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Author Topic: Heaven in my eyes [RP ideas, seeking F, N/C and BON]  (Read 1281 times)

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Heaven in my eyes [RP ideas, seeking F, N/C and BON]
« on: December 27, 2011, 10:33:05 pm »
Just a couple of ideas I've had in my head for a while, if any of them catch your eye feel free to give me a PM!

Title: Haunted House
Scenario: This roleplay would take place centered around a supposed haunted house in the forest, near a small town out in the middle of nowhere. For some reason, either it be a journalist hearing rumors about drugs being smuggled in the house, or just a curious hiker goes into the house to see what the fuss is about, decide to go investigate. They are soon captured by a mysterious force in the house, and find themselves at the mercy of their mysterious captor or captors, who does not seem to reveal himself. Video cameras are posted throughout the house, some more obvious than others, and her captor(s) seem capable of manipulating everything inside the house, forcing them to perform humiliating acts and begins to train the visitor as a sex slave.
Additional notes: I want this to be a really mystery-style roleplay, with a lot of psychological aspects to it. I can also see more than one character wandering into the house and being captured, but this can be discussed with the individual partner.

Title: Captured Prince
Scenario: My character, a wealthy and noble prince is traveling in the forest, when he is jumped by a tribe of amazonian style-women. He is captured and brought back to their base, where the females that captured him begin to use him sexually. This can eventually lead up to him submitting to them, or leading to a more friendly relationship, eventually taking control at one point over one or the other.
Additional notes I'm still new to submitting, so I'd like to have something perhaps, extreme run by me before it occurs. Very interested in the idea however, so anyone who might think they could introduce me to it is more than welcome to try.

Title: Apartment 501
Scenario: The two were a simple happy young couple on the surface, living together in apartment 501. They each held successful promising jobs and got along together very well, no one would expect the two to both heavily be into bdsm and bondage. The couple enjoyed both the dom and sub aspects of it, so the two would play games throughout the days, to see if one could catch the other off guard and dominate them for while, with the large variety of toys and outfits they owned.
Additional notes: I can seeing this being a fun little roleplay, for someone who would like switching off between subbing and doming. Very lighthearted with a good amount of playful teasing with bondage.

Title: Rent Money
Scenario: Two female roommates are short on rent one month, and with no way to pay for it, they decide to try and coerce their tenant into letting them stay by tying each other up and waiting for him to come in asking for the rent, hoping their bodies will be able to help pay off their rent.
Additional notes: This can either be done with one other roleplayer or two

Title: The Queen's Pet
Scenario: In this roleplay, you would take the role of a powerful and wealthy queen, ruling her kingdom after he husbands 'unfortunate' death, allowing you to divulge in all the pleasures you want. One of these pleasures happens to be a handsome street rat you noticed while roaming the city one day. Your guards captured the boy (my character) and you keep him in a special dungeon, where you take full advantage of his position sexually. One day however, your kingdom is sieged by a rival kingdom, a large battalion of soldiers and mercenaries burn the city to the ground and make their way towards your castle. In the confusion, your prisoner escapes, and with vengeance in his heart he captures you and escapes in all the confusion, taking you around the countryside as his pet now, training you and humiliating you.
Additional Notes: We can begin right at capture, or a little before the siege, depending on how long you'd like to dom for

Title: Black Magic
Scenario: Your character, a young modern day witch attempts to summon a demon to do her bidding. However in this variation, not only does her spell fail but she summons not only one, but two incubi from hell, who quickly overpower her and assert their control over the situation. However, they decide that they find the human girl amusing and begin to use the girl for their own pleasure, making her submit to their wills.
Additional notes: The type of demon and differ between each incubus, I have a few ideas for the different types of demons I'd like to use.

Title: Rich Girl
Scenario: Your character is a rather entitled, self-centered girl who has just managed to suck another man dry, and is now using his money to go for a little vacation in a very isolated beach house far away. Unfortunately for you however, your house is broken into one night by a robber, who ties you up, and once he realizes you're all alone, begins to take advantage of you.
Additional notes: I figure the girl could either be a mature, older woman, or a very young one, really anything you'd like to try would be fine.

Title: Prison Break
Scenario: This roleplay would take place on an island prison, where your character, the (female) warden is where suddenly a riot breaks out. The guards are overwhelmed and the communication is cut off, as you suddenly find yourself in the capture of the man leading the riot, who takes control over the island and begins to take his revenge for his imprisonment, on you.
Additional notes: Expect lots of humiliation in this roleplay, and probably a few threesome (or more if you'd like) situations
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Re: Heaven in my eyes [RP ideas, seeking F, N/C and BON]
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Re: Heaven in my eyes [RP ideas, seeking F, N/C and BON]
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Re: Heaven in my eyes [RP ideas, seeking F, N/C and BON]
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