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Author Topic: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)  (Read 3183 times)

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Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« on: December 30, 2011, 02:03:25 AM »
The little girl frowned, having found the dark spots under her bed to be free of red eyes. Her new friend was good….sometimes to good and she often got tired, leaving him where he was until sunup sometimes. But she recalled he couldn’t play when the sun was around. At least not for very long. When  she had asked him why, he had simply explained people like himself got very bad sunburns and if he got a very bad sunburn, he could no longer see her. Her answer to that had been to bring him a bottle of the lotion mommy often put on her when they went to the beach.

 Frustrated, she scanned her room, clothes now strewn about it as she had torn her closet apart, thinking perhaps he was hiding in there. “Zeeeekey…where aaaaare yoooooou?”

“Sadie honey…what are you doing?”

She glanced up, large eyes lighting up at the sight of her mother. “Looking for my friend. We’re playing hide and seek…he’s hiding…I’m seeking”. Jillian Moore raised an eyebrow. She had become increasingly amused when her  daughter had started referring to ‘her friend’ a few days ago. She often would pass by the child’s door and hear her demanding for another story, followed by a groan when she was apparently told no. Of course, Jillian simply took this for regular five year old play and would head to bed with her husband, amusing him in return by telling him all she had heard.

“Well…tell your friend that he should help you clean your room when he gets a chance.”

Sadie nodded, then turned her head and glared at the far corner of her room, having suddenly spotted her companion, though her mother was unable to see. “Your not very good at hiding in places I can find you.” Jillian smiled to herself then shook her head and turned, leaving her child to play her games with her imaginary friend.

Sadie stood, padding over to him and holding her arms up, wanting to be held. She was small for her age, her hair dark and curly and her eyes a soft brown. Her complexion was dark as well, like the color of cinnamon and a light smattering of freckles dusted her cheeks and nose.  “Where were you hiding anyway?”

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2011, 05:37:40 PM »
Zeke thought and said "I had business to attend to." He looked around her room and spoke in a mildly chiding tone. "You should not make a mess. Then again..." He waved his hand and everything got put back together. "I guess that is what your mother asked." He sat on her bed. Mr Fluffytail jumping onto his lap and curling up into a ball. Zeke idly wondered how long she would be able to see him. He decided not to dwell on it. "I also didn't want your mother find me."

Zeke hummed some and said "How was school Sadie?" He actually wanted to know about the small parts of her day, he didn't get to stay out in the sun. It would turn him to ash. He wanted to explore and watch this 'school' thing and see if it was like it had been when he was an angel.

Moving on he laid the kitten on the bed and went over, picking up her backpack, taking a look inside, he wanted to see what she had done that day. Part of him wanted it to be another drawing, something to put on his wall, before her parents could take it. He realized that to him it would be an instant before she reached 16 and never saw him again. He had been around one other child before her, a young boy who lost sight of him at ten, he had never gotten a memento from the boy and it pained him a little.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2012, 02:05:55 AM »
"Not much really...but we did count today. I can count to twenty!" She beamed, clearly pleased by this, moving over to pick her cat up. The animal mewled, somewhat stressed by the way the small child held him, her arms hooked under his, much like someone who was carrying another person out of the water might to keep them from drowning. "And we had art today...look..I made you this". She tugged a large piece of construction paper out of her bag, holding it out for his inspection while maintaining a death grip on her pet.

 The picture was simple,and childish, the some of letters naming her and Zeke as its occupants backwards and rather crudely drawn, with Sadies initials scribbled at the bottom. "See..thats me and thats have wings this time..." In the small time she had known the demon, the little girl had become fascinated by two things he happened to have. She was mesmerized by his eyes, often asking how he got them that way, and the large wings she occassionally saw. 

