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Author Topic: Saint is looking for RP! (CURRENTLY FULL)  (Read 713 times)

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Saint is looking for RP! (CURRENTLY FULL)
« on: January 01, 2012, 09:51:41 PM »
Hello! Thank you for reading this ad. As of this moment, I am looking for prospective partners on elliquiy for long term roleplays of varying and differing types. I am in the US, eastern timezone, so I will generally be posting from around 10 AM to 2 AM EST – And often become busy and might not be able to post for 2-3 days, or perhaps longer. I do try to keep up a rapport with my partners, as I feel OOC discussion is something that should be maintained and worked on, as that allows flowing ideas, creativity, and understanding between players.

What am I looking for? As I said, long term RP. I like RP's with story, drama, action, romance, and of course sex & intimacy. I like healthy heapings of all of those in my RP's, and I generally try to post at least two paragaphs if I can, something tangible and solid without being overly narrative and long. Of course, I can post more or less and am happy to work on what my partners prefer their post lengths to be at. I do my best to be competent at grammar and the english language, and request my partners do their best as well. I do not expect you to write perfectly, and am always very forgiving if english is not your first language or if you have some troubles with it – As long as you enjoy writing I am very happy to work with you on an RP.

I enjoy fantasy, modern, and some sci fi. I also enjoy bringing fantasy elements into modern. IE: Modern day mages, supernatural elements, etc. For For the ideas below, I will be placing them into an arrangement by what genre they are, describing a character or plot I would like to use, and then see what responses I get for them. I usually play human characters that are male, but sometimes this might change. I do not write female characters often, but as of late, I have had some RP ideas for such, but I will get to those when I make ads or ideas for them. I would request anyone interested in these ideas PM me, and also read my ons and offs. I suggest you read the thread in my sig as well, its morre updated.

Now then, on with the show!

Fantasy RP ideas.

The dancer and the guard.(Craving!)
This is a fantasy RP centering around an exotic dancer of sorts, a woman who could be anything from a bellydancer, to some sort of mage or spirit caller who uses sensuous dancing to channel, calm, or speak with spirits as well as put on a performance. My character would be a warrior or mercenary who would be her body guard of some sort, be it them already knowing one another, or perhaps him saving her from trouble and then gaining her trust. Romance would be a big part of this, as would sensuality on the womans part. She would dance, often in revealing outfits to do her performances, and naturally this would interest many men. He wouldkeep her safe, give his opinions on her dancing or new performances, and various other things. Perhaps she eventually catches the eye of an avaricious nobleman, who seeks to claim her as a concubine or slave. Maybe she is an elf, traveling through human lands... or a combination of both! Or any other ideas you think might be interesting for this.

My character in this game would be something of an death knight. He would have used dark, unholy magics and sorcerous might at some point, having been risen from near death as a warrior of destruction and death... Only, something has happened that makes him want to repent. Perhaps he was forced into servitude, part of him seeking to break free and regain his humanity. Perhaps he hit a breaking point, having done or seen something horrific that caused him to realize the actions he's been taking, and seeks to atone for his sins. Whatever the cause, he has broken the source of his bond to his destructive powers – A runic blade he was given as part of his oath. Traveling alone and marked by death itself, this knight now seeks to atone and regain his humanity. His partnered character could be many things. A priestess who has heard of this man and wants to see if he is honest. A literal ghost from the past, perhaps one of his past victims who has been tasked with helping him come to terms. Perhaps an angel or elemental of the earth, looking to help him be cleansed of corruption... Maybe even another knight like him, who has redeemed herself and is now aiding others. In any case, he has other problems. Traitors to oblivions cause are hunted down by both demons and undead horrors, and perhaps a spurned lover or comrade now seeks to kill the one who betrayed them. This would be somewhat darker in tone, looking at a character who has done evil actions that were not entirely in his control. Now seeking redemption, its a race against time to find salvation and forgiveness.

The warrior and the demon. (Or djinn!)
This is another fantasy RP, perhaps the more light hearted of the ones currently up. A brave, bold, and strong willed warrior ventures into an old mages tower in search of artifacts of power or at least things to sell – and accidentally unleashes a being of power, perhaps a demoness or a djin/elemental of some sort. This woman is feisty, free, and... bound to him. Not totally subservient, but yet she is unable to leave him, to both of their irritations. Perhaps there is a magic item somewhere that can sever the ties that bind, or maybe they don't quite want to be unbound. Hell is no place for a demon who isn't totally evil, which this demon is not. Mischevious, aggravated, perhaps even hot tempered and haughty, but she is not evil. She prefers the world of man, and perhaps she just needs a man to help settle her into it. And of course, another ally in adventuring never hurts, especially one who is capable of feats many are not! Again another RP with romance in it, and various complications that can be thrown in easily.

