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Author Topic: Tales to be Told ~ Codexa is seeking a Storytelling Partner!  (Read 1275 times)

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Tales to be Told ~ Codexa is seeking a Storytelling Partner!
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:45:04 pm »
Information about me as a writer: My posting speed is slow, and sometimes chaotic. This is due to a active RL and a fickle muse. Long absences will of course be handled appropriately.

I am incredibly easy going, and you'll never have me bugging you about responses.

I love to brainstorm and chat, I believe communication is key when writing with someone else. I would also like someone who can help me guide the story, who isn't afraid to toss in their own ideas. Who can help me build the world, and help figure out how to keep the story flowing! :)

PM me if any of the stories below catch your interest! Let me know which one of course! I am also open to other ideas, but these are just the two currently floating about.

What Fools These Mortals Be.
What if the life you're living, wasn't your own?


It's been eight months, and four days.

Such a short time, yet incredibly long when the life you thought you knew was crashing down around your ears.

Eight months since she was found in that ditch four miles away from her home town. Eight months since she was questioned, seen by therapists and doctors, and questioned again.

Eight Months since she learned her mother was dead, and her father had moved on to Washington, with his new wife and a new baby on the way. Six months since she had seen his face, with new lines, the crows feet more pronounced. The new wife was pretty, and nothing like her mother.

Eight Months since she'd learned that what she had thought was just a day, had been three years. Three years and all she had was huge gaping hole in her memory, no idea where she had been, or what had happened that night.

Just a fuzzy feeling she couldn't place, and a dim memory of lights and woods.


Four years ago, Kimberly was one of those kids that had her circle of friends, caused some mayhem on occasion, and wasn't sure where she wanted to take her life after highschool. Then something awful happened, the Prince of the high-school, his kid brother who was a freshman at the time, went missing. Nothing like this had happened in their town for ages.

They searched, called in help, but nothing was ever found.

His brothers disappearance changed him.

Kimmy felt bad, but like most of the town, she moved on with her life. Now, flash forward another year, and after a loud arguement with her mother, she left the house, going for a long drive.

That drive would change her life forever.

Something made her pull over that night, something made her walk into those woods.

When she woke, three years had gone by and no one had expected to see her alive again.

But things weren't right, she didn't always feel 'right'. Food tasted different, she didn't know simple things that she shouldn't have forgotten. Details were off, and she was sure there was something majorly wrong with her mind. But it was far more complicated than that.

The one person in town who might have some answers?

The former Prince of her highschool.

Together, they start to put the puzzle pieces into place, leading them to discover that not everything is what it appears to be. That there is more to her disappearance, and more to what happened to his brother.

Relevant Info: This is a supernatural/modern kind of story, with romantic elements. I have some ideas in mind for plot, and direction. But I am looking for someone to 1: Play the 'Prince'  and 2: Brainstorm plot and story with me, someone who will not just let me guide the story, but will toss in their own twists and turns. Sex/Smut is fine, but I don't want it to be the ONLY thing happening in the story. - As for supernatural elements, I have been watching a lot of Fae kind of things lately, and wanted to explore Fetches and Changlings as well as the fae themselves.

Yo Ho Ho! And A Bottle Of Rum


Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.”

Jack Sliver has managed to create a bit of a reputation among his pirate kin, and even among those who hate them. He's known to be a young lad, with skill who is a good man to have at your back. Word has it, he's in Nassau to find himself a place on someones crew. But there is a secret to young Jack.

Jack once had a lovely feminine name, she once had a father who was a prominent trader, who was a wealthy nobleman. While she had always been a wild child, and her man wasn't exactly a traditional minded sort. She was happy, and content with her life. That is until the Dread Pirate attacked her home, and while she hid in her fathers study, she watched and listened as her family was slaughtered. Watched the horrible infamous pirate kill her father in front of her very eyes.

Things didn't add up, not the exchange she witnessed. Her father hadn't appeared surprised, he acted as if he knew the man. But how could that possibly be? Angry, confused. She abandoned her old name, her old life, disguised herself as a man to fit into a world where female pirates were still an oddity, and quite often looked down upon for being of the fairer sex. Jack spent five years learning, fighting, and building herself a reputation among these men who lived and died on the sea.

She is searching for answers, searching for the one who took her family from her. Driven by revenge, Jack seeks out a Captain who is motivated by more than just coin and rum, someone who has ambitions and who might through his actions, get her closer to finding out just where Dread hides.

What she couldn't have planned for was falling for the Captain, and him returning her feelings. Of revealing her most guarded secrets. Together they will become legends in their own right.

RI: This is inspired by the movies Pirates of the Caribbean, and I want there to be a touch of the supernatural in this world. It is also inspired by famous female pirates throughout history. I have this desire to write about a woman who hides who she is, and a man who is ambitious and trying to make a name for himself in this kind of cut-throat world. - Romance is of course a big part of the story- Also, for the male character, I would like him to have some sort of strong tie/history with Dread. A son? A former crew member on the run from him (maybe he took a sacred artifact) Dread himself is supposed to be on par with say Blackbeard for reputation and fame, but he will have a supernatural edge as well.  [/s] - Taken.

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Re: Tales to be Told ~ Codexa is seeking a Storytelling Partner!
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 02:55:02 pm »
I am interested. PM me with aditional details which we can work on

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Re: Tales to be Told ~ Codexa is seeking a Storytelling Partner!
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