"And mama CANT see you silly...Iv asked her.She thinks your my imaginary friend or something. She says all little boys and girls have one.Cuz daddy didnt think it was normal.I tried to tell her your not imaginary your real but she says otherwise." Finally releasing her now semi-concious feline, she pushed him back, climbing up to sit on his lap."Can we go visit your home again? I wanna see your doggy." The 'doggy' was in all actuality a hellhound, but Sadie only recognized it as a fairly large canine whom sometimes played fetch with her while Zeke did his work.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2012, 12:17:40 PM »
Zeke laughed at Mr Fluffytail's mewl of protest, the cat always seemed to like biting him whenever he didn't give the poor thing any interaction. He looked and smiled at the art. "I know she can't see me, but it still makes me nervous, it always seems like she can. It is unnerving." He decided to let his wings out some. He liked that he didn't scare her. It would have broken his heart if she hated him. He set the picture down and hugged her to him. "Not tonight, you have school in the morning and I do not want you to be tired. I will read you a story though."

He read her the story of some knight who had slain the evil dragon. He knew she liked little stories like this. He for one thought it was silly. Knights in that age were too busy showing off or other stupid acts to actually slay a dragon. Shaking his head he tucked her into bed and said "You be good, alright?" He smiled some and said "We can go to my place and you can play with my dog then." His dogs liked Sadie, she could often toss a ball around for them, they loved to play fetch with her.

Zeke bid her good night and went through the portal to his home. He scratched his dog some before he went to bed.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #4 on: January 02, 2012, 02:36:32 AM »
Sadie sighed settling down amongst the bed full of various stuffed animals, and Mr. Fluffytail, who in turn settled at the end of her bed, tail twitching. The child stiffled a yawn, then rolled over and tugged one of the dolls closer. Zeke had given it to her and she smiled some, for it was her favorite out of all her vast collection. It was the spitting image of a blonde man with wings. Sadie had seen his picture in some books in the demons library before and had taken a liking to him, explaining he looked like a nice fellow and as if he was an angel or somthing. Her mother had taken her to church the weekend prior where she had learned all about things like demons and angels. Clutching the doll to her chest she closed her eyes, finally drifting off.

Morning started no different for Sadie then normal. Jillian roused her from bed, which she left rather reluctantly, and forced her to get up. Shuffling into the bathroom she clambered up to peer into her mirror, hair touseled and still half asleep. "Morning Zekey". A day or two prior she had discovered if she really wished, she could make the demon appear in the glass,and had taken to waking him when she got up as well, otherwise, she would undoubtedly refuse to do half of what her morning routine should have consisted of.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #5 on: January 02, 2012, 06:41:39 PM »
Zeke looked through the mirror. He hated at times how clever Sadie was. Her actions wanted make him cry at times, she was much too early of a riser. He was a nocturnal creature. Looking at her he smiled some and said "Hello Sadie." His hair and cloths were perfectly set. He moved though the window and with a snap he had a comb and did her hair quickly. He got it into the little braid she liked. He looked at her and said "Go get ready for school."

Her mother opened the door, the light that came in caused Zeke to quickly vanish. He had to get home. Once he was home he moved to the other side of the world. Going to different places and dealing his deals. Zeke could be anyone and everyone. It was surprisingly easy to get people to do what he wanted. He also visited with Lucifer and Lillian. Mostly he went to annoy Lucifer, which Lilllian allowed; to a point, but eventually he went home and waited for Sadie to return from school.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2012, 12:26:08 AM »
School went as it usually did for Sadie, long and somewhat boring, though she was pleased when art came about and she could decorate another picture for her companion. As she drew, she overheard a few of the other kids chatting with one another nearby.

"I got mommy a pretty necklace for her birthday...daddy helped me pick it out. What did you get your mommy?"

"My mama got a dress and daddies gonna take her to dinner....then shes gonna take him to a movie....cuz their on the same day...."

Sadie frowned slightly. Birthdays...she had her birthday just a few weeks ago...she had gotten all kinds of things for it...silently she wondered if Zeke had a birthday to and if so...what did you get a man who seemed to have everything he ever wanted?

 When the bell rang for the end of class, Sadie was still pondering this when she got into the car, Jillian noting her daughter looked distracted. "What is it Sadie, whats wrong?" The little girl blinked. "Mommy...what can I get my friend for his birthday?" The older woman raised a brow. "Well..I...Im not sure..what would he like?" Her daughter shook her head. "Thats just it..Im not sure. He has a lot...can we go to a store and look?" Jillian watched her for a moment then smiled faintly. "I suppose..."

