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Author Topic: Trickster's Ideas (M for F) (Round 2)  (Read 517 times)

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Trickster's Ideas (M for F) (Round 2)
« on: December 22, 2011, 09:45:38 PM »
My list of Role Playing Ideas

Video Games-


Christmas RPs-

Historical RPs-

Media-related RPs-

My original ideas-

!- Might be closed if PM is sent or a post is posted towards this topic
*-Might be edited for some changes

1. (Diesel)- Street Racing is the life of thrills, bets, racing and pink slips (not the sign of unemployment, a slip that make the opponent give his car away to the winner) but for cab driver, Dev Cantona, he's tired of collecting fares and hearing his passengers complaining about his extremely fast driving. He's seduced by the world of Street Racing and an old flame who is now the queen of the street teaches him on how to drive on the run.- (O)(!)

2. (Out of the lamp)-Gregorio Johnson is a total loser in high school, he can't get a girlfriend, he freaks out in social situations, he gets bullied a lot but he's on top of his academics. One day, while walking home from school, he finds a lamp from Arabia out in the neighborhood sidewalk. He rubs the lamp and out came a busty yet curvaceous female genie. She grants Gregorio 3 wishes but the question is, how will Gregorio use his wishes?- (O)

I currently have two but I'll add more as we go along

New Recruits
3. GOAL!!!!- In Holland (Netherlands), soccer is evident in the streets, Kenneth Overmars, a 17 year old has the skills to play to soccer but he is rejected by the coach of Amsterdam-based team AFC Ajax and his weaker left leg has a chance to ruin the beginnings of his career. He feels forlorn until a former soccer player turned model from Sweden named Puma shows him how to make his left leg stronger. Kenneth has a crush on her but will his soccer career be reborn and could he successfully reveal his feelings towards Puma. (O)

4.Red Cross- 17-year old Massimo Jones is about to become an intern helping doctors but the problem is that in High School, he has an F-in health but he has an A+ in sex ed. Massimo slumps into depression but a kind yet beautiful nurse named Sylvia decide to help him in his health studies. Will he have a chance to help world-renowned doctors- (O)

5.Snapshots- An 18 year old rookie photographer that photo shoots world famous models decides to be his own boss after getting fired for taking extremely bad quality photos. But, he doesn't have any money for a HD camera or starting up his own company for his photoshoots. A unknown female billionaire from Russia decides to give money to him but on one condition, he must become a world-famous photographer by 8 months. After hearing this, will he find the unknown female and become a world-famous photographer at the same time. (O)

6. Alcatraz- 17 year old Leon Ashikaga is a juvie, having switched around with schools all around Japan until the Japanese government decides to send him to Los Angeles High School with people from the affluent area of Hancock Park to the low-income, densely populated immigrant community of Koreatown. To him, it's like Alcatraz until a rich Latina named Melanie Perez shows him how to survive at the school from fights to gang brawls. (O)

7. Turnin' the Tables- 21 year old DJ prodigy Stylus (AKA Fabio Veloso) from Portugal is on hiatus after his negative response towards critics' negative feedback for his EP (Extended Play) album "Bring the Night" Fabio feels that his creativity is dwindling and innovation is out of his reach. But a female DJ is going to help turn his career around into a comeback. (O)

8.  Velvet Kiss- In Japan, 20-yearold Ryou Takeshi is just your average white-collar worker until he is mysteriously slammed  with 1.5 million dollar debt to repay and one of the people that notifies him of the suspicious debt, adds that he must follow a simple 19 year old girl instructions. If he does then the debt will be cleared, if not, there is no hope of paying back the debt. He must find the suspicious corporation that did this to him and how will he cope with the girl's demanding instructions. (O)

9. America's Rising Sun- 22-year old American rapper A.Z (real name Jozy Dempsey) is the best-selling American Rapper, he already has a record label that he currently owns. But his personal label is almost down in the dumps until his manager advises him to influence Japan with his rap and Japan would influence America with the flavors of J-Pop. The problem however is that the Japanese are a little reluctant of gaijins (foreigners) and it's more used to pop rather than rap until an upcoming J-Pop idol decides to open up to him. -(O)
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Offline Trickster132Topic starter

Re: Trickster's Ideas (M for F) (Round 2)
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2011, 12:29:45 AM »
EDIT- 2 new ideas added

EDIT (2)- Added one idea (I'll add 2 more ideas later today)

EDIT (3)- Added 2 more ideas as I promised

EDIT (4)- Added 2 more ideas, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Elliquiy community
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