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Author Topic: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)  (Read 3185 times)

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #25 on: January 28, 2012, 10:26:44 PM »
Zeke looked at her. Her feet in his lap, he sighed some and said "Gabriel is kind of shy. But it does worry me that he has not chosen someone yet." He began to massage her feet absently, his thoughts on Sadie and different things.

"We fallen fear what would happen if the spells that allow our humans to see us break, if you, and now Sadie forget us. It isn't a pleasant thought. Lucifer fears it more so because of the children. Worried that they will be taken and hurt because of who their father is."

Zeke thought on things for a while as he listened to people before he spoke again. "Times are changing, we simply have to wait and see what comes and prepare. Not much else to do but that."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #26 on: January 29, 2012, 12:05:12 AM »
She watched him for a moment, seeing this was upsetting him some. He really was worried about Sadie losing the ability to see him. Despie her reassurance the spell was going to hold until Sadie gave up her right to see him. She hated to see him so depressed...and suddenly smiled, aware of what would cheer him up.

Making sure nobody was looking, she let her features change, a nifty little trick she had picked up for when she and Lucifer messed around in their free time. Her hair became slightly shorter and curlier then normal. Her features shifted, her body shrinking, until finally, a small, delicate and somewhat overly dressed version of Sadie sat in Lillians place.

"Cheer up need to worry so much." Sadies voice issued forth from her replicas lips, smiling faintly as the dark eyes observed him.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #27 on: January 30, 2012, 09:18:20 AM »
Zeke looked at Lillian and said "It isn't Sadie not seeing me anymore that worries me, but the angels." Zeke and Lucifer had talked of this, they knew that the angels would not be happy with them. The demons and fallen were gaining strength and numbers. The angels were afraid, Zeke could feel it in his wings, as could Lucifer, the small amount of holy energy they still had told them that something big was looming.

He did smile some at seeing her change. His expression lightened considerably over the night. He was an amazing gentleman and made sure Lillian enjoyed herself. Once the evening was over he went home, collapsing into a recliner. One of his hellhounds came over and seemed to sense its master's worry because it placed its head in his lap. Scratching the hellhound some he sighed and said "I will stay by Sadie, for as long as she will have me."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #28 on: January 31, 2012, 08:02:58 PM »
"Hey Sadie! You'll be at the movies tonight right?! Leons coming!"

"Course I will be! Mom and dad are on business again...hey maybe he'll buy me that cardiagn Ive been eyeing!"

"As if! See you then!"

The feminine laughter followed Sadie in as she opened her frotn door and tossed her bag into the corner. Sighing, she quickly forced her hair into a bun and stretched lazily. "Im home...if your even about". It was still early, but she felt compelled to say hullo to her resident demon anyway. At 17 now, Sadie had spent the last year or so comforted by the mans presence at night, sharing her bed with her, and teaching her how to be a woman.  But her attentions had started to become somewhat diverted, the typical teenage likes occuring as her body further developed. She and her friends would often sit in her room, laughing over the latest teen magazines and drooling over the hottest men.

 Even when they spent the night, she could tell it annoyed Zeke to some extent. She had noticed a slightly, almost posessive nature coming over him, particularly when she decided to wear makeup, dress up just to go out with her friends, or if she ever mentioned having a date with a boy she liked.

Humming to herself, she carried a box of cold chinese up the stairs with her, kicking her shoes off when she got into her room and glancing around until she spotted the swirling vortex of black. Shoveling a mouthful of fired rice down her throat, she waltzed through, griamcing at the cold chill. She never knew where shed end up sometimes, varying on where Zeke was currently residing and had angled himself to listen. It took her a moment to recognize his study, the large dog she had come to know as Cain raising his head up when he spotted her, tail wagging. "Hullo Cainey...wheres Zekey at hmm?"

Rubbing him between his ears, she moved off,, feet quiet on the hard wood floor. She knew he was about somewhere...but his home spanded the equivelant of a football field sometimes and more often then not when she dropped in without telling him she found herself wandering through various odd rooms, mazes...and at one point what reminded her of a strip club for demons. "Zeeeeeke! Are you home!?"