A few hours later found Sadie rushing up the steps, a bag clutched tightly to her chest. She hurried into her room and set her gift for the demon down, smiling in delight. A pair of vivdly pink bunny slippers winked back at her,their glossy button eyes shimmering in the receding sunlight. "Zekey! Zekey, Im home! I got somthing for you!"

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #7 on: January 03, 2012, 10:37:38 AM »
He materialized smiling at Sadie. "Hello my dear little Sadie. What did you do at school?" He found the picture she drew for him in her bag and called a small demon to go put it on his fridge with care. Smiling at Sadie his eyes looked at the pink bunny slippers. He tilted his head before looking at her "Bunny Slippers?" He thought about it and removed his shoes. Deciding to give them a try, unfortunately he could feel that they would break on his feet. With a muttered spell he grew them just enough to fit him perfectly. He smiled and sat, looking at them he turned to Sadie and smiled brightly. "I love them."

Zeke loved how pink they were, they clashed horribly with his image of power and authority, but he couldn't care less. He loved that this little girl got these for him. Sitting on the bed he pulled her into his lap, telling her about the crazy business man who, after seeing Zeke, ran screaming in a high pitch squeal that reminded him of a mouse.

Zeke didn't have a birthday per-say. He wasn't exactly born, but made. He guessed he could call the day he became a demon his birthday. It was close enough. Though out of everything he had ever bought or gotten. Bunny slippers were something he never thought to wear. And he enjoyed them.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #8 on: January 05, 2012, 01:43:03 AM »
 Sadie, Age 9

Sade smiled faintly, stroking a finger over the old timey looking kodak picture. Zeke looked just as he had then, occassionally grumpy, but increasingly amusing. Smarter then a 9 year old had a right to be after years with her demonic companion, the young girl sighed, rolling over to peer out her window. The sun would go down soon. She was rather eager to see her long time friend again, having been away at a summer camp for the past two weeks.

Slipping off her bed she padded into the bathroom, climbing up to peer into the mirror. "Zekey...Zekey are you home?" She still found this to be the simplest way of communicating with him, and since she hadn't made a big deal of coming home, choosing to do it during the day when she knew he would either be sleeping our out doing business deals, she knew the excitment of seeing her again would be brightening for both of them.

"Zeke? I have some stuff for you...I made it at camp. I know youll like it."

Over the past few years she had come to discover her companion liked the items she made, finding them tacked on his walls and any other flat surface. Admitedly, they brightened his home up immensly, even if some of them were from when she had been five and were akin to little more then scribbles and odd shapes.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #9 on: January 05, 2012, 12:16:26 PM »
Zeke came into view, he looked tired and yawned "Ah, Sadie, how was camp?" He had spent a fair amount of time making a specific deal and had only gotten home a few moments before she called him. He didn't mind though, opening a portal he stepped through, running his fingers through his hair to get it all neat and tidy. He looked at the items she had made and his smile lit up like a Christmas tree. He loved when she made him stuff, even small stuff, it meant that she hadn't forgotten him yet.

He looked at her some and smiled. A small voice in the back of his head "Don't forget Ezekiel, she will stop seeing you one day." That thought caused his face to take on a slightly sad look to it, but he quickly buried the thought and brought her with him to his place. finding a clean spot on his wall to put up her art. He smiled some. "Thank you Sadie." He poured her a glass of milk and offered her some cookies. The cookies were peanut butter and chocolate chip. A personal favorite of his.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #10 on: January 08, 2012, 12:19:19 AM »
Sadie heard the booming bark of the large hound the demon kept as a pet and smiled, turning just as the large beast came barreling in, almost knocking her over in his haste for affection. She was reminded of a large puppy sometimes, despite the hounds looks and fierce nature.

 Managing to work herself away from him, she pulled herself up to sit at his counter, accepting the cookies and milk. Even though she was nine, she still enjoyed the occassional childish treat he gave her. She sometimes wondered if the demon was doing his best to keep her little all the time by coddling her with things small children would have.

