A supernatural western themed roleplay (M/F)

Started by Brandon, January 02, 2012, 03:45:43 PM

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This game is not taken, thank you for your interest

Clouds covered the sky in gray and black as the night descended upon the world, covering it in thick and oppressive darkness. Its hold absolute and unbreakable but down in the valley small lights banish it for only a time. Lights lit by humans to push away the night and the fear that it inspires in them. Each one a beacon of hope and progress to say that humanity was there and it was strong.

That was a lie...

Humanity was blind to the reality around it. They willfully allowed a veil of ignorance and deceit to be pulled over their eyes. Many of them like children, thinking that if they closed their eyes that they could not be seen. In this case they lived with monsters all around them, familiar and unfamiliar, but they willingly closed their eyes to shut out that reality. Humanity's reality was safe and lonesome where they were the top of the food chain and the masters of the world.

That was a lie...

The young man walked down the road and toward those lights. Dressed in an old black leather duster, black stetson upon his head, cotton shirt, brown vest and pants, and thick black boots. Finally there was the pair of colt .45's at his waist and a belt made to hold a full gross of bullets which told man and monster that he was not easy prey. Yet the only thing in his hand was an old wooden case made for hosting games of chance. Everything said that he was a gambler, like many men traveling the west to win fortune and fame

That was a lie...

Just as the sun began to rise, banishing the night in full he arrived at the small town. His desire to tear open peoples eyes and let them see the truth, to let them see that they were being manipulated by their own ignorance and hunted by the creatures in this world of darkness. Soon they would all know the liberating terror of pure unclouded truth. This is where our story begins...

If you've read this far, then you probably have some interest in this game. I need to be upfront and honest with the fact that over the last year I have no been happy with my own writing quality. At all. I think this is because a lot of past games have left me disappointed in one way or another to the point where Ive found myself thinking "Why bother doing such high quality posts if I don't receive the same?" I don't really like that way of thinking so I'm trying desperately to pull myself away from it and get back to high quality and high length writing. I think for that I needed a special game to remind me of that passion and need for expression

That comes to you and the inevitable question of what do I want in a writing partner to share in this story. I want someone who will inspire me. Someone who will go through a brainstorming process before the game even begins to help me give the game and the setting life. Someone who will move the story as much as I will. Someone who isn't afraid to PM me to talk about some aspect of the story they aren't comfortable with or some change they want to implement. Someone who is going to deliver on high quality posts as the game progresses

Now to talk specifically about the story. Ive set the scene for what I hope will be a very long term game with a lot of different elements to it. Currently its a very simple setup with a hidden world that humanity lets be hidden as a gambler who knows the truth enters town. Who your character is is pretty open and what the plot is will be determined by us during the brainstorming process. Yes, its a very open ended game to allow for myself and my writing partner to develop as the game goes on.

If you think you qualify for what Im looking for and are interested in this game, please PM me so we can discuss the game in detail.
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