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Author Topic: Dream a Little Dream with Me.  (Read 3715 times)

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Dream a Little Dream with Me.
« on: January 01, 2012, 11:09:23 PM »
Welcome one and all to my little request thread!

To Clearly Emphasize: If you are interested in any of these plots, please contact me via PM and do not leave something here in the thread. Thank you.

I want to make this clear here and now. There are a lot of people who are wrapped up with ratios of plot to smut, and so on and so forth. I am not one of these people. I am here for a purpose, and most of my plots will pretty much say what I am looking for right off of the get go. Plus, it is kinda hard to measure a ratio before a roleplay has ended, particularly on a long term setting. So I want to eliminate any misconceptions or assumptions that may happen before a pm even gets to me.

Please pay attention to the format of this thread. There have been a few people that do not read the notes and disclaimers that I have painstakingly put in and confused the purpose of those plots beneath the disclaimers, and have thus had to frustratingly deal with the fact that I don't play those plots without those purposes. So I am going to make it clear, if the plot starts on the left side, they are of a non-sexual death variety. If they start on the right, expect death. For more information, read the note below.

The Dryad

This is a story that I had come up with a long time ago and started to play and never got to finish. It basically starts as thus. Every fifty years a ritual is held in an ancient village that has managed to beat the odds within a forest that has rarely failed to swallow up and destroy any attempt at civilization that humanity has tried to do in the forest. Except for this village. Many travelers and lords have long since tried to discover how and why this is possible with the thought if that they could discover the truth, they could use it to tame the forest that contains ancient horrors and powerful beings for their own good.

The fact is, what keeps the village alive is a single solitary tree in the center of the village. To most people, it is a tree that provides lush foliage, is always cool in the heat of the day in the shade, and serves as the city center for most functions. But every fifty years, there is only one function that is carried on at that tree. A group of males between the ages of sixteen to seventeen are selected at random. As a rule to the village, no male is allowed to marry until after their seventeenth birthday, though only a handful of people know why this rule is in place. When the ritual comes, one of the males is selected at random at the lottery, and the rest of them are dismissed. The male is led to the tree, at which point he is introduced to the being within the tree, an ancient dryad who struck a deal. The village would supply her a mate that would never be seen again, and she would keep the forest from destroying the village and protect the only road that leads through the forest that passes through the village.

What I am looking for is a partner who is willing to play a strong possessive role for the dryad that lives within the tree and is able to travel the forest. This scene is something of a work in process beyond that need. If you are interested, give me a shout. Thanks.

Alien Discovery

This is a roleplay that I thought I had a partner with, which then dried up. So I am going to put this here for the sake of hopefully finding a partner. I was thinking of a plot where humanity has been exploring the stars for the better part of seventy years, and the first alien species that they make contact with is a species that is quite friendly, though not humanoid. This race of amphibious creatures explore the stars much like humanity, but are a species that is capable of cross species breeding as long as the species lives close to what is required for their own physiology.

The idea that I had here, is that the alien race starts friendly relations with humanity, and after some personal observations learns that the male species of the human race, with a bit of transformation, is quite capable of carrying the eggs of the alien race to term. Most of the human government is still a little weary of this thought of the alien race being interested in the humans, but the sixteen year old son of the Captain of one of the first star ships that made first contact seems to be taken in by one of the alien race.

To further clarify what I had in mind, is that the alien race itself is not humanoid, as it is more a tentacle based race, partially aquatic being an amphibious race. They can take on a humanoid-like appearance, by binding their many tentacles up into limbs, which allow them to walk around on land. The tentacles all lead to a base body mainly comprised of muscle and cartilage, similar to flat snake which has no eyes, mouth or anything resembling what is normally found on a human. What is interesting about them is that they are all hermaphroditic in nature, but cannot incubate their own eggs. That is where they need a host species.

Part of the thought that I had is that when they find a suitable host species, they create a 'pocket womb' within them, which is made out of the very genetic data of the host species, but designed to be a suitable 'womb' for the eggs to grow, and when they get to term, they hatch within and are birthed from the host species. But unlike a pregnancy where most of the growth is dependent on the woman, this impregnation and pregnancy is more dependent on the impregnator, with the alien species having to continually introduce suitable genetic data and nutrients through sex to help facilitate growth and progress the pregnancy.

Now to get down to what I want to see for this roleplay. I want to play the sixteen year old son, who has repeatedly been invited by the alien race to share in culture and the such, and when the race wants to see if they are right in thinking that they are capable of being breeders to the race, it is to him that they offer the opportunity to do this with. I am looking for a partner who is willing to play one of the alien races. This roleplay involves MxHerm interactions, Transformation, M-Preg, and so on and so forth.

The Sex Slave

This is a plot that has been in my planning stages for a long time. I have refined it many different ways, but almost every time I do the plot, it always seems like it falls apart with either someone discovering that they don't like something kink wise that they didn't speak about before, or they end up getting detained by real life, which is completely understandable.