"I missed you at camp was fun but it wasn't as fun not having stories all night till I fell asleep or...or movies to watch....and mama wouldnt let me take Luci so...sleeping was kinda lonely." She had missed the blonde, angelic doll almost as much as she had missed him. Her dark eyes took in his somewhat depressed expression and she frowned. "Arent you happy to have me home? You look sad.."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #11 on: January 08, 2012, 07:15:37 AM »
Zeke looked and suddenly brightened up. "Of course I am happy to see you. I'm sorry, I just had something on my mind." He had a cookie and some milk with her. Listening to her stories of camp. He enjoyed playing with her and listening to the stories. His dog must have sensed his thoughts cause the hellhound moved next to Zeke and laid his head in the demon's lap. He smiled brightly and said "Why don't we watch a movie before you get to..." He could sense her mother going toward the door and said "Your mom is coming to check on you." He brought her home and laid her on the bed, melting into the shadows.

He sighed a quiet sigh as he watched her mother tuck her in and read her a story till she fell asleep. Sadie was nine, she was becoming an adult so fast. Adults couldn't see demons, kids that had angel or demon friends growing up simply forgot about them, writing them off as figments of imagination. He decided to go somewhere, the one neutral bar. A place where demons and angels could listen to stories. They had a board. It had pictures of everyone's child. There people would tell stories. The bar was by no means safe, demon and angel relations were the worst that they have been in centuries. But Zeke finally saw who he was meeting. Sitting at the table he smiled some. "Hello Gabriel."

They talked for a little while. Gabriel listened to Zeke and smiled some. His brother seemed repentant about things that had been said the last time they had gotten together like this. It meant that he was learning. "I am glad your doing well Ezekiel." The two quickly went separate ways, Zeke had work to do. Tonight he collected a soul, this one was something he wanted to do personally. The idiot had sold his soul to get off on some charges. He was way too close to his Sadie. The man never stood a chance against Zeke and his hellhound. Zeke went home and took a large bath, bringing in his hellhound so that they could both wash the scent of blood of their bodies.

His dog gave a small whimper and Zeke nodded "I know, she is nine. She is getting up there, soon she will forget the two of us and go on with her life. I will only see her again if she makes a contract for her soul." He closed his eyes, letting his black wings flare as he absently scratched the lower jaw of his dog.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #12 on: January 18, 2012, 09:35:31 PM »
Sadie, Age 13

Sadie smiled at her reflection, amdiring the new, twinkiling earings that adorned her ears.  The years had treated her relativley well. She was now a bubbly, healthy 13 year old girl...and had sarted to develop fairly noticable features. "What do you think Mr. Fluffytail2? To much? I mean I know its only a small, middle school dance but...I wanna look nice reguardless." The cat purred as she scratched him behind his ears, butting his head against her hand affectionatly, before leaping off the counter and trailing over to the figure sitting on her bed, rubbing against Zekes legs before leaping into his lap.

Sadie turned, smiling some and moved over to embrace her long time companion. "You look ragged as hek today Zekey....clients putting up a fight?" Her smiling never leaving her sweet features, she made her way to her closet, opening it and peering inside at her vast wardrobe. "What do you think Zekey? I want somthing tasteful but comfortable...figure flattering but...flowy...youve always been so good at helping me pick clothes out." He had been dressing her as far as she could remember back.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #13 on: January 19, 2012, 12:36:45 AM »
Zeke had a few small bruises and a split cheek. He hadn't told her it was from one of his angelic brethren because he was taking a priest to hell. They normally frowned on those kinds of things. Zeke thought and said "I do not get this dance thing. It just seems silly." He went to her wardrobe and looked through, before removing a beautiful white dress with a black tribal design. It was something he had recently gotten her. The tribal design were protection circles. Twirling around the dress. The dress itself was silk and the black design was velvet. Shaped to her body perfectly he went over and picked up Mr. Fluffytail2. The cat seemed to sense his inner turmoil cause the cat sort of patted Zeke's cheek with his paw.

