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Author Topic: Dating a Super Villianess  (Read 891 times)

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Dating a Super Villianess
« on: December 25, 2011, 12:32:17 AM »
Started this a few years ago, only a few chapters but had fun writing it, let me know what you think.

“Tell us everything you know about Viper and you are free to go.”

I can't make out who is speaking, my head is spinning and they are standing in front of a really bright light bulb in an otherwise unlit room. Right now I should be focusing on the blood dripping from my chin, a memento from when the big jackass in the knock off Armani suit slugged me while gripping a roll of pennies, or the discomfort in my arms because of the position they have been handcuffed in behind me or even on the few details I know about 'Viper' so I can give them to him and get him to let me go back to my crappy boring life... instead all that is coming to mind in what it was like when she kissed me right before what had been a great night turned into the festering pile of shit that I am now in...

I suppose I should start at the beginning.

It all started about three months ago...

Well more like three years...

Okay lets start at the very beginning and call it seven years ago, my freshman year of high school. I was attending a charter school, kind of a free private school that only the smarty smarts like me and my class mates could get into, seriously if you couldn't qualify for MENSA then they had no real interest in letting you attend. There was this girl there by the name Veronica, I had a thing for her... a real big thing... but she was taken and we ended up as friends. My parents didn't like the school, thought the format was way to open and undisciplined so after that one year in paradise I was back into public school. Veronica and I didn't stay in touch... she didn't have my number and I was to scared to call her... afraid of the rejection.

Three years later I was graduating from school and the words that a dearly departed friend had passed onto me the year before came back to haunt me. “Vincent,” Seth had told me. “You are right about to start your senior year. I want you to go out and do the things you always had wanted to do... because you don't want to end the best part of your life with regrets.” Ironically he died a week later, hit by a truck two days after he got his diploma.

But his words came back to me and at the very end of the year, my grades already set and my acceptance to the University of Arizona in I decided that during that summer I would do what I had wanted to years before. I joined a social networking site and tracked down Veronica... we started dating. The summer ended and we didn't break off the relationship, it had grown serious, I was head over heels for her. She went to ASU and I went to U of A... I was happy.

Of course it didn't last, less then a month later I started hearing rumors and by the end of the semester she ended it officially, left me for some goth kid who was 'more in touch with his emotions'. I figure that he was the first warm body she found once the distance got on her nerves.

I did okay that first semester but when I went back for the second I was a wreck, I hardly left my room, dropped to a skeletal one fifteen, and contemplated suicide more then once. I know that I sound like I was just some emo brat who got dumped and let himself fall apart, and I suppose there is truth to that, but Veronica had meant more to me then any other girl had... combine that with the fact that I had lost friends because of my unwillingness to see how unfaithful she was, called my closest friends liars and really pissed them off.

After a few months I moved back home with my parents, started taking classes at a community college and that is where I met new friends, chief among them Karen and Lisa.

Six months ago Karen starts classes at ASU and along with Lisa we get a three bedroom apartment, I am still taking classes part time and working full time as a Barista in a little coffee shop on the ASU campus, it sucks. Luckily Veronica ended up marrying the goth (who was a heroin addict) and dropped off the face of the Earth so I don't have to put up with seeing her.

About three months ago  girl scheduled to open the shop calls in sick so at three AM Saturday Morning, my manager calling me, interrupting what had been a half decent attempt at seducing Karen, doomed to fail but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try...

I was short on cash, needed the over time, and hoped that if I took this then it would help me get the promotion that had just opened up... I know, sad. A few years before I was looking to become a heart surgeon but now I was looking to find a way to make enough money just to go back to school full time.

I can still remember the first words she said to me. It was five AM, I know this because I had just turned on the lights and opened the front door.

She walked in like she owned the place. Drop dead gorgeous. I'm not a bad looking guy, my hair is kinda messy no matter what I do, I wear glasses and my nose is a little bit more prominent then I might like... but not bad looking. Combine that with the fact that I am smart, funny, and am more then capable of being charming when the mood strikes me and you have a guy that never really has had much of a problem with picking up women, Karen being the only major exception to that because she really doesn't take me serious when I try.

