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Author Topic: Various Game Ideas including: F/F, spankings, high school, system games...  (Read 727 times)

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Offline kongmingTopic starter

So, I'm back, after a bit of a... break? More like just going "Erf, too much..." and vanishing without a trace. Okay, so I've decided I can't manage group games, especially not as the MC. So I won't be trying that again for quite a while.

Instead, here are some 1-on-1 things I'm currently interested in.

If it's crossed out, that means "I have found a game for this". I am okay to do multiples, however.

D&D, with or without actual rules
1. The Maiden of Pain: there is a character I have played in a few games, including one that went for ages on here, but the MC has taken a leave of absence. So I would like to bring this character into action again. Alison Niefti, a female human cleric of Loviatar (Forgotten Realms' LE goddess of spankings pain and suffering - and who is very big on the idea of women being in control). Possible hooks could include:
  • Finding and converting a nice young lady to be her novice/initiate (and indeed, her lover - bondage and romance!)
  • Basically anything involving the various monsters that are attractive ladies (Erinyes, Valkyries, Succubi, Nymphs, Sirines, Movanic Devas, Rusalka, Yuki-Ona...)
  • Having to root out a spy in the midst of the church (or a novice who has turned against the church and caused trouble)
  • Being called upon by Belial to personally punish his errant daughter Fierna and keep her in her place
  • Rivalry with the church of Selune coming to blows, to the point that she needs to either specifically deal with some of their priestesses, or so that a "Less harm all round" decision is made of her vs one of theirs, presumably not in regular combat, but in who can dominate the other best.
Those are just a handful of ideas I thought of then - you could go crazy with other ideas. Ideally, Alison would be high in level - above 5th level and probably with at least a couple of levels in a Prestige Class (either the reasonable Maiden of Pain (one of the FR books, lets her channel spells through whips) or the crazy-broken (not such a big deal in 1-on-1) Scion (Ultimate Prestige Classes, by Mongoose)

2. Atelia's Entourage: again, a case of a game that folded when the MC vanished all of a sudden. Atelia is an Archivist with levels in Fiendbinder - a Prestige Class that allows her to use the True Naming rules to permanently summon fiends to her side and bind them to her will. In the game in question, she had quite the entourage - a few that were basically violent minions (Babau, Vrock, Cauchemar Nightmare) or bodyguards (Retriever), and a few that were companions as well (3 Succubi and a more feminine-formed Hamatula). In that particular game, she was about to set out on a quest involving an artefact tome that would grant her the power to bind Outsiders of all kinds (Slaad, Inevitables, Celestials, Farspawn, even Genies and Mephits), so if for even more variety/trouble I would be fine with having the same quest/starting out with such a thing.

Though I'd create the fiends, and set some basic descriptions and such, ultimately they would be played by the MC, meaning you would have plenty of chances for interaction with my character through them, along with their bickering amongst themselves. The succubi had a very "delighted horny playful anime schoolgirl" feel to them, and the game was shaping up to have a big theme of "If angels can fall, then with help, maybe fiends can rise", of trying to mend the gap between demons and devils that the Blood War created... of actually falling in love with her summoned harem, and getting close with them, not just keeping them as slaves.

Other things
Well, lately I've been more interested (in roleplaying/anime) in younger characters - with "younger" meaning 17-19, for the record. Besides, it's handy for having them be in the position where they're still under the control of parents and teachers, while nonetheless being developed adults (in some cases, fully developed). Unlike the above, where I have specific characters for me to play, and the other person crafting the world and springing surprises on me, in these ones the person I play with would handle the central character and I'd take care of the world around them.

1. Nudity High: a new initiative is being started, set up by the conservative government of (country this is taking place, preferably Japan or maybe Britain, making use of the lovely old buildings they have there). The goal? To eliminate delinquency, false modesty, and other problems with the youth. To remind students that they are still under the control of the "real" adults, even if they are of the age of majority. And also to teach them properly about sex education and similar things, to get them to properly understand everything so as to lead to (hopefully) less experimentation.

The high school is the first of what will probably become many. When the students arrive at the boarding school, they will be stripped, examined, and assigned dorms and leaders. They will do almost everything in the nude, and to some degree in public. There will be group-bathing, they will be required to display themselves at times, and even their masturbation habits will be decided and mandated by the staff. And the penalty for almost any wrongdoing is always corporal punishment. Your character would be one of the new students in this system, trying to get used to it, and perhaps trying to find what freedoms she can.
Could include, based on what you want: being shaved (down below), being forcibly washed, lesbian relationships between students (or even girls being required to service each other as punishments/a form of control), teachers (either sex) forcing themselves on your character, boys being brought in to demonstrate sex ed classes with your character.

2. Daughter of the Principal: it's fairly simple - your character would be the daughter of the headmaster or headmistress (your choice) of the high school she attends, and as such, held to the strictest standards. Trouble at school would always result in trouble at home as well. Indeed, it could start off with some moderate or major trouble-making, resulting in being punished in front of the entire school. If you so wish, the parent in question, perhaps adoptive (or simply going for the incest thing if that's your thing), could be actually abusive, inventing excuses to punish her at home and at school, forcing her to wear embarrassing exposing clothing, and forcing him/herself on the girl.