The idea that I had was to play a teen aged male who had been kidnapped and brain washed to become a tool for sexual domination in the slave trading markets. This male had first been kidnapped after puberty hit and exposed to a different way of thinking, training him to take on a higher physical endurance, and most of all, removing the natural inhibitions that existed within him. After that, they began to instill physical and verbal commands, to where in a normal state without being commanded, he looked like a simple, innocent teenager who seemed a bit shy. But after a simple touch or word command, the sexual side of him awoke with whoever he was put into a room with. The first time he had actually done anything sexual was after his sixteenth birthday, for the slavers who captured him were careful to make sure who he was, when he was born, etc, was removed from all records, to where it just looked as if he was a runaway from a normal every day family.

It was on that day that the slavers learned that the training that they had instilled within him payed off, as it wasn't long till the older woman who was in the room with him broke from that defiant woman with a glint in her eye to a submissive woman that they could sell as a simple servant. Day after day, he was put with both men and women, older teen aged boys and girls, each of their defiant streaks worn away by the sequential orgasms that he brought about within their bodies, like a brick wall being worn away by the constant pounding of the ocean.

It was not by six months later that the entire slave ring was busted by an internal agent. The ringleaders captured, tried and imprisoned for multiple life sentences without parole. But when it came to the teen aged male who answered only to Eli, the government did not know what to do. It took three government workers ending up beneath him moaning out their undying bliss to him till they finally learned of what he had become. Thus what was normally supposed to be a tenuous adoption that was supposed to get him through his traumatic life back to that of a normal every day sixteen year old teenager became all that more difficult.

What I am looking for in regards to this roleplay is the thought that Eli would end up with a rather intrepid woman, (though if you can convince me, I will pair him up with a male), who thinks she can truly rehabilitate him in the way that most of the psychiatrists are unwilling to try. By allowing him to do what he was trained to do, and instead of a simple attempt to simply tell him to stop, to find those triggers, and attempt to deactivate them slowly, one by one till he is a normal male with a rather enhanced sex life. But what I would love to see is the fight within Eli and the person he is paired up with, with the ever constant fear that the person he is paired up with might actually fail, which would more mean that the person that he is with will end up being his own personal squeeze for the rest of their lives.

And Now for the Darker Part of my Nature

I will keep my actual thought short and sweet, allowing anyone and everyone to reply to me if you are interested. Just know, this is something that lies in the darker part of my nature, something that I have been wanting to indulge in for some time.

The following roleplay ideas use the concept of using sex to kill someone. Still here? Congrats. Read on. :)

Note: In an effort to remove some of the confusion that seems to happen if I don't further explain myself, when I say that sex will be used to kill someone, I am meaning that a person is going to be subjected to a level of pleasure through either constant or multiple orgasms till the relief of the blessed coolness that is death is a slippery, blissful blanket that the victim will willingly slip into. There is no level of gore or mutilation that will be done involving this. Just the simple act of continuous sex is what is going to kill a person.

I am going to be adding several ideas to this main point, just to try to attract a wider audience of those that like to indulge in dark natures. I will separate them all with bold, that way my ideas don't get too cluttered.

Alien Survival

This is a plot that kinda goes off of one of my other plots down below, but with a much larger story to it, and more on a longer term setting. I will say, I am looking for someone who is willing to play as a GM for this plot, so if that is not your cup of tea, then please, look at some of my other darker plots down below. I have recently been thinking of a roleplay involving two siblings, male and female, and a few other secondary characters in a erotic horror survival game. The plot involves the thought that the main characters have been traveling around on a research vessel in the deep uncharted reaches of space. They have recently come across a series of planets with life signatures, but no significant technology. As they are about to investigate further, a micro meteor storm hits their ship and starts tearing it to pieces. The siblings and a few other crew members (how many is up to debate), manage to make it to the escape pods and land on one of the closest planets.

This is where it gets interesting. The planet is an abandoned research planet where a long dead species that like to do genetic research and were creating several species of creatures that had one sole purpose, to use as living weapons to conquer other planets sexually. The planet was eventually abandoned when the master species ended up getting invaded themselves from five different species that had learned what they were breeding and creating. This is where the characters crash onto, in a planet full of sexual creatures, of various types (tentacles, insects, beasts, even a few weird humanoids). Some of them are just simply sexual. Others literally feed off of it, while there are a few types that were not created correctly and kill their victims when they fuck them.

What I am looking for is someone with experience as a GM that is willing to do this kind of scene. The thought that I had is that most of the secondary characters will eventually die, while the children will last the longest. We can even say that some of the creatures in this world are even sentient, and take the siblings for their own. If you are interested in this, please let me know, and we can work out details.

"The Little Death"

Lately I have been getting an idea for a roleplay plot involving death in a high society setting. The thought would be that there is a drug that was created in vast quantities by the local government that was considered for capital punishment. It would be a neurotoxin that once injected induced a powerful state of arousal, that once indulged, would eventually cause the body to endure an orgasm (after many others in the same setting) that would shut it down for good. Non painful, but essentially gives new meaning to the words being fucked to death. The plot would be that after several tests on death row inmates, it was considered inhumane because the people still knew that they were dying, even though they, both male and female, were screaming in absolute bliss and want when their bodies shut down.