But this one was out of my league, hell she was in a league of her own. I stand six feet tall and she couldn't have been more then two inches shorted then I am, dark hair that reaches her shoulders, a really exotic completion... if I had to guess I would say Pacific Islander, and stunning green eyes, it was the eyes I first notice. Put all this on top of a body toned from lots of physical activity, athletic with amazing curves. The outfit she was wearing, some kind of colorful skirt with a matching tank top and sandals really looked great on her, showing off her legs.

I still remember the first thing she said to me. “Viente caramel machiato, upside down, whole milk, five shots.”

Mumbling the price, to tired to really articulate I took her money then set about making her drink, handing it to her rather then setting it down just for the slight brushing of her fingers against mine.

She sipped, and then smiled, teeth dazzling white. “This is really good, smooth.”

I smiled a little bit, feeling slightly more comfortable now, the smile of hers helped. “Yea if you add the caramel and vanilla syrup to the milk before you steam it and then pour it directly over the shots, stirring after you pour in half, the syrups diffuse evenly into the milk making it a more even drink rather then the caramel just sinking to the bottom.” I said it all much faster then normal, I am surprised she even understood the words.

“Well it works...” She paused and looked down at my name tag, “Vincent. I'll see you around.” With that she smiled and walked out of the store... of course she stuck around in my mind for a while.
I did see her again though, the day after and again the day after that. She came by quite frequently, day after day, sometimes she wouldn't come for a few days but then back again. I didn't think anything of it at the time but she always seemed to come during my shift. I started taking breaks when she came by, talking. I learned she was a few months younger then I was, she told me her name was Ai Kanaka, I never learned what she did for a living but she told me that she traveled frequently, wasn't in school and did live nearby. I figured that she was a trust fund kid from Scottsdale who would inherit her family's money and didn't need to worry about school.

I talked about Ai outside of work, to the occasional annoyance of my two room mates. Apparently they could even tell through my mood if she had come in that day or if she was off on a trip again, they informed my that I became a bit sullen when I didn't see her.

Then after about three months I finally decided to give it a shot and asked her out. I had been out on a few dates since Veronica but not really been in anything like a relationship with anyone, most of my dates being set up by friends who felt I needed to get laid, and I had. But for the first time in I don't know how long I was actually interested in someone and that with the memories of how my last relationship had gone made me a bit nervous.

I remember the day that I asked her out really well, not just because it was the day that I was asking her out but because it was one of those days when everything goes wrong. I hadn't gotten the promotion that I had been hoping for, one of the manager's favorites had gotten it and of course like always the order for the week hadn't been done properly, this time instead of ending up short on beans or cups we had run totally out of large dome lids for iced drinks... a minor problem except for the fact that it meant anyone who wanted whip on their drink wouldn't be able to get a lid that fit... and the managers of the nearby stores were refusing to loan us anything because they were tired of this. All of this was made even worse by the fact that I was of course to blame for it, apparently it was my job to predict this kind of thing.

In all honesty I was ready to just walk out of the job, tell my manager for the barely above minimum plus a cut of tips it wasn't worth it. But as I was closing down for what I told myself would be the very last time she came in, seeing her smile just made my day seem... well more bearable.

I can't remember the words that I used, all I know is that whatever I said was nothing approaching smooth or charming and probably used the phrase no pressure at least three times... and when I was done with the disjointed asking out she actually said yes, chuckling and muttering under her breath a little bit about how long it had been since someone had asked her out.

She told me that she would be out of town for a few days but would be back on Saturday so we made plans to go out that night. Before she left I asked her about where it was that she would be going, fully expecting to get the typical response of a mysterious smile  and being told that she would just be seeing sights.

“Just a bit of business that I need to take care of in Italy.” That smile was still there though, as if there was some joke that I wasn't aware of. “I'm looking forward to our date though, can't remember the last time I went out on a date like a normal person.” That struck me as odd and I would have asked what she meant but before I could say anything she was gone. I kind of brushed the comment off as something that an heiress would say, wondering is she was the daughter of someone famous that I didn't know about. Other then the fact that it would be pretty damn cool to date a celebrities daughter I really had no opinion about it. I was interested in who she was, not who she might be...

