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Author Topic: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)  (Read 6107 times)

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Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« on: February 06, 2008, 03:35:21 pm »
Ever since seeing this picture...

...a couple of days ago I've been wanting to play her against some sort of a villain.  I think something like "America's Greatest Superheroine" would apply here.  I haven't exactly figured out all the details, but I was thinking along the lines of super speed/invulnerability for powers.  Anyway I was thinking that she's either the only superheroine in all of the U.S. or she's one of a very small group.  Being that I need a GM I'd be willing to talk over plot lines including villains and that sort of thing first.

The plot has got to be interesting, and full of sexual tension, molesting, groping, and that sort of thing.  This is a pretty rough idea, but I'm going to list a basic profile below of the character I'd be playing, including powers and weaknesses.

Name: Sarah Goodman
Alias: Ms. Americana
Age: 19
Height: 5'11" (6'2" with her boots)
Build: Athletic, busty.
Hair: Long, sandy blonde hair that hangs down to about her mid back.
Eyes: Cool blue
Skin: Milky white, sunkissed in the summer months, but never a dark tan.
Costume: (See picture, only she wears a blue domino mask as well)
Occupation: Sophomore in college, majoring in journalism.  And a well known superheroine.
Income: College student: -$10,000/year  Superheroine: +$65,000/year (no taxes). 
Brief History: Sarah came into her powers at sixteen, though without another superheroine to look up to, just comic books, she had no idea what she should do with them.  Risk her life and well being to protect people? Or should she use it for her own gains?  Soon she didn't have a choice, a group of terrorists attacked her high school.  She zipped to the drama department for a costume, found one (similar to the one she wears now) and zipped back out.  Soon enough she'd defeated the terrorists and was being hailed as a real-life superheroine. 

Now three years later, she's doing things world-wide, mostly for America though, as she doesn't believe that she should have the power to govern the world.  She doesn't really believe she should have the power to govern anyone, but she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the attention.  Much less the money that the government now pays her to keep their streets safe, avert natural disasters, and so on.  They even gave her a nice shield, belt, and ring that have the pocket dimensions, making Ms. Americana readily available where ever she goes. 

Speed: Ms. Americana can run extremely fast. Along with this comes the ability to react faster than most people can think.  Top speeds thus far have been clocked up to Mach 12, but it's assumed she can go much faster than this.
Invulnerability: So her bones don't shatter, her skin doesn't catch on fire, and her muscles rip to shreds, her body has taken on an invulnerability aspect.  She has impenetrable skin, bones, and muscles so that if she hits a pebble going Mach 12 she won't get killed. There's also a small shield-like force that protects her costume from getting ripped to shreds while she runs.  It's also made of a fiber that's resistant to melting, and has a boatload of other features (like it's hard to remove) but mostly it's her power keeping the suit, and her boots, in tact.
Tranformation: Being extremely fast means that she can change from normal clothes into her suit in a split second.  She wears a ring on her finger that connects to an alternate pocket dimension that she stores both normal clothes and her costume in.  The ring isn't anything special itself, just looks like a normal ring someone might wear.  When she's in costume it's worn under one of her gloves.
Shield: Just like the costume, the shield is held in a pocket dimension that's opened from within her belt.  Which means she can only retrieve it while in costume.  The shield itself is often used for shielding other people from attacks and is made from a strong titanium alloy that's both light and super strong.

Gas: Pretty simple really, poison, aphrodisiacs, knock out, tear and an assorment of other gases can be thrown in her direction (or put on clothes and pressed over her features) to get rid of her.
Bondage:  Bolas probably would be best in battle, but failing that, once you've got her down it'd be best to  keep her down with some heavy bondage, or even light bondage if it means she can't use her legs or arms. 
Crotch: Any form of attack on the crotch will render her unable to move.  Just like anyone else, a hit to the groin will drop her like a sack of tits...erm bricks.
Legs: Not quite as easy as it sounds, her legs are a major weakness.  Take on of them out and she'll go down pretty quickly after that.
Surprise: While invulnerable, she's not super strong.  Knocking her upside the head with a fist will knock her out, granted you could also use a wrecking ball with the same result.
Belt: Not really a weakness, but she's unable to call on her shield if she's without it, not only that, but she lacks the extra layer of buffering to her stomach, making gut and stomach punches feel all the harder.
Small Spaces: In open spaces she's able to dodge around, and get up to full speeds without breaking a sweat.  However in a small space she's not able to get up to full speed, not even really get up much of any speed at all.  And with furniture it makes this process even harder.  Add gas, or another weakness and she's up shit's creek without a paddle.
Heroine: She'll always go after the innocent in trouble before chasing a badguy down.  It makes for a vulnerability that's pretty predictable, but she'll not let someone die just because she wants to bring someone in to justice.
Slippery: Things like ice, and other slippery surfaces (wet oil for example) are extremely hard to get traction on.  If she is to fall down she could have a hard time getting back up and thus makes her extremely vulnerable.
Sticky: Sticky, like slippery, could make it hard to run.  This would have to cover a large area and probably would have to have a super sticky quality to trap her once she does fall down. 

Online DarwishiTopic starter

Re: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2008, 12:19:41 am »
Alright, I've got a partner for this so it's closed for now. ^^  Might come up with someone else though, who knows. ^^

Online DarwishiTopic starter

Re: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2008, 12:22:52 pm »
Alright, I've got a partner for this so it's closed for now. ^^  Might come up with someone else though, who knows. ^^

Turns out I lied.  Well I didn't lie, it just turns out that my partner was more bogged down with posts than they thought, so this is back open.  And some pictures here to entice those that might want to play. ^^

Offline Modern Fairy Tale

Re: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2008, 01:46:11 am »
Okay... and idea right off the pictures you have... what if two feline theamed femme fetales took her down a notch.  Persian and Simies... or something.  Spook and Smudge.  Kit and Kat... hehe.  Anyway... they could be... like the Catwoman... fans of whips... into bondage, etc.  They kiss... string her up after theyve won, etc.

Looked over your O&Os... but its a little vague.  Not sure what you are shooting for here.  Need more details on what kind of world and story you are looking for.  Seems a cool trio... and I like how the hero is so much taller then the cat-like duo.

Offline Modern Fairy Tale

Re: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2008, 02:07:10 am »
Proposed Villianess

Flirtacious and Impulsive.  The better fighter.  Believes herself to be possessed by the totem spirit of the cat.  Like the Halley Barry version.  She is actually super powered... able to compeat with the heroine in power, agility, and speed.  She would be the white haired girl.  I see her as more instinctual... kind of a werecatgirl.  Supersticious... super sences... linked to the moon or whatever.

The brains of the outfit.  She is more like the older Catwoman.  A super skilled and technically and acrobaticly cat burgaler.  With a nice mix of Lex Luthor.  She is the one with the goggles and eared hat.  She would be the planner... have some neat gizmos that are always very well planned and executed.  More of a walking complication gimick for the heroine then anything else.  Armed with carboninte steel whips, caltrops, timed explosives, tiny derringers that fire sleep darts, sleep gases, etc.

Just some ideas.
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Re: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« Reply #5 on: February 26, 2008, 02:44:24 am »
Hey, sorry, Dingo jumped on this earlier today.  I'll give you a PM soon as I think up another heroine and need someone to torture her. ^^  Basically it's based on my free time and such. Sorry again.  :-\

Offline Modern Fairy Tale

Re: Ms. Americana (In need of Villain/GM)
« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2008, 12:58:01 am »