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February 04, 2023, 11:22:09 pm

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Author Topic: Double Life - Geisha Girl  (Read 961 times)

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Double Life - Geisha Girl
« on: January 03, 2012, 11:48:44 am »
In the darkness, a whisper of fabric as it caresses the curves of its mistress. A sigh, distantly beckoning forth those prone to adultery and a touch so soft and meaningful it lulls the mind into a dream-like state, inspiring fantasy. The scent of jasmine dulls the senses, overpowering the air heavy with incense. In the arms of the fragile bodied and silk wrapped hostess a silent intimacy is shared, sacred and independent of every other experience before her. She is careful, her heart beats steadily and her breath warms the face in even measures. She is still. The silence is broken only by her movements, which are slow and purposeful. Ice passes between the lips and melts over the tongue, numbs the cheeks and tastes more refreshing than water, something never considered until the only means of refreshment has already melted away. Then two pairs of lips meet, pressed to close away any spaces. The tea that passes between is bitter and hot, it lights the senses again with awareness and stills the nerves in the stomach with its comfortable warmth. A towel wipes away the excess and a smile is shared for the clever little trick of a courtesan. The room, once warm is now too hot, the sweat trickles from the brow until it is wiped away by the generous towel once more. A lantern had been lit, the smiling face of a geisha girl painted gold by the dim light, but the colours are confusing and perhaps the light is blue. Breathing is difficult and loud, becoming a nuisance in the quiet and intimately designed room. The heart is beating against the rib cage, sore and exhausted. Sensation, once given to fantasy now gives to poison, numbing the limbs before the chemical reaches with long and cruel fingers around the heart. “Oyasumi, shiranai hito." She sings the words and they are magnificent, every syllable pronounced so that the poison does not blend them together and form something incoherent. She bows low, formally, but when she rises her smile is mocking. The glassy eyes of her victim provide a witness to the theft and her departure. Now who will keep her entertained?

Meet my lovely little Miho. I have been playing her for years, but I'm not 100% sure where I'd like her story to go next. I went through some possible ideas with someone last night, and am posting them here to see what kind of dialogue I can get going.

1. You can be her victim or her opponent. Please keep in mind she primarily chases men and will only kill a woman if the woman is threatening her life/her secret.
2. An opponent would be someone who either saw her commit her crimes, heard of her, was a bounty hunter, etc. and was after her either to receive a reward or to avenge the death of a loved one.
3. Miho lives a solitary life coming and going from the cities surrounding a heavy forest. Deep within the forest is where she lives, in a house built specifically for her by a labourer who was paid well. Here she keeps her kimonos, her office, her make up, etc. for when she is not in the city. It is entirely possible for someone to have stumbled upon (or followed her) and to have destroyed the place in search of her. In that case she would not return there, but would need to find a safe haven, perhaps working her way into a smugglers crew with the intention of finding somewhere new to establish some roots.
4. Miho is not prone to love. It takes a certain type of character for her to develop some kind of connection. Keep in mind she killed her last lover when things were too serious because she was afraid he would ask her to abandon her lifestyle or he would rat her out.
5. Miho still entertains as a Geisha from time to time, so an ordinary beginning with her at a teahouse is not out of the question.

Let me know what you think. I'm eager to play her here.