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Author Topic: Firefly (M seeking F)  (Read 411 times)

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Firefly (M seeking F)
« on: December 29, 2011, 10:36:43 AM »
Name: Firefly (based on the TV Series)

Content: Light or Bondage or Non-consensual, Human.  (Possibly Extreme.  Possibly Exotic.)

Scenario: The renegade crew of an independent spaceship that pulls off a living performing petty crimes, mercenary assignments and vigilante justice.

Setting: On the spaceship Firefly in outer space in the year 2517.  (Possibly on planets, moons and space stations.)  This would be an RP using some or all of the canon characters of the TV series, Firefly, when all nine members of the ensemble cast are still on the ship.  It could take place after the full 14 episode season of Firefly but before the movie, Serenity (which results in the deaths of two characters).

It could involve one or more of the following situations:

Inara and Mal - The sexual tension, emotional attachment, arguing and bantering continues.  Will Inara leave?  Will Mal convince her to stay?

Zoe and Wash - Wash saves the day.  Zoe wants him to tear her clothes off.  Will they forgo precautions and make a baby?

Kaylee and Simon - Simon may be a brilliant medical doctor, but he sure does not know how to handle the ladies, especially Kaylee, the sweet, caring one with the big crush and low self-esteem.  Now that his sister is getting better, can he focus on a different woman in his life?  Will Kaylee give him another chance?  How will she go about it?  Is she really so hurt or sick that she needs some special care?  Will Simon prove to be his own worst obstacle and botch a shot at romance again?

Kaylee and Jayne - Jayne knows how to use guns and maintain them, but he don't know a gorramn thing about takin' them apart and puttin' them back together.  When his favorite weapon, Vera, ain't shootin' so straight no more, Jayne tries to get some help from the most technical-like zhen de shi tian cai of the crew, Kaylee.  But Kaylee ain't one for a yee yan, and she wants payment... just not of the monetary variety.  She's looking for a different sort of kindness.

River and Jayne - The big, strong mercenary's desire for getting paid big rewards caused him to betray Simon and River.  With his loyalty issue seemingly resolved and her emotional stability gradually improving, Jayne spends time teaching River how to better use firearms and edged weapons.  Formerly intimidated by Jayne, River now feels a strange attraction toward him.  After studying Inara and what she can learn of the ways of the Companion, River starts trying out her new skills, flirting with him while he lifts weights and during their practice sessions of brawling and wrestling.  He still thinks she's crazy (and he has the scar on his chest from the knife she wielded to prove it) and he does not want to cross Simon.  Will he be able to resist her charms, or will he finally give in and let her handle his most prized weapon?

Kaylee and Wash - Wash, the pilot, and Kaylee, the mechanic, have been instrumental in making Serenity do amazing things and keeping Serenity going .  Simon's gaffes have magnified Kaylee's loneliness.  Assured of Wash's loyalty to her, Zoe makes an arrangement for her husband to make Kaylee do amazing things.  Kaylee proves she knows how to keep a man going as well as a ship.

There could be other pairings as well, even involving original characters.

Requirements: A female writer to play the female characters who has knowledge of and passion for the TV series.  I'm looking for great dialogue, including emulation of the "Western" style of speech and usage of the American and Chinese slang terms of the time. 

Other Info: I would be willing to do multiple versions of this, each focusing on a different pairing or unique set of pairings.  Feel free to PM me here on Elliquiy.  This could be a forum thread or a series of IM chat sessions on YIM or AIM, or a combination.
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Re: Firefly (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2015, 12:34:45 PM »
Some previous solo Firefly RPs: Sue (a male, ship captain version of Jayne) kidnaps the pilot of another ship that he and his crew boarded Michal (a female version of Jayne) has some fun with the ship's new female mechanic Kaylee and Jayne River and Jayne Jayne and Mal kidnap a female medical doctor from an Alliance hospital The Operative extracts River and turns her into an operative herself, like she was intended to be. Jubal Early has bad intentions for Inara, Kaylee and River.
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