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Author Topic: Deadly Premonition/Twin Peaks based game (seeking female Chars)  (Read 524 times)

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Offline Cosmo_acTopic starter

Deadly Premonition/Twin Peaks based game (seeking female Chars)
« on: December 22, 2011, 02:25:00 PM »
The Idea:  Ok, this is just, at the moment, an interest draw.  I don't want to carve anything in stone yet, because i'm still trying to get a solid idea for this game.  However, this game in question will be based loosely on the video game "Deadly Premonition" which was influenced a great deal by the TV series twin peaks.  If your familiar with one or the other, yo will have a basic idea, but the game will be more geared towards "Deadly Premoniton", as there will be a little less "quirky" charactors in the game.

The Plot:  There has been a horrible crime commited in the small town of Spring Pines.  A young women has been killed, and the FBI has reason to believe that this death may be related to several others that have taken place all over the country.  Because of this, they have sent in a small team to investigate the murder.  The team is made up of three females and one male, complete strangers, but each having a reason to go after the case.  It is their job to bring the killer to justice, if they find them, that is.

What the players can expext:  I myself will be both GMing the game, and playng the male FBI agent.  WHat I am looking for is three female FBI agents (can be played by males players so long as there are no issues).  However, they will also be needed to play two female NPC's each.  These NPC's should be fairly light as far as responsibilities go, as they will have minimum involvement with the story, in all likelyness.

The game itself will be fairly freeroam, as the game will incorperate a sandbox style similiar to what was used in "Deadly Premonition".  The FBI agents will have a town to explore, and it is encouraged.  There will be no system for the game.  There will be supernatural events in the town, some scary, some sexual, and like in "Deadly Premonition" (or Silent Hill for another example) there will be otherworldly experiences.

This will be a picture game, so pictures will be used for each charactor of note in the game, including profiles.  Art can be used instead of a real life picture.

Sexual content:  I plan for this game to be fairly sexual.  Spring Pines is a community that was established as a swingers commune, though looking at the town it in everyway appears to be fairly normal.  They have stores, diners, gas stations, a hospital, and a lumber yard, as well as a police station.  They are in every way, a normal small town, save that there are no children and people are a little more eager and willing to get it on then one might expect to see in normal America.  The people who live there, as they usually have to pass a bit of a screening process also tend to look a little better and be a little more well endowed then the average person as well.

The game does have open the possibilities for threesomes and more, depending on the scene in question.
The sex in the game will be concensual in all likelyness, unless there is a heavy interest in non-con being used, and if that is the case, it will be limited to otherwordly experiences.  No charactor will have to worry about non-con unless it's been talked about beforehand.

I hope that piques a few interests, but if anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.  If there is enough interest, i'll set up a character profile sheet for players.

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Re: Deadly Premonition/Twin Peaks based game (seeking female Chars)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2011, 12:11:38 PM »
Count me in to play a badass FBI agent! :D

Offline Chrystal

Re: Deadly Premonition/Twin Peaks based game (seeking female Chars)
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2011, 04:13:26 AM »
GAH! Scary butch woman!


Okay, I have to admit to having been bored out of my skull by the TV series Twin Peaks. I just couldn't follow what was going on, and the only thing that grabbed my interest was the not-so-subtle innuendo in the title... And I've never really been into computer or console games. If this disqualifies me from taking part, so be it...

I'm assuming that, as you want three female characters, there is going to be an amount of F/F content here, and I'm sufficiently intrigued by the general idea, and Amazon's presence, to be willing to put up with a small amount of F/M interaction involving my character... *blushes a little*

If you get more people than you need, then I will make way for another, but if you don't then I would certainly by interested...

Offline PeacethatPowerbrings

Re: Deadly Premonition/Twin Peaks based game (seeking female Chars)
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2012, 04:49:02 AM »
Sounds familiar. ;)