After the Cataclysm (Warcraft)
This would be an RP based off of world of warcraft. I do not have a solid character for this, but I would be leaning to a human warrior, or a Worgen Rogue of some sort. Both skilled, a bit sarcastic of wit, but otherwise good people. The human being more open and trusting/friendly, with the Worgen wary, a bit dark, and overall taking time to open up. This would take place after Deathwings return and the cataclysm of Azeroth, and I see this as a rather action filled RP that starts with the characters in a place like Mt. Hyjal or even the Twilight Highlands, working against the raging elementals and twisted cultists of the twilight hammer. My partner can be many things, from a stalwart night elf sentinel or a trained priestess, to a powerful wielder of arcane or demonic magics as a human, to even a sultry and haughty blood knight or rogue from the horde, forced to work alongside an alliance member to fulfill their goals and survive. A cross faction with a  blood elf could be interesting, letting the tension and brash feelings build up over time! Or even a more friendly race would work just as well.

Merchant and Servant
This is a fantasy RP where I play a traveling merchant, someone who sells and plies his wares from town to town, city to city. Recently however, when playing a game of cards with some friends, he won a rather... interesting piece of merchandise. A female harem servant or companion, who had been born and raised as a servant. The kingdom frowns on slaves and servants yet they are nor illegal, and now the Merchant has one of his very own. She is lovely, trained, smart, and thoughtful, a perfect companion for many men... The merchant cannot simply abandon her, yet he feels strange traveling with a woman who seems otherwise so happy to be his servant.

This RP would explore something of a master/slave relationship with a reluctant master of sorts. I generally don't do dom/sub, but an idea like this intrigues me. I see the servant-woman as being of another race such as elf. How this RP goes can be discussed with a partner, as I am very open to it!

I ask, are you my master? (Fate/Stay night inspired. CRAVING!!)
Magic exists in the world. Hidden away and protected from normal eyes, an event of magical prowess is beginning to start in a large city. Six mages have been summoned to partake in a war to fuel and use the Holy Grail to cast a wish. To this end, these mages summon Servants, spirits of ancient and powerful heroes with legends that have been told over the ages. There is only one problem... There are to be seven mages for this grail war, and the seventh is nowhere to be seen. Enter my character, a librarian who has stumbled onto a small cache of magical books and items one day, and secreted them away. Somewhat of a self practicing magician, they have just enough of a spark in themselves to be 'drafted' into summoning a servant and being forced to participate in the war whether they like it or not. A servant is summoned for them – and just in the nick of time as they are attacked...

Now I said this was fate/stay night inspired, as anyone familiar with the game/anime can easily see. I do not quite want to create the series exactly, and the mages and servants would be new, and different. My character would not be as stupid or clueless as Shirou, but would still have to adapt to a situation that he never imagined himself getting into. A reserved, calm, good person who has to learn to fight, and perhaps even kill people – good or bad. What servant does he summon? A glorious and chivalric Saber, a hot headed and skilled Lancer? Or perhaps a Berserker he is barely able to control, yet is fiercely loyal to her master? Perhaps he even summons the Assassin class – And must use the 'weakest' servant to face impossible odds, and win. Romance is another thing in this RP naturally, between a master and servant, or perhaps even him and another master, someone he must form an alliance with to survive.

Werewolf and vampire.
This is one of the more cliché plots, but I do want to give it a twist still. Its a modern day supernatural RP, with the vampires and werewolves having finally formed a truce after years of a bloody war. They are to no longer harm one another... But the truce also forbids them to be with one another, for unknown, specific freasons. My character would be a werewolf in his 20's. Skilled, strong, and driven to enjoy life... And one night, he finds himself in a strip club, with his eye on the star performer... Little does he know that she has her own secret thats just waiting to be found out.

I'd like to see this as a bit more dramatic and action filled. Theres a reason why the two beings can't intermingle, what is that? I have my own ideas, but hearing what a partners thoughts would be just as interesting. There would be erotic/intimate scenes with him as a werewolf, though that would be humanoid in nature.


This is a normal, every day modern RP. Perhaps they were on a plane, or perhaps a boat! Regardless, something happened, and when the characters wake up they find out that there has been a horrible crash, and they may be the only survivors. This would have them on a lush tropical island as they seek to live. The action here would probably be in finding shelter, dealing with any native animals (They may well be the only people here!) and looking for a way to get a message out, or just survive. They would work together and survive. I can see this as a bit of fun, learning to deal with one another, sexual tension, tropical storms, beaches, etc!