Zeke smiled at her and said "Only three years until your 16." He tried to keep his voice light but he was sure it sounded troubled. He put on a bright smile and said "You will knock them dead in that dress. Go with the black low heels. They will be comfortable enough to dance in, but will give you a slight boost." Mr Fluffytail decided to get free from Zeke's arms before pouncing on his chest, to which Zeke laid back and let the cat curl up near his heart. "Hard to believe you are 13 already... You know, why don't you skip the dance? Come spend the evening with me?" He wanted to bring her dancing somewhere special. Somewhere where he could enjoy her company for just a little while longer.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #14 on: January 20, 2012, 01:57:50 AM »
She accepted the dress from im, hugging it to her form. She had yet to wear it and moved into the bathroom to change, enjoying the feel of the silk as it slid over her tiny form. She pinned her fairly curly hair up and tucked a flower into the dark mass, smiling faintly at her reflection.

"You seem to be fascinated by me turning 16 ask about it every it like a special demon day or something?"

She returned to his side, sitting down on the bed and dragging a pair of low heels out from beneath it, slipping them on with ease. Standing up, she turned to peer at herself in her closet mirror, turning back and forth, enjoying the way the well fitted dress hugged her figure in all the right places without being horribley risque for a 13 year old.

She considered his next request for a moment. Miss the dance she had been eagerly looking forward to for months...or permit the man she had been close with for nine years to take her out himself...she moved over, laying ontop of him and resting her chin on his chest, pushing fluffytail off. "I...guess I can miss it...this time...I mean...there will be other dances and...youve been so busy lately I havnt seen you much...ok...I'll spend the evening with you...but next dance Im going!" She smiled and kissed his cheek gently. "But really though..why are you always so infatuated with the age 16?"

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #15 on: January 20, 2012, 11:18:18 AM »
Zeke looked and replied to her question simply. "I will tell you later. It isn't a big deal." He stood up and moved into the shadows, coming out again in a nice white suit, with a black vest to tie it all together. He was the very definition of class. Taking her hand he brought her with him to Paris, they attended a beautiful dance. But to everyone she was the most beautiful person there.

Zeke danced with her for as long as they could, before he knew it. The time for her to be home had come. bringing her home he gave her privacy as she would change out of the dress. He wanted to spend more time with her.

That night he watched her sleep and said calmly "The reason I am so infatuated with 16 my Sadie, is that you will become unable to see me. I will just be an imaginary friend you had." He hated those rules of the universe. At 16 humans lost, what demons referred to as true sight, and could no longer see them unless they possessed people. Even then the humans never thought it strange.

After he went home he went to talk to Lucifer. The man was always there to talk to him. Zeke just raged at everything. He did not want to lose Sadie. He did not want to see her look toward him and never acknowledge him. Zeke and Lucifer had been friends as angels and it didn't change now as Lucifer wrapped his arms around the taller man, watching as he sunk to his knees and cried. Lucifer's words rang in his ears, his voice never raising above a soft whisper. "Be with her as much as you can, and only remember the good times."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #16 on: January 20, 2012, 01:55:07 PM »
Sadie, Age 16

Sadie shifted on her bed, staring at her reflection through blurry eyes for a moment. She was both excited and exhausted. Today..she turned 16. Fluffytail2 leapt up to settle beside her head, purring loudly. She smiled, reaching out to stroke the cats back gently. Her room was oddly silent for once, and it took her a bit to figure out why. Something was missing...she just couldn't place her finger on what it was.

 Sitting up, she stiffled a yawn and rubbed her eyes before kicking the blankets off and standing to stretch, a soft groan leaving her lips. Over the years she had further developed, her body shifting from that of a child to that of a young woman. The small pair of boy shorts hugged her little figure and her tank top strained some against the swell of her breasts, somthing that had annoyed her for a good portion of her tween years. Not many 14 and 15 year olds developed like that.

 Muttering to herself she padded into the bathroom, squinting into her mirror at her touseled appearence. "Ugh...16 and I looke like shit..." Rubbing her face tiredly, she turned her attention to her shower, wanting to simply wash the evening away. Her parents had gone out of town earlier that morning, so they had celebrated early, leaving her to tend to herself for the day. And her first thought immediently went to a decent birthday breakfast...but first....a shower to ease her aches.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #17 on: January 20, 2012, 05:47:28 PM »
Zeke was in her room, floating on the ceiling. He was sure that today he would fade from her view. He checked her wardrobe, putting into it a beautiful black dress, it would hug her new curves in a way that would give her all the power over her lesser suitors. Zeke placed a pair of black high heels, he had taught her to walk in stilettos two years ago. The shoes and dress would give her a sense of power and sensuality. Something his succubus secretary had explained to him. Going down he made her parents believe that they had bought the dress for her.

