Feeling in the mood to Domme, F for sub M

Started by Surrender, January 05, 2012, 01:39:50 AM

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In the mood do Domme. I'd like a sub who will put up a fight, not someone who gives in easily. Please contact me asap!

I know it's not very descriptive, but I'm horny as hell and desperate for something like this. Forgive me!

I dont know

I am very interested in this. Been looking Domme for a while now.


Well, I was just beaten to it... but yes, if you were still looking, I'd absolutely love to be your resistant sub, Suite.


Wow, a domme female.  You are the 0.01% on Elliquiy.

I suspect  you'll get about a hundred responses to this, but just remember I was in the top three.
What a shame -- The money you spent on those tattoos could have gone toward a boob job.
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