I look forward to receiving replies~
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Offline kongmingTopic starter

Thanks guys for the various PMs, several games have started thanks to your interest ^^

Some more ideas...

Her Day of Terrible Luck: a girl is in her late teens, and in one of her last years of high school - a high school that utilises corporal punishment, in a country where it is rather common (so we're handwaving the whole "real world" thing clearly. I don't mind if it's Europe, America, Asia, wherever - depends on your preference for the kind of society you want and how you want your character to look/be named, I guess.) On this one day, everything seems to go wrong, and she finds herself constantly in trouble - oversleeping leads to her being woken up with a firm spanking from one parent, only to receive more when she arrives at school late. She'd have uniform malfunctions (either discovering she'd, in her hurry, grabbed last year's clothes that are too small, or her underwear would tear at an inopportune time, or maybe she hurriedly grabbed underwear not accepted by the school, so the first punishment she receives there reveals this and it is confiscated - or she forgets to put any on at all). Other things would keep happening that result in more punishments all throughout the day - spankings, public nudity and the like. Perhaps she'd be part of a group punishment in one class, and get turned on witnessing the other students punished. This would be noticed, and pointed out to the class, and she'd have to masturbate in front of them all.

And so on. Perhaps even a few teachers (male and female, depending on your preference) could have their way with her. You would play this student, I would play the various others. We would both have input in making luck conspire against her.

This game would end when the day does, even if there seem to be ways that it could continue. So it would be a relatively short game, with an actual end.

1. For the Yuan-ti! (D&D 3.X): honestly, I don't have too big an idea here. The basic idea is I would play a Yuan-ti Tainted One (Monsters of Faerun/Savage Species - they look almost identical to humans) or Pureblood (Monster Manual, again, looking mostly human), serving the great Anathema that leads their Yuan-ti civilisation. You could more or less arrange quests and adventuring companions at your whims for her to follow, such as slave capture, forging alliances, delivering drugs into civilisation, political assassinations, or simply reclaiming and clearing out ancient ruins that used to belong to them, seeking out lost treasures. Sexual encounters could occur with other Yuan-ti (Tainted Ones, Pureblood or Half-blood, not Abominations, Ignans or Monstrosities), or with captured slaves.

2. Anything Sisters of Battle (various): I don't really like 40k, but I do like the Sisters of Battle. I'd like to play one, and it would just about go without saying she would be interested in her fellow Sisters, and in harsh discipline. The actual "going out there and kicking arse" aspect, plots and so on, are really up to what you feel like - a war with the Wych cults of the dark eldar (meaning if I subdue some of them, I would be required to "torture" them for information - and to keep their Pursuer (Slaanesh) away, and if they capture me, well, I can expect the same or worse); going into a Shrine World or Imperial World to help improve the morale of the people there/rededicate a temple while digging out heretical cults, leading the populace of a world against a genestealer cult, joining an Inquisitor in her travels, being a teacher (for House Sororitas) in a Schola Progenum (and having to deal with the various Chaos problems that crop up there), there are many possibilities. As for system options:
  • Dark Heresy: I'm not a fan, especially with the "You are highly trained in this, you have a 30% chance of success" stupidity. But it is an option. I'd specifically choose the Sister of Battle Career path, the one that actually starts with a Bolter and Power Armour.
  • Inquisitor: it was designed as a skirmish game, not an actual roleplaying system, but I suppose it is an option.
  • I made a couple of my own 40k roleplaying systems back in the past - one is very similar to Shadowrun (Pretty Soldier Adepta Sororitas), the other is a D&D mod, Dungeon Crusade.
  • Other systems could be hacked a bit too - it is joked that Maid works for a 40k thing, and if you're not too serious... it sort of does.

3. The Hardcore Competition Channel (SLA Industries or Rifts): fairly simple, this one. I'd be playing a competitive athletic warrior - if SLA Industries, a Contract Killer (think gladiatorial combat + televised pest control + pro wrestling), but with one difference from normal: this specific league is for their sex channel, and it's an all-female league that has a ban on some of the more guaranteed-kill weapons. Everyone has a Life After Death account as part of their lifetime contract, so they're effectively in this industry "for ever", and it is expected that you don't kill your foes, you incapacitate them or make them submit... and then humiliate them. Stripping her and tying her up for all to see, doing a full inspection and probe, spanking, fucking her with a strap-on or grafted prosthetic, making her go down on you... whatever it takes to get the viewers at home happy. Pay, reputation and lifestyle improvements would all depend not only on gaining victories, but just on being involved (as giver or receiver) in high-rated activity.

If using Rifts, it'd be either a sport for slaves in the arenas of Splynncrith's Atlantis, or a Tolkeen/Lazlo Juicer Sports type deal, or even something similar in Phaseworld. But again, an all-female, very sexual league. My character for this could be one of several things - a juicer, tattooed girl, partial conversion borg, mercenary, nightbane etc. But most of the same things as above would apply.

Alternatively I could run this one for a player (using either system as mentioned), if you'd prefer that - but only one player. I've learned not to try running multi-player games. You would always be given a fair chance of victory, and it would indeed be expected that you'd win a lot, but... what with defeat not meaning death, sometimes you would end up losing if the dice say so, and could expect some rough treatment. This could allow, either way, for some pretty out-there characters.