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Author Topic: New ideas - looking for creative female  (Read 1000 times)

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Offline BatsoseTopic starter

New ideas - looking for creative female
« on: December 16, 2011, 12:14:34 pm »
New Idea
Secret Dreams

This computer geek guy has a passing interest in the occult.  He also has a secret crush on someone who he works with and fantasizes about being with her almost every night.  She is very beautiful and he is too shy even to approach her.  His fantasies become an obsession and out of frustration he tries to cast a spell on her, which he thinks fails.  What actually happens is that his fantasies begin to manifest as dreams while he is asleep and she experiences the same dream within her sleep.  She is confused by the dreams as she has never even paid the geeky little co-worker much mind, but she keeps dreaming about him and as the dreams progress they become so filled with such depravity she has never experienced before and it awakens strange desires within her.    The fantasies for him also become strange in that it seems more interactive than his fantasies were and actually take on a life of their own, like he is actually being with her as she is interacting with him in the dreams in ways he could have never imagined before and pushes the boundaries of his own sexual desires.  Each experiences the fantasies as a private dream, not realizing they are both interacting within the same dream.  I imagine that they eventually find a way to hook up in real life, but I am open to how that happens.

PM with your ideas if you are interested

Idea #1

In discussionWarrior and the Prostitute

A warrior has been hired by a family of nobility to find their missing daughter.  They believe she was kidnapped and may be sold into sexual slavery.  The warrior goes into a brothel hoping to gather information, but is running into blocks.  So he decides to actually pay for woman's time and ask for information.  Most of the working girls are too nervous to talk and refuse him service, but one decides to help him.  She says they must engage in some services as management is watching, but she can help him.  Whether she has information or not is uncertain, but what she really wants is him to help her escape.  He becomes attracted to her and is torn within himself because he wants to help her but he has been hired to do something else.  I am open to how this goes, but the idea is that he through being with her slowly becomes attached.

I am open to the setting, but I was kind of hoping for a more futuristic punk kind of thing.

If interested PM me

Idea #2
TakenThe Guard and the wild Princess.

A royal guard has been assigned to protect a princess who turns out to be wild partying girl.  The Guard has a hard time controlling her and she keeps dodging his service.  He ends up following her into a seedy part of town and eventually while trying to help her joins in the partying and they end up getting together.  It is very decadent at first, but it works in that she begins to trust him, but now the lines between protecting her and being in love with her are getting blurred.  I am open to outcome.

Setting is fantasy, but I am open to whether that is more futuristic or historical

PM me if interested.


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Offline BatsoseTopic starter

Re: New ideas - looking for creative female
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2011, 03:30:22 pm »
Adding a new craving.  I see this one as One Shot.


An afternoon watching a game with a bunch of friends.  it is the seventh inning and the home team is down 7 to 4.  There is one girl there who is only there cause she has a crush on one of the guys.  She is drinking heavily and pretending to be in the game when the guy she has a crush on says "I bet the home team makes a come back,"  most of people room laugh and are skeptical, but he is serious.  Soon everyone is making fun of him and she gets in on the act by stating "If the home team win I will let you fuck me in the ass on camera!"  Everyone is stunned, but laugh.  She gets too drunk and decides to go home before the games ends. And then low and beyond the home team scores 7 points in the ninth inning and wins the game.  By then everybody is joking, so the next morning the guy goes over to her house with a camera and shows up on her front porch, jokingly taking her up on her drunken bet not thinking she will go through with it.   I am open to how this thing turns out.  My way of thinking she begins by being freaked out by the idea and dismisses it initially, but it is also an opportunity to tell him how she feels...

PM me if interested in this or any of the other ideas

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Re: New ideas - looking for creative female
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2011, 04:00:54 pm »
Idea #4

In Discussion
The Young Knight and the Princess: Forbidden love

Seems a little cliche but I have a desire for something more romantic, and so here goes.  A young Knight returns from a great battle.  He has been away for a long time.  His childhood friend was the young Princess.  He had never thought of her in a romantic way, as kids they were friends and she was always a little too tomboyish.  At twelve, he was sent away to military camp and then off to war and has not seen her in 7 years.  She is now a woman who is coming of age to marry, but has been resistant to all suitors to the dismay of her father the king.  She is his youngest daughter and his favorite so he tends to bend to her wishes, but her time is running short and now that a war has been won there a new alliances that have to be made.  She being the last single daughter is in prime position to marry off to a different kingdom thus secure these new alliances.  Now a new batch of suitors are arriving.  But secretly she sees the returning Knight, her childhood friend and develops feelings for him.  Her attraction to him could be spurred by her resistance to being told who to marry and she wants to be in control of who she loves.   She secretly begins an affair with the Knight, not wanting a stranger to take her virginity she gives herself to him and he succumbs to his desires for her.  At first, to her it is just this, her desire to at least have her first experience be with someone of her choosing, but over time as new suitors arrive their feelings grow stronger and stronger, as she realizes he is the only one for her, but the King would never agree their marriage and if he found out would that this young Knight soiled his daughter surely would have the Knight either banished or killed.  I am open to how this goes: tragedy or happy ending.

Pm me if interest
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Re: New ideas - looking for creative female
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2011, 04:20:30 pm »
Added Secret Dreams

Pm me if interested