Science fiction/futuristic

The Bounty Hunter and the Princess.(Taken, yet happy do discuss another RP with this plot!)
This is I suppose more of a science fantasy, in that there will be magic and supernatural elements in addition to more traditional science fiction elements. A skilled human bounty hunter has been looking to claim a bounty on a wealthy, but reclusive terrorist. Having spent months, thousands of dollars, and then using every last contact on various planets, interplanetary stations, and ships – The intrepid hunter has finally found out that his quarry was last located landing on an underdeveloped planet. Naturally, the more advanced civilizations have laws and sanctions against landing on or interfering with less civilized planets, but already working in a quasi-legal profession, the bounty hunter decides to head to the planet and get his target. Something goes awry in landing, and he crashes. Waking up sometime later, he finds his ship in ruins, and not all of his gear made it out. Worse yet, he has to avoid well armed soldiers who look to recover and retrieve his starship. He learns very quickly that his target has not just made a successful life here... But has overthrown the kingdom of the area he landed in, and has been using it as his own base of operations.

The people on this planet are human like, but exotic. Beautiful, handsome, and somewhat odd, they can tap into actual, true magic, with the royal princess being one of the most magically powerful. She was the heiress to the kingdom, but with an off worlder landing and taking over, she had become imprisoned. Her betrothed had let her be taken in as he swore fealty to the new 'king', hoping to spring her out... but the new king looks to likewise take her as a bride, and he won't take no for an answer. Perhaps she escapes of her own will, or perhaps my character fails in escaping pursuit and is imprisoned as well, with them both working together to escape. Regardless, she is a powerful mage, but sorcery comes with a catch – One must be brought to sexual climax to help recharge their magic. And of course, sex is rather casual to the people of the planet, with the princess having had her own manservant who took care of her needs... but now, needs a new one. Enter a somewhat morally gray bounty hunter, who has no problems taking a lovely princess to be his personal lover as he looks to get off this planet, with his bounty dead or alive.

This would be a very sexual or sensual RP with lots of science fiction and fantasy elements. I will have no qualms in saying this would have a lot of smut, as well as some romance. Even then, there would be character development in addition to the smut, and lots of action, intrigue, and adventure. They would eventually get off the planet, and enter the science fiction stage at large. This is science fantasy in a similar vein like star wars, except with magic instead of the force! This is an RP that I think would be very fun as well.

Post apocalyptic

Left 2 die (Im so clever with names!)

Zombie uprisings! A popular subject, everyone enjoys the thought of brain eating, shambling undead horrors. This is something that can be played with a lot, be it a zombie infection just starting, or already in the middle of an outbreak. Our characters would find one another, and would soon rely on the others aid to survive where undead beings seek to devour you and aren't too picky about you being living or not. Would these just be normal zombies? Or in resident evil/left 4 dead style, would some of them begin to mutate, becoming powerful and dangerous with strange physical alterations?

I don't want to set the world on fire...

I just want to start a flame in your heart. True post apocalypse via fallout, this could be a fallout game or inspired by fallout. If actual fallout, I would prefer the new vegas area, feeling its more pertinent to RP. Vault dwellers, vintage tech, rust, powered armor, and mutants! Both characters would have to deal with the harsh realities of the wastelands, and through any number of means. Perhaps one of them is an escapee from the legions slave camps, or from raiders and stumbles across a somewhat hardened wasteland wanderer who offers to protect her until they get somewhere safe? Or well, anything! The ideas can be rather interesting.

Overall, I prefer something of a slightly animeish feel to some of these stories,  though many of them are also 'normal' RP's, and I adore character pictures for RP, for them in addition to descriptions. I hope these ideas at least interest a few people, and would love to discuss any of them with any interested partners.Thank you very much for reading this!
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Re: Saint is looking for RP!
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2012, 08:32:02 PM »
Added Left 2 die, Crash, and I don't want to set the world on fire...

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Re: Saint is looking for RP! (CURRENTLY FULL)
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2012, 11:20:02 PM »
Jan 4, 2012

WOW! Talk about a hit! I got many many many many more replies than I anticipated! I'm very happy with this, but for now this is FULL, the only RP i'd even CONSIDER allowing right now is the fate/stay night idea - which I am still desiring. Those who have PM'd me prior I am in discussion with. Others for now are advised to wait for me to either get more spots open, or for me feeling comfortable enough to get new RP's going. Thank you all very much!