Maybe I should have thought about that one though.

Impact to my jaw, lots of pain, my head snapping to the left, and the taste of blood inside my mouth snap me back to the present, the suits hand raised to take another shot. If I could get my mouth to work right I would spit at him but since that isn't happening I just let the blood drip down onto my chest.

“What do you know about the super criminal Viper?” He asks me.

I just stare at him, not much about what he just said made any sense. “What the fuck is a super criminal?”

Ai Kanaka= man eater according to a list of Hawaiian phrases I found

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Re: Dating a Super Villianess
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2011, 12:34:34 AM »
“What the fuck is a super criminal?”

It seemed like the suit didn't like that very much because he cock his fist for another punch, this one connecting just below my right eye. Definitely grateful that the first punch to my jaw knocked off my glasses otherwise I might have some shards in my eye right now. On the edge of consciousness my mind drifts to the night of the date.

I remember how carefully I had picked out what I was going to wear and and had even been experimenting with some gel in my hair... which didn't look good at all I will admit. Eventually I had settled on a pair of dark pants and a button down shirt that didn't make me look like a total tool, or at least that is what my room mates assured me.

I had offered to pick her up but she had told me that she would meet me for dinner, with her flight in and everything she had thought it would be better just to come to dinner directly from the airport, assuring me that she would sleep on the flight back from Italy, well technically JFX but she would be arriving there from Italy.

The dinner went well, we went to this pad Thai place that I knew about near a movie theater, kind of a hole in the wall type thing. She told me about her trip to Italy, seeing sights and such but nothing she mentioned really sounded like business. She asked a few questions about me, things that hadn't really come up before, the big one being why I wasn't at the U of A anymore, I had mentioned being a student  there once or twice previously. I didn't want to lie but figured mentioning the fun of my ex probably wasn't a great thing of a first date so I brushed it off as not being able to deal with the pressure, kind of a micro break down. I don't really think she believed that though, commenting on how I didn't seem the type to be over whelmed by something as simple as papers and tests.

The movie wasn't all that memorable, funny because it was just a few hours ago. We hadn't really picked out a movie ahead of time so when we got there we just saw what was starting soonish... and our choices were between the Hannah Montana movie and some horror flick that neither of us had heard of, but we were there and really didn't feel like standing around for an hour until more movies would be starting so the horror movie it was.

Great thing about dinner before the movie is that you tend to save money on the massive financial drain that is movie theater snack food. The standard of popcorn and a soda was all that we went for and honestly the popcorn pretty much remained untouched, we sat through the movie with my arm over her shoulder, trying not to laugh at the bad writing and acting while a group of teenagers behind us shrieked every time someone got horribly murdered, if not for my general apathy I might have told the theater that they had some teenagers inside a rated R movie.

After the movie we just walked for a bit, more talking before we ended up back in front of the Thai place. I asked her where her car was because there weren't many but mine in the lot and she didn't seem to be moving toward one in particular.

“A friend gave me a ride here from the airport.” She informed me with a smile. “Feel like driving me home?”

I doubt there is a man alive who could have said no to her right then and there... even if I just gave her a ride home and it went no further I was still happy for the excuse to spend more time with her.

The drive to her place was mostly filled with light and pretty much pointless chatter, talking about different TV shows and books that we happened to enjoy, I was surprised but pleased to find that she was a fan of Dollhouse and had started to watch other shows by Whedon on line, definitely good news for me, there is no denying that I am a massive geek and I certainly wanted to hang out with people who shared some of the same interests that I did.

It didn't take to long to reach her home, a single story house in a nice suburban area, not far from where I lived or worked but there had to be at least five coffee shops closer. It kind of stroked my ego a bit when I realized that little face, almost as if she was coming to the coffee shop that I work at just because it was because I work there.

Pulling into the driveway I walked her to her door, not saying anything because I wasn't really sure what I should say. Did I expect to be invited in?

No, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't have loved it.

And maybe she would have invited me in, maybe what had been a good date would have become an amazing one. Some guys might say that they wouldn't want a young lady to sleep with them on the first day... but they hadn't been out on a date with her.