Going back up he saw Sadie and floated up to the ceiling. He watched her for a moment before he landed and wrapped his arms around her. Other demons who had human partners would say that the humans would get small shivers from their contact but would attribute it to the cold or some other simple thing like that. He wanted to scream but held it in. He whispered softly into her ear "I wish you could see me still." He pulled away and went to the shadows for the time being.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #18 on: January 20, 2012, 10:19:48 PM »
Sadie turned her head some, swearing she had heard someone whispering. She still couldnt place why it felt so odd suddenly...somthing really was missing...she just didnt know what. It was as if small snippets of her memory had suddenly vanished. Shaking her head some she sighed. "Memory loss at my age? How horrible.."

Chuckling, she moved over to her closet...and paused, spotting the elegant dress. She pulled it out,looking it over. 'Hmm...must be a gift from mom and dad..." She trailed her fingers over it and smiled. It was gorgeous on the hanger...and she could only imagine would look just as gorgeous on her later when she had dinner with herself.

Elsewhere, Lillianna Moore watched her young descendant through a glass mirror, her chin propped on her hand. "Poor Zeke...she dosnt remember him." She felt her heart go out for the demon. She herself had given up her very soul to remain with Lucifer. She wouldnt have changed that for anything in the world....she had met him young much like Lillian had Ezekiel...but had given up her ability to live long before the ability to stop seeing him came about. But this...this was a depressing notion to watch unfold. She had never known the  cross roads demon to cry, and seeing him break down in his brothers arms at the pure and simple thought that the young woman he loved so much would no longer be able to see had killed her.

"I cant let that happen...."

She pulled a book into her lap and waved a hand over it. It fluttered before flying open and flashing through the pages before it stopped. It was a small incantation, required little effort....and would potentially help them all in the future. Smiling, she turned back to the mirror.

Sadie blinked, pausing in the middle of flipping pancakes. For a moment her gaze went distant and her lips parted some...before she finally shook her head."That was...odd...." Sliding the first few cakes from the griddle to a plate she smiled, then glanced around. "Where is he?....." She moved back upstairs towards her room, looking around until she spotted it. A surging, dark mass in the corner of her room. Approaching it she stopped a few inches away. "Zeke?You home?"

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #19 on: January 21, 2012, 10:41:50 AM »
Zeke had gone home. He hadn't wanted to stay at her home much longer, it made his very being hurt. He was making apple cinnamon pancakes when she called his name. Finishing up the one he had on the griddle he wiped his hands and snapped a new set of clothing out. He calmly and slowly stepped out of the portal.

He was wearing a bright pink robe and bunny slippers. Both of which she had given him on various birthdays. Confusion was evident on his face. "You can still see me?" He wondered idly if Lillian had anything to do with it, but he decided it wasn't important. Without even waiting for a reply he pulled her into his arms and held her close to him. Lifting her head up to look into his he leaned in and kissed her. He broke the kiss softly and leaned his head against hers.

"Sadie, I am so glad that you can see me again." He didn't need to be told, he just sort of knew she could see him. It made his heart soar, he wanted to be her demon forever. He wanted to be her love, her heart. He wanted to protect her from all comers. He would protect her, and he would love her. He was sure that he would.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
« Reply #20 on: January 23, 2012, 12:29:57 AM »
She chuckled softly. "Ive always been able to see you silly...ever since I was five. But you know...this morning felt kinda was missing."  She smiled up at him, her hand on his chest. She took a moment to look his attire over then shook her head, still smiling. She never questioned how the demon chose to dress himself...she was simply glad he still made use of his gifts, reguardless of how girly they seemed.

She felt as if her lips were tingling some after the kiss, and as she turned away, she touched them gently. She had been kissed before...but that had an intensity behind it. "You know its just you and me and dad are out of town. Big sixteen...thats a milestone for a human girl you know".

