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Started by abbychase, December 30, 2011, 06:30:56 PM

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Title says it all. For some reason these three ideas have been knocking around in my head for a few weeks. If you're interested, I'd love a PM. I'm sure we can figure something out and have a bit of fun!

1 – Distinctly Unconventional

This one is a bit murky in terms of plot and specific characters, but the overall theme is “wait, you mean she is with him!?” I am looking for an irrationally confident man who has no idea how far out of his league he's drifted. He's probably a bit boorish, crass and maybe even outright vulgar. The girl is beautiful, the picture of pleasant sweetness and generally everything he is not. Coincidentally, she also can't believe how hard a time she's having saying “no.” If only she could just soften some of the rough edges. The goal here is to explore a number of social situations, maybe play with some power dynamics.

2 – And This is What, Speed Dating?

She's supposed to be meeting a blind date. He's purchased his entertainment for the evening. The plus side is they both picked a LOVELY restaurant. Unfortunately, neither happens to have any idea with whom they're supposed to be meeting. It's like ships passing in the night, only the ships collide with other ships.

He assumes she's a whore. She assumes he's just a bit more forward than she was told to expect, and strong men have always had a certain appeal. Any date you can make a couple hundred bucks off of has to be considered a relative 'win' right?

3 – New Man of the House

I get that this one is straight out of “Roleplay 101,” but sometimes they're standards for a reason, you know? She's young and has only just become the 2nd wife of an older, successful businessman. He's got a son via a previous marriage. I'm thinking the kid is something of a slacker/mooch, still living at home and off of daddy's largess. Son sees wife, decides he must have her and proceeds to seduce the poor girl. I'm really interested in the initial seduction, but then also the aftermath. The libidinous son cares very little for keeping things quiet, leaving the burden of hiding their relationship squarely on the shoulders of the wife. How does she handle the situation? What awkward situations might we explore?
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