At her door she turned around, key in the look and looked up at me with a small smirk. I decided right then to go for it, leaned down and ready to accept the rejection soon to come brushed my lips over hers.

She responded aggressively, her arms around my neck and her tongue slipping into my mouth which was open in a little bit of shock, I hadn't thought she would let me get a little peck on her lips not so... amazing.

After a few moments we broke it off, both breathing heavily, her eyes shinning with what I assumed was lust and half closed. I was right about to attempt to say something clever when her eyes widened, instead of lust I was now seeing a mixture of shock and annoyance.

Before I could figure out what was going on I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck and withing moments everything started to go fuzzy.

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Re: Dating a Super Villianess
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2011, 03:43:04 AM »
I thought it waas really good and I Must read more... ;D  lol

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Re: Dating a Super Villianess
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2011, 12:26:00 PM »
Ask and I give, it is christmas after all

The sun had been up for an hour or two when I was tossed from the back of a van and landed in front of the apartment building where I lived. My cell phone followed in a small bag with my car keys and wallet, good news was the case that I had on my Black Berry kept it from breaking, bad news was that my entire body felt like raw hamburger.

That last shot to the face had knocked me out and when I came to he had just kept asking more about Viper, what I knew about her, where the 'others' were. I kept telling him that I didn't know anything and he started working the body. My right eye was swollen, the left side of my face felt bruised from a few backhand blows used as a response to me telling the suit that I didn't know anything.

Once or twice he just left the room with me handcuffed there, I think it was to give me time to think and stew, mostly I just spent the time trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

It just went on and on until they let me go.

Even climbing the stairs to my door was an effort, the strangest thing was when I saw my car was down in its normal spot in the parking lot. The paranoid part of me said that it had probably been bugged, except I guess it really wasn't all that paranoid seeing how I had been abducted by some kind of shadow government men in black style group.

Stumbling through the door I am hit by the smell of the herbal tea that Karen likes and the sound of... yep Repo is on the TV. Despite the pain that I am feeling I have to wonder if they just woke up much earlier then normal or just didn't officially go to bed. A glance over at the couch and chair show me a pile of blankets that seem to indicate the later.

“Well someone had a good night.” I hear Karen call to me from in the kitchen. Ah Karen, lovely blonde Karen who wouldn't end up getting me beaten to a pulp. She walks out from behind the fridge to grin at me... that grin doesn't last to long though, jaw drops and eyes widen. “Holy shit what happened to you?” Did I mention Karen was smart, instead of just gaping at me like an idiot she quickly grabs some ice and wraps it in a towel before rushing to me and pressing it to my face.

“Looks like either a night of really rough sex or a jealous ex boyfriend.” Lisa put in, sitting up from under a pile of blankets on the couch.

“Now is not the time for jokes.” Karen chided her, but I could see the slightest twitch of a smile forming. Honestly if it wasn't for the pain I was feeling at that moment there was a good chance I would have laughed, it felt like some of my ribs might be cracked though so I just ignored the urge to laugh.

“Can we assume both, but how about three ex boy friends and despite the horrible state that I am in now I assure you that I kicked ass as well.” Telling them what really happened doesn't seem like a great idea, I doubt they would have believed me anyway.

“You should press charges.” Karen suggests.

“Or we could find the guy that did this and kill them.” That one was Lisa, it seems they went with the jumped by an ex theory, I'm a little bit insulted that they have already dismissed really rough sex.

“We can kill and or press charges later.” I mutter, just wanting to get into bed and sleep for a bit. Pushing past them I grab the towel with the ice and stumble into my room, the ice pressed against my face.

I'm to tired to pay any attention to their protests and shut my door before sliding into bed.

Before I could crash and enjoy the sweet oblivion that only sleep would bring me I hear a creak near my window.

Sitting up I have to do a double take because standing at the foot of my bed in some leather get up is Ai, a finger to her lip signaling me to stay quiet... and despite any scrap of logic that resides in my skull I do.

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Re: Dating a Super Villianess
« Reply #4 on: December 26, 2011, 12:10:17 AM »
Wow the more i read this story the more i like it   :-)