Offline OdinSeraphin

Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #29 on: February 01, 2012, 08:40:24 AM »
Zeke was in the gym, Lucifer agreed with Zeke that the angels were going to be an issue in the coming years. Deciding to get some practice with his cane he bashed a dummy to bits. Hearing her call he faded into the shadows, reappearing behind her. "Hello Sadie." He smiled some and walked with her some. "You came to see me this time, an interesting change."

Zeke knew that she was growing too old to have him around, he didn't understand how special she was to him. How much it would kill him for her to banish him and forget him forever. He would often worry. Cain noticed his master's thoughts and would sympathize. The two shared a link. It made them work well together when one of his clients tried to run.

Zeke brought her to the kitchen, sitting her down he pulled out some food "What's going on Sadie?" Normally she only came over to tell him about a date she had, or when she was planning on having friends over and wanted him to stay at his own home that night. The fallen angel was growing restless, he knew that she would banish him, either because the angels came and convinced her, or because she was annoyed with his attitude recently. He was being clingy and he had no idea what brought this on with him. He just wanted to be around her more. Like when she was little.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #30 on: February 07, 2012, 09:26:19 AM »
"Movie night tonight". She beamed, accepting one of the little finger sandwhiches he set before her. "You remember Jodie right? The one girl with really big boobs..." She pushed her own together to show him who she meant. "Its her birthday, so we all agreed we would go see a movie". Biting into the sandwhich, she slipped off the chair he had settled her in, moving around the kitchen with a grace that had only intensified the older she got.

 Sadie was still very much amused by her demonic companion, having learned more often then not that he clearly needed her to survive or something. She just couldnt bring herself to tell him it was smothering at times. "Zeke...why dont you have a girlfriend? Arent there lady demons you could know..go out with to? Its gotta be boring sitting here all day doing nothing but work".

She had seen a woman in his presence once or twice, usually looking very businessy. She assumed the woman was his secretary, but had never really gotten a chance to know her..or ask why she never went out with Zeke. He was a good looking male after all....tall..muscular...everything a human female would want. Hving him in her bed had become a nightly thing when she didnt have she was more then aware of what he was capable of.

"I mean...dont you just get lonely?

Offline OdinSeraphin

Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #31 on: February 07, 2012, 05:55:20 PM »
Zeke looked her over amusement evident in his eyes. "I don't get lonely, I have you, remember?" He decided to play dumb. Thinking about things like that made Zeke mopey and he hated being mopey. Looking at her he thought about having a girlfriend, but he couldn't of any specific demon female that he wanted to spend time with.

He thought about the we and asked "Who is this we? Jodie, yourself, who else?" He had an idea it was Leon. The guy was good looking, but Zeke just felt something was wrong about him. He ignored it slightly as a jealous action. He sighed and got her some nice clothing, he had also gotten her the cardigan she had wanted. He had gotten in a nice deep red that fit her skin and hair perfectly.

He looked and removed a beautiful dress "You should wear this. The cardigan will fit nicely with it. It is supposed to get cold tonight" The dress he had chosen worked well to her figure, tailored for her to be tight enough to not need chest support, but to also allow freedom of movement. There was a slit on the dress that went to her mid thigh. He also had gotten her some nice shoes to go with them, the heels were stilettos, they measured about 5 inches and were the same color as the cardigan.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #32 on: February 29, 2012, 10:52:11 PM »
"Your so thoughtful", she murmured, smiling faintly before moving up to wrap her arms around him. "Mmh...what would I do without you". She smiled again and pulled away, taking the clothes and moving into his bedroom to change. Humming to herself, Sadie stripped off her school ware and sighed, examining her figure momentarily in a long body mirror. She had grown up to be the typical teenager, her figure slim and well endowed. A few bruises and scars littered her frame...more often then from Zeke and her's couplings. The demon had a tendancy to get a bit rough when he was in the moment...but for the most part she didnt mind it."

Shaking the thought of their last moment together from her mind, she slipped the dress on, adjusting it to fit herself. The cardigan followed and her smile widened. "Its gorgeous...but you always have had a flare for fashion. The girls are always jealous of my wardrobe." She moved back to him, leaning up on her tiptoes to kiss along his jawline gently.

"Thanks Zekey...for everything. I dont think I tell you it often enough".