The thought would be that even though the drug is illegal, high society and politicians are still using the drug to send a message. A line of covert men and women, once gigolos and prostitutes, have found that their trained sexual stamina have allowed them to continue on to the point that the person injected/doped/etc with the drug die with almost a 100% success rate.

Now note, most of you would be thinking that this is a one shot affair. The answer is, yes and no. I leave it to you. It could be that the person gets saved because someone intervenes and saves the victim's life. Or they do die, but are promptly revived using adrenaline and then are put on a watch to ensure that they don't pleasure themselves and push themselves over the abyss. If you are partial to a one shot, the victim can die, simple as that while making incredibly pleased sounds as it happens. Perhaps it would not be an assassination, but possibly a mercy killing/suicide, wanting to go out with a bang.

I can play either role in this roleplay, victim or attacker/assassin. Typically I have played this as a M/F kind of role but I don't see why we can't do M/M or even F/F.

For all you Sci-Fi/Hentai fans out there...

Another idea that I had is a bit easier to describe, in fact there is only two words that would really combine. Alien Tentacles. This plot can take a variety of forms, from alien invasion on the planet earth, to exploring another planet, or even smuggling alien goods in the black market. Like the previous idea though death is almost certain and it will almost always come from a creature with a large amount of tentacles, able to pleasure both Males and Females. Yes that is right, if you don't wish to be the tentacle creature, I will be, and if you wanted to indulge in that dark fantasy of being a male and yet losing yourself to a tentacle creature, I am the person for you. Do know, this goes both ways though, so if you would like to be the creature, with a fine young effeminate male, I am your person as well.

A little black magic

This idea would more go off of the sense that magic is a force that must be reckoned with, for the greater the working, the greater the cost. The thought would be that magic takes from life each time it is used. Now it wouldn't be immediate, and it wouldn't necessarily be a cosmetic change either. But more of an act where the time one has left that is a magic user diminishes with each working. There is only one way that it can be replenished, and that is through sexual acts. A transfer of life from one to another. In ancient times, when those with magic were called gods, they got fresh sacrifices that were willingly given. Only now it is more secretive, as the age of technology now gives the hunted an edge to fight back.

What I was thinking of, is that there would be an agency that is dedicated to hunting down magic users and putting them down. They have special tools and equipment that allow them to capture the mantle of power that goes from a dead magic user to a nearby human. Though the actual occurrence that they manage to put down one of these magic casters is more a 3 out of 10 chance, given the fact that most of the casters alive today are the most powerful around, or have mantles that have developed over a thousand years.

The plot would be that either one of us can play the caster, while the other plays a small group, or a singular hunter. Whether or not the caster dies, or the hunters die, is up to what we are feeling for at the time.

For the Geek in all of us.

I was thinking of a roleplay involving virtual reality. It would be a slightly modern if not futuristic setting where virtual reality has come far enough to not just immerse in sight and sound, but also allow for physical sensation and experience. For the most part the virtual reality craze has been a success. Until some nut with a death fetish came up with a program that overrides the safety protocols in the VR helmet.

The game is a far cry to the hentai craze, combined with DnD. Players could come up with a player of their own and explore an open world filled with monsters of all kinds. The only thing that the players don't realize is that each and every one of the monsters want to kill them through sex. Lesser monsters were not so bad, as players died, but re-spawned with a very disturbed experience. It was if it was physically happening to them. Then players started getting stronger and going into the dungeons, and they never re-spawned...

This would basically be more of a world builder, with me as a GM or my partner as a GM. The point would be that the sensations are actually almost physical, but most of the monsters outside of dungeons don't play for keeps, due to the outside world being partially protected territory. But things change as soon as one enters a dungeon, as a player's consciousness won't be able to leave it, and they will truly die inside.

To be the child of an incubus

The thought that I had for this is sorta worn out, yet I have found that most people that play an incubus or a succubus more do it just to have an excuse for the heavy action but never actually follow the original thought to it. Well, mine is going to do just that. Only with a bit of a spin. This would revolve around the thought that either one of the partnered characters, whether it be my character or my partners, had a parent that was an incubus. Unlike being born from a succubus, where such a thing would make a person a full demon, this would be a situation where they would be a half demon, with the same abilities, only unable to control them.

Now the true twist would be this, the thought that I had for the other partner is just like there are demons and their (half) offspring, the same goes with faeries. The partner would be a child to a faerie, where it doesn't matter which side was which, and as such, they have an incredible wellspring of life energy. Having this makes it to where a feeding would not be painful, but this would be similar to the Geek in Us, where the partner that takes life would basically enslave the other partner with their abilities which run instinctively and not on command, but it would be like having a well balanced meal, unlike feeding off of a human, which would be more like a feast. So the half demon would still feel the urge to feed off of normal mortals, maybe even using their 'slave' to draw more enticing meals in.

I will leave world building, characters, and so forth to be discussed over private messages.

If you are interested in any of my ideas, send me a private message, and we can see what plots we can come up with.
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