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Last Hope. The sign hanging from the tavern could also have served for the small, nameless town that was the final vestige of civilization before the beginning of the Wild. With only a few hundred permanent residents - mostly rogues, fences and prostitutes, with the occasional ambitious merchant thrown into the mix - the town was little more than a walled collection of semi-permanent wood huts.

Her constantly changing eyes scanning the room, Itzmin sighed as she entered the tavern and ordered some ale. She really was not a drinker and made her way to the corner to sip her drink before moving on. Shaking her head free of the thought for the time being she smiled as she thought of all the people she was helping with her decent enough healing services and that brought back a smile to her face. It's a good thing she was a somewhat of a healer because many people ended up dying here from getting robbed or picking fights from being drunkards. But her being able to defend herself came first. People were cutthroat and not to be trusted in these parts.

At least the tavern showed signs of good construction, even upkeep. She supposed that in a town that served as a launching point into the treacherous Wild (a trackless, twisted landscape of forests, valleys, broken mountains and, if you believed the tales, ancient cities brimming with forgotten treasure), the tavern would be the most important building. Whether to replenish your stocks, find partners to work with, or just to have a last bit of fun before setting forth to your doom, it was the place to go. The place was crowded, noisy and the smell of alcohol was all-pervasive. Another mile or so to the south, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a drop, so it wasn't that surprising to see people getting hammered before setting out.

She didn't really like coming here but it was one of the last stops before a long dusty road was ahead. Watching the scene around her, she quickly noticed someone new walking into the place and sat up a little to eye them carefully before slumping back down. Probably another merc or thief blowing through to find out information about so called treasure. She didn't believe that there was legendary treasure out there, but there were things from the old world out there worth much money. That made it dangerous to do with all the cutthroats out there who wanted the fortune and power they would get by finding such things. There was danger out thereā€¦and money had nothing to do with it.......
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