are in the other sense.
Status:    How wealthy or powerful you are in the outside world. Helps determine a lot of out of combat stuff (like whether you live in a mansion or in a cardboard box underneath a bridge).

Obviously also specify things like:
Player likes/dislikes
Character likes/dislikes
(In both cases I'm thinking mostly sexual).

The Rules

All fighters have eight locations:
Left Arm,
Right Arm,
Left Leg,
Right Leg.

Then fights proceed in combat rounds, which I will moderate. Each round both fighters SECRETLY choose (i.e. PM me):

1. Type of attack:
(a) Normal punch (costs 0 Fitness),
(b) Heavy Punch (costs 1 Fitness),
(c) Normal Kick (costs 1 Fitness) or
(d) Heavy Kick (costs 2 Fitness).
NB - When you reach 0 Fitness you are Tired. At that point you can only use normal punches, and your Skill is temporarily reduced for the rest of the fight (or until you take a breather) by -2.

2. Target area on opponent's body (one of the eight locations), bearing in mind these restrictions:
(a) Punches cannot be used to attack Legs.
(b) Kicks can only attack Legs, Crotch or Guts UNLESS your opponent is on the floor OR you have a current Skill of 7 or more (in which case you can do Martial Arts kicks and go for any location).

3. What area of your own body you are defending. This can be:
(a) High (covering Head, Chest, and both Arms),
(b) Low (covering Guts, Crotch and both Legs) or
(c) Body (covering Chest, Guts and Crotch).
If it turns out that you are covering the area that your opponent is trying to attack (i.e. you guessed correctly), you get +3 to your Defence total.

4. You can also choose whether you are:
(a) Fighting normally (no bonus or penalty to attack or defence).
(b) Engaging in a Desperate Defence (+2 to Defence, -3 to Attack).
(c) Engaging in a Furious Attack (+2 to Attack, -3 to Defence).

That's it. The players don't need to do anything else. All of the resolution and bookkeeping will be done by yours truly.  I will do all dice rolling 'off camera' and just send a post with the result for that round, and then you can PM me again with strategy for the next round.
If you want to pull any fancy moves, rip clothes etc let me know and I'll factor it in according to entirely arbitrary criteria of my own choosing.

FYI, here is an outline of the rules I came up with:

Attack = Skill + D10 + bonuses/penalties from above. Crotch is a smaller target than the other locations and hence more difficult to hit, so there is a -2 penalty to Attack total if that is your target.

Defence = Skill + D10 + bonuses/penalties from above.

If Attack is greater than or equal to Defence, there is a successful hit, and damage can be done. Otherwise the attack is fended off.

Attacker rolls Strength  + D10 + how much they overcame the opponent's defence by, +…
Normal Punch = +0 damage
Heavy Punch = +2 damage
Normal Kick = +2 damage
Heavy Kick = +4 damage
Target: Arms or Legs = -1 damage
Target: Chest or Guts = +1 damage
Target: Head or Crotch = +2 damage

Defender rolls Toughness + D10

The amount by which the damage total exceeds the toughness total determines how much damage is done to the location and what the effect of that is going to be. Generally you will (temporarily) lose Skill and Fitness, and possibly Strength, Toughness and Looks. I will have a look-up table for this but I haven't finished it yet.
You may also be stunned for a round, in which case you won't be able to act next round. Your opponent can either take a breather (and get +1 Fitness back) or take a free hit. A stunned defender cannot choose an area to cover, and is at half Skill or -3 Skill, whichever is worse.

The fight continues until one opponent is knocked out or unwilling to continue.
If people want, I might allow the fights to progress in boxing-type Rounds (of, say, five combat rounds at a time) with a quick breather in between so that fighters can recover 2 or 3 points of Fitness.

Offline Natalie C. Barney

Re: Catfight Club
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2005, 05:26:57 PM »
Sound fun can I suggest also:

Normal Grapple (like a head lock)
Heavy Grapple (like a bear hug)

Normal Slap (regular slap)
Heavy Slap (bitch slap with authority)

Normal Bite (bite)
Heavy Bite (bite somewhere sensitive)

Normal Hair Pull
Heavy Hair Pull

Normal Throw/Takedown (leg trip and schoolgirl pin)
Heavy Throw/Takedown (tackle)

Normal Submission (wrenching an arm back)
Heavy Submission (something really nasty)

Normal Take Off Clothes (ripping off an item and using it as a weapon, like shirt used to cover their face and a couple cheap shot)
Heavy take Off Clothes (ripping off an item and choking with it)

I saw FIGHT CLUB they did wrestle and such, plus is CATFIGHT CLUB sothe last set fits.

Add locations Left Breast and Right Breast.

Offline Humble ScribeTopic starter

Re: Catfight Club
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2005, 04:26:31 AM »
Thanks a lot for the suggestions Natalie, I like the way you're thinking! Grapple moves will complicate things a little, but I'm sure I can find a way of including them. As you say, they are necessary, really, and could be fun.
Also, if we're going to have biting and slapping, I suppose I might as well include scratching as well.

I probably should have been more explicit (if you'll pardon the pun) that the 'chest' location basically means 'breasts'. I don't really want to start multiplying hit locations in case it starts to complicate things, but I can make an exception there and divide it up into left-right.

I'll go away and work up a revised version to include your suggestions.

Now all I need are some players...


Offline Natalie C. Barney

Re: Catfight Club
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2005, 11:57:39 AM »
How about smothering? Like plopping ample breasts over the face or another part. Sitting is a common erotic thing in some videos I own. Ok we can likely put that into other areas.

I'm game if its not too time consuming, I have to be careful here.

Might I also suggest each character have a special trait? Like Hard Head, Specialty Move or something for a GM provided bonus the player wants to take.

Offline AurelieCatena

Re: Catfight Club
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2011, 09:20:24 AM »
I know this thread is six year old, but I wanted to know if those rules or something similar ever got used, or if there is any thread devoted to fighting?