She knew for some time he had been concerned with her birthday...but his expression seemed lighter then it had in days...and this made her happy. Moving back over to him, she wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning up some...and kissing him lightly again. "Mmh...I think this is a pretty nice birthday gift."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
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Zeke smiled, he knew how big of an event turning sixteen was for humans. They were closer to being an adult. to him it was the age when a child could no longer see their kind. It was a sad day for a demon. Zeke quietly thought of Lucifer. Thanking him and his wife for this he didn't want to waste it.

Smiling some he brought her out to a good dinner. Sadie could see this place was full of his kind. He treated her to a very good dinner. The meal had great food perfectly made. He smiled as he brought her home. Bringing her up to her room he kissed her deeply. He made love to her that night.

He had taken the act slowly. He wanted it to be all about her. This day was all about her. He made sure it lasted. Tonight he devoted himself to her until she fell asleep. Once she had he changed her into some pajamas, tucked her in then went to his own home. He scratched his dog's ear and smiled some. Then a scary thought came to him.

"What if the spell breaks?" He decided then that he would spend as much time with her as he could. To make sure that he could.

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
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"Ezekiel...Im offended..."

Lillian had appeared behind him, lounging in the chair Sadie kept in the corner of her room. She was dressed for an evening of being dined and wined, having convinced her husband she needed a night out of hell for once. The red dress hugged her slim figure and her dark hair tumbled around her face in soft curls.

"How dare you think a spell I weaved would unwind and come undone". Her eyes twinkled as she observed him, legs hanging over the chairs arm, one heel dangling from her toes.  "Of course it wouldnt...I created it..I set it in motion...the spell ends when I want it as a demon should know that."

She waved at the girls sleeping form. "Sadie will continue to see you for as long as she wants...only a banishing will destroy dont do anything to anger her and she will be your beloved little girl for as long as you desire."

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Re: Demonic Obsession:Per sempre mia Sadie (MarsxOdinseraphin)
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Zeke looked and smiled some but also said quietly "It isn't fair Lillian, to her, or to our kind. The angels can be seen whenever they want, demons can be seen when they are inhabiting a body. But Fallen like Lucifer and I are unable to be seen past a person's 16th birthday." His voice sounded sad and defeated. "I can't keep her forever, eventually she will tire of me. But for now, I will be happy with what extra time that I am allowed."

Moving from Sadie he escorted Lillian out to dinner. Lucifer's cage was still there, Zeke had been trying to find the seals to break, but they were scattered to the winds. It made him angry at Michael that he had done so well at hiding them.

He brought Lillian out to eat. The place that they went to was top of the line, everything was high scale. Lillian didn't get to come to the Human realm as often as one would enjoy. Lucifer was protective of her, worried that one of his brothers would attack her. Zeke or a high ranking demon would always accompany her. The demon chosen was random, but Zeke normally went more than others, being a fallen angel he knew what to look for as far as angels went.

Zeke was dressed in his suit and black dress shoes, since they got a booth and the table cloth hid their feet he snapped his fingers and smiled as his feet became clad in bright pink bunny slippers, their googly eyes bouncing as he moved his feet. He couldn't keep the goofy grin off his face.

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Lillian watched him for a moment, sipping her drink. She could only guess what had given the demon his ridiculous expression but decided not to say anything. Whatever kept him happy. "I will never understand you demons fascination for the trivial gifts your humans gve you when we are younger...Lucier still keeps the pictures I used to draw him on his desk...I could find a flower and he would spirit it away to wherever he keeps everything Ive ever given him...becuase, you know, two children werent enough."

She propped her feet up on his lap under the table, trailing her toes along his stomache. "I suppose, given Im not technically a demon though, I wouldnt understand as well....but then I guess losing the ability to see the person whose been your friend for sixteen years would make wanting momentos...." She held up a spoon, tilting it some. It flashed in the soft light of the reasturant, showing Sadies sleeping face briefly.

"Amazing isnt it? I suppose I can see your is unfair an Angel can technically see their child for as long as required...the whole Guardian Angel thing...Im surprised gabriel dosnt have one..."