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Started by Malrunar, December 29, 2011, 08:17:41 PM

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I think writing is a dying art. It seems like so many people tend to rush through and spit out the words for their posts, and that they don’t really care about the story at all. Its quality over quantity for me, I consider myself a literate and talented writer, and I’m choosy about who my partners are going to be. Sorry, but if you can’t drag me into the story and keep my attention; things will only feel more like a chore than the adventure we both want to run away to.

My posts average four paragraphs but often expand past that, especially when the previous post my partner has given me has really sparked my muse. Yet I understand the necessity of ‘short and sweet’. Challenge me and I’ll challenge you, I’m more content with a well written post, than with something that is all filler and no meat, so don’t go Taco Bell on me. Tantalize my senses and wrap me around your finger in two paragraphs? I'm sold.

Alright! If you’ve read this far then hopefully I didn’t sound too much like a pompous, finicky bitch. Now for the good stuff:

Don't Reply To This Thread

Immaturity- If you can’t act like an adult, then leave me alone, you’re on this list as a 'no' for a reason.

First Person- I'm one of those people who get really, really annoyed reading first person. Unless it's a novel, please don't do this.

Not allowing me to have those off days- Sometimes my muse isn’t working. Sometimes my muse is selective. Don’t bug me to post, I’ll get to it when creativity allows.

Poorly written posts- I understand having off days- I get them all the time. But if you’re looking to just spit out posts, having a daily goal of over 100, theeeeeen move on. No one-liners or ‘L33T’ speak for me. I will head-butt you into oblivion. Another pet-peeve of mine is missing punctuation. Please don't be afraid to use a comma to break apart a sentence, instead of stringing the words together into one, jumbled mess. If it hurts to read it, I'm not going to read it.

And a note for those who can’t separate RP from reality- I am not my characters. If our characters fall in love; that doesn’t mean we’re in love. If I tell you to step back, do so, and don’t get offended.

My characters will always be female. I’m happy to NPC a character of any and all genders, but when it comes down to the main story line, my role will be a woman. This is just my own, personal preference.  Ninety percent of the time, I want a M/F pairing. (Though I’d be open to explore an M/F/M, F/F, etc., pairing, all depending on my partner’s preference and the plot of the story.) I don't care to play the brainless bimbo that’s only good at spreading her legs, or one who is so sweet and innocent she farts butterflies. My characters are likely going to be in tough situations, and I like to throw them into scenarios that take them out of their comfort zones to see what it takes to make them bend.

To be paired with this: I have no interest in anime. I don’t care for the boys who never age past 19, I prefer men with hair on their chest (or not, smooth is nice too) and scars from their past. And if they’re older than my character, I tend to turn into putty in your hands. I love depth and conflict; love isn’t easy and war is never fair.

Biting- This is always encourage. It may be why I have a certain weakness for vampires. (But if they sparkle you can just forget about it!)

Bondage- Something I’ve an interest in exploring.

Cream-pies- Yep. Guilty. Love them.

Foreplay- While it can be fun to just get to the nasty bits, there’s certainly something about having this sort of thing dragged out until the point of begging is reached.

NC- This can be pretty damn hot. It’s not a requirement, but sometimes you just want to be thrown on the couch and pounded like a cheap steak.

Romance- Not that I’d ever admit to being a romantic. Never... >_>

D/s- Again, something I'm curious about exploring. I’m more particular on playing the sub role, and am quite content with that.  But none of my characters would ever do as they’re told, every single time. Where’s the fun if there’s no challenge? I'm the girl who struggles and puts up a fight before giving in.

Light Pain- No maiming, but I’m not against getting a little roughened up. Remember that scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Hot, right?

Older men- I admit it. This does it for me. A lot. I have no taste for teenagers.

Blood-play- LIGHT. Like the stuff vampires might occasionally dabble in when toying with their snack.

Scat/Water sports- Eww. Not for me. Never.

M/M- No interest, sorry. It does nothing for me, so I won't play the part.

Vore- That’s also something I don’t understand. Eating strips of my flesh isn’t sexy. Chewing on the bones of my foot while I watch? I hope you choke on a toe. Hell no.


Scraps...          Open

This listing is going to be particularly vague. I guess it's the 'pairings' or the 'theme's I'm particularly interest in, that I might not have a particular plot for. I'm happy to create something with the right partner!



  • The Mummy. Well, not 'The Mummy' exactly, but something that involves archeologists and exploring and forbidden tombs with the evil undead.
  • Sci-Fi. Something to do with a ship taken over by hostile aliens, or perhaps crash-landing on some alien world?
  • Old West. Add some vampires, the undead and an unlikely pairing... sounds like a fun start to me!
  • Pirates! Yarg! Also add some water spirits. *Thumbs up.*
  • Firefly. Although I'd be more content to play an OC.
  • Robin Hood. Something with time travel perhaps?


Up For More     Open

I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve been having a strong craving for ‘post apocalyptic’ settings. I think there’s a certain charm in the scavenging, and I like the idea of a low population, mutual struggle and common ground for the rest of humanity. I suppose I lack any solid plot, but I do have a few ideas, depending on the interest of my writing partner.

Alien Attack: Classic setting, probably up there with zombie outbreak. I think this could be fun, especially if it's a little futuristic. It could take place on earth, or even out in space when a ship gets taken over by some unknown species.

Vampires: There was a movie about this, I forgot what it was called but it was pretty damn lame. Still... I think it's an interesting concept. Could be fun. I need a good, dark, gritty vampire story.

Dragons!: Reign of Fire. Never seen the flick, but I know the trailers.

The Island: More of a survivor story, less 'apocalyptic'. I'm pretty sure there was a movie made of this too. (Stone Cold Steve Austin was the actor, if I remember correctly!) Basically, a bunch of dangerous criminals are dropped into the ocean and forced to swim to an island, where they're all left (and often forced) to compete and fight one another to get to the finish line. It's like a twisted reality show.


Something with Fangs~     Taken

I’m really, really, really really, reaaaally trying to find the right partner for this. I’ve been aching for a dark vamp-thread for a long time, played the way vamps are supposed to be played. I want something gritty and suspenseful. Vampires (the way I like them, anyways) are supposed to be damned souls who pray on the living. They’re beautiful and tempting things that are to be respected and feared, yet some part of your soul can’t help but fall in love with them. They represent the greatest fears and darker pleasures of the soul, so long as you allow its corruption.

The setting can take place past or present, I have ideas for both, depending on the request of my partner. But, basically, what I want with this is to have a girl meet the man and discover that he’s really a charming beast. When she finds out the truth she’s already too wrapped up in events to simply walk out, and by this point she’s enchanted him too well to be allowed to simply leave. There could be murders he’s struggling to solve in order to clear his name –for the sole purpose of being left alone, since having hunters or any such things on his trail would force him to keep an eye over his shoulder.

He could be new to the city, and looking for someone to entertain himself with. Growing fond of his toy, a neighboring (or perhaps a previously established vamp. In the city) could try to take it away.

I’ve a fair amount of ideas and scenes in my head for this, and I'm also happy to take suggestions and work from scratch. PM if you'd like more details.  :-)


Still looking for a survival scene?  In general, I'd prefer one-on-one, but this would be good with a group.