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Author Topic: History RP Ideas  (Read 688 times)

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Offline Trickster132Topic starter

History RP Ideas
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:16:27 pm »
Christmas RPs:

Animeverse RP ideas:

Video Game/Comics RP ideas:

Role Play ideas by Me:

(Click on the links for more details)

Hi guys, a few of my ideas are being taken in those link, grab them before it's gone. Anyway, my brain's creativity won't stop and I have thought of Historical RP ideas

!- Might be closed if PM is sent or a post is posted towards this topic
*-Might be edited for some changes

(Chrysanthemum's Memories)- In Imperial China, Zhao Lung, a man destined to be a magistrate but has dreams of being a famed general like that of Zhao Yun, famous general of the Three Kingdoms. Meanwhile Xiang Hua, an elegant woman with a beautiful flowery fragrance that makes men fall for her, attempts to assassinate Zhao Lung. The reason why is because the Lung family and the Hua family has a current feud that lasted for many years. The assassination attempt fails until Zhao sees her beautiful face and Xiang Hua falls in loves with him. Will they break the family's feud and have a long marriage between each other (O)

(Memoirs of Cherry Blossoms)- In feudal Japan, Akihiro Ienaga, a member of the powerful Ienaga family is pretty hopeless after his attempt to become a Samurai fails after he chickens out hearing the true meaning of Seppuku (forced suicide if one fails to live with honor required in Bushido) in the art of Bushido. In spring, the first Cherry Blossom blooms, Akihiro is distracted by this because of it's beauty and accidentally bumps into Hana Takeshi, a female swordswoman that is pretty strict when it comes to Bushido and has zero experience with boys. Hana knows about Akihiro's failed attempt and forces him to learn the art of bushido and swordmanship. Their relationship is begins to bud when Hana trips and falls on top of Akihiro. Will Akihiro become a well-known samurai and will Hana's and Akihiro's relationship progress as time goes by?- (O)

(The Vitruvian)- In Italy, the Renaissance era begins with the Medicis, an extremely powerful family specializing in the economic aspect of Italy. Domenico de Medici has the money, the power to entice any women from Turin to Napoli but he has yet to find a female companion. A woman named Lucrezia Albizzi, a family far richer in power and money in Italy sets out to ruin the Medici's reputation. Will Domenico get Lucrezia as his companion while stopping her plot to ruin the Medici's reputation? -(O)

(Star and Stripes)- Before George Washington married Martha Washington. What would happen if George played hooky with Betsy Ross while she was stitching up the flag? PM me for more details -(O)

(The Debt)- In WWII (World War Two), an male soldier named Marcus Robson is stranded in Nazi-influenced Germany. Weeks later, he is captured by an off-duty Nazi officer and he is kept prisoner in Auschwitz. Soon, a female German solder named Adelheid Klinnsman offer him a chance to escape but Marcus decides to make a twist in her offer. (O) (!)
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Offline Trickster132Topic starter

Re: History RP Ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2011, 11:36:25 pm »
EDIT- 2 new ideas are added and roleplay status key added

EDIT (2)- The Debt has a possibility of being closed and taken.
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