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November 28, 2020, 02:27:50 PM

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Author Topic: Original cravings anyone? [M/M M/F, BDSM, Fantasy, Realism, Anything]  (Read 890 times)

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Offline snoozefxTopic starter

Hello everyone! Welcome to my request thread. I'm rather new to making request threads, really just because I enjoy snooping through everyone else's, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. As the title stated, I'm looking for ORIGINAL role plays. I really hate taking on and adapting to different characters when I can make my own. If we were to play OC x OC in a specific setting, that might be different. Before I get into anything else, here are just some general things when role playing with me.

-I have no preference with M/M and M/F. I love my women and men equally ^^.
-When role playing, I generally type a good amount of information, ranging from 2 to 5 paragraphs depending on how much I have to say or how my mind is flowing with creativity.
-I have to admit, I am quite the smutty person at times, but I do love adventure.

D/S? This is a tricky question for me. Really, though, I'm open to taking any part in this, and if not, I'm happy to play a switch. There are exceptions, though! If I have too many role plays playing dom, I probably won't take on any more, same with sub. I will update a status with my availability on playing dom or sub ;).

Dominant: Available(1)
Submissive: Available(1)

Some O/O's

-I never really made one but I figured I may as well on this request thread

-Footplay (asdf <3)
-Furries (unf. If you want to do this with me I'd be happy to oblige)

-Gore for sex

Alright! Time to get into some pairings I'd like to try:
* = Craving
Left Side = My roles

Master x Pet/Slave
Pet/Slave x Master
Knight x Knight
Dragon/Human x Human (Shapeshift)*
Student x Professor*
Soldier x Soldier
Soldier x Citizen
Pet x Mistress
Anthro x Anthro/Human*

Dragon/Human x Human: (MxM MxF)
I've really wanted to try this for quite some time. Basically the idea behind this is that my character is a dragon, able to take human form. As for the plot goes, this dragon character is wounded, and in his last attempts to survive, he transforms into a human, hoping for a villager to find him and save his life. His secret is not revealed until later on after your character reaches self-realization. The plot goes on, and for the two to stay together, my character remains in human form to try to live with you.

Introduction to Bondage - Professor x Student: (MxM)
This is much more of a realistic setting, what I really want from this role play is for a student (at the moment I'd like to take on this role) who falls for his professor. The two characters show mutual interest, and perhaps meet at the most unexpected place that they would ever see each other, a bar aimed towards BDSM and bondage. The ice is broken at this point, and the two develop a relationship both inside and outside of school.

Highschool - (MxF)
I've always wanted to take one of these cliche plots, and I really do like this setting, but really twisting it around and around so that it's not something like a usual relationship. I was thinking something such as a high school party. The two characters are already friends, but they get unbelievably drunk this time, and there happens to be a glory hole there. She sucks him off, and eventually the two pass out, waking up to see her face plastered with white, and his shorts missing, both alone in a room.

Taking the initiative - (MxF)
I always wanted to try this, but it may not be to everyone's comfort. I do require, however, a dom in this situation. Our two characters are "happily" married, only to realize that my character is cheating on you. Even worse, it's a man. Instead of weeping for a divorce, however, your character changes everything, tying my character up, pegging, bondage, everything. This would turn interesting.

Soldiers - (MxM MxF)
I love the Veteran/Rookie idea with soldier pairings. I can play either role. Hit me up if you have more ideas on this.

FURRY - MOST of these plots can be with furry characters. Talk to me about it

If you have other plots, please PM me with your ideas, I won't criticize.

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Offline Tarantulatom

Re: Original cravings anyone? [M/M M/F, BDSM, Fantasy, Realism, Anything]
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 11:16:51 PM »
Hello there Snoozefx! I have to say that I've taken an interest in your High School plot.... I would prefer to play the male, if that's alright with you? And I would just love for them both to be furry. :3

Kind regards!


Offline snoozefxTopic starter

Re: Original cravings anyone? [M/M M/F, BDSM, Fantasy, Realism, Anything]
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2011, 11:51:32 PM »
PM'd :)

Offline snoozefxTopic starter

Re: Original cravings anyone? [M/M M/F, BDSM, Fantasy, Realism, Anything]
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2011, 05:04:36 PM »
Still looking<3