Offline OdinSeraphin

Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #33 on: February 29, 2012, 11:35:06 PM »
Zeke smiled some, noticing the never answered his question but decided to not deal with a fight that night. Giving her a kiss on the cheek he let her go on her get together. Secretly having her followed. He used the small skittering demons to follow her. Sitting down to think and wait.

Leon smiled at Sadie and hugged her some. "Wow, you look nice Sadie." Leon was an all american boy, high school quarterback, honor student. Everything about him was the exact opposite of Zeke. Zeke was calm, and sometimes cold to everyone. Leon, however, was very warm and outgoing. As their evening wore on Leon showed more and more interest in Sadie and her life.

Zeke meanwhile was listening in, letting his body rest some, maybe she was getting too old to have him around, maybe she would be happier with a human. Zeke rolled his eyes, pacing some, he just couldn't place it, but the boy made his jaw twitchy, something he only got around angels, but the kid was no vessel, he could feel that much at least. Floating down he whispered into Sadie's ear "Sadie, be careful around Leon, something about him is off."He took a standing position beside her, Sadie could see him, but other people seemed to move right through him.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #34 on: March 02, 2012, 12:55:28 AM »
"Theres nothing wrong with him", she muttered, frowning some in his direction without seeming to obvious. "Your just paranoid...what the heck are you doing here anyway?" Admittedly, Sadie was annoyed. This was supposed to be a normal night, with a normal boy, whom she was very fond of. And no where in her plans did it include jealous demon lover."Go away Zeke, Im trying to watch the movie..." She waved a hand at him, turning her attention back to the big screen.

 Ignoring his presence, she let herself shift enough to rest her head against Leons shoulder, smiling faintly at him before popping a few pieces of pop corn into her mouth. A swift glance sideways showed her Zeke was still standing firmly in place, but she chose not to acknowledge his presence. He had been the same way when he had found out her math teacher would be tutoring her after schools and it would require her staying with him late sometimes.

"Dont you have like...a soul to go collect or something? Cuz honestly the only thing off tonight is you being here...not that I dont like your presence..just..not here..."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #35 on: March 02, 2012, 09:37:46 AM »
Zeke looked at her and said "My souls are collected for the day, but fine, if you do not wish me around I will leave." He faded into the shadows and just like that he was gone, for the time being at least.

Leon looked at Sadie and said "What's wrong?" He seemed at least somewhat concerned, so he wanted to check in on her. Leon moved an arm around her and smiled some, leaning in to kiss her. Zeke involuntarily growled, but quickly quieted himself. He had never told Sadie that her math teacher was a pedophile, the man had made a deal with one of his long ago to be undetectable on the police watches, so that he could get away with it. Zeke had found out about that deal and sent his dog to deal with it. Zeke made sure his hell hound understood to make it look like a feral dog attack.

Zeke was a jealous bastard, he admitted it himself, part of it was his demon, but he was sure this part of him had always been there, even as an angel, he was protective and possessive of his charges and family. Those were what held his loyalty and made him what he was today.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #36 on: March 05, 2012, 12:50:57 PM »
Sadie felt herself melt some when the young mans lips connected with hers. She had never been kissed by another man beyond Zeke when they slept together or her father when he kissed her on the cheek. But this one, with Leon, felt....normal. It felt natural, as a kiss should. Not that she didnt like the kisses she shared with Zeke..but..this one was just...different.

Tucked in her home, a babe on her hip, Lillian observed the moment with interest in the scrying mirror she had taken to watching Sadie through, a small smile on her lips. She could only assume this was driving Ezekele insane, but in some small way it was all necissary. It all lead up to something much bigger....some parts of her wanted to tell...but she knew better. Fate had plans...ones not even the demons could interrupt, and fate was a horrible female to upset. "Poor Zeke", she mused, shushing the little girl by stroking the curling horns thats peeked out from her curly head of hair. Allready another life was growing inside her, a slight downside to being Lucifers lover. Since demons didnt breed often due to a rarity of females something had to keep their family lines going and more often then not, Lillian volunteered to be a carrier. "If only he knew..."

 Sadie pulled back from Leon, a slight, soft flush creeping up into her cheeks.His lips had felt soft and warm..and seemed to fit hers perfectly. She didnt think anything was wrong with him, as Zeke seemed to believe.