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Author Topic: Winter Stories: Swords and Sorcery  (Read 456 times)

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Offline VaiyaTopic starter

Winter Stories: Swords and Sorcery
« on: December 21, 2011, 05:09:23 AM »

I'm looking for MxF and FxF scenarios set in Swords and Sorcery realms, either already established or entirely original. Please check my Ons and Offs for all the usual kinks and limits.

For those ignorant of what constitutes Swords and Sorcery a brief description follows courtesy of Wikipedia:

"Since its inception, many attempts have been made to redefine precisely what "sword and sorcery" is. Although many debate the finer points, the consensus characterizes it by a strong bias toward fast-paced, action-rich tales set within a quasi-mythical or fantastical framework. Unlike high or epic fantasy, the stakes tend to be personal, the danger confined to the moment of telling.

Many sword and sorcery tales have been turned into a lengthy series of adventures. Their lower stakes and less than world-threatening dangers make this more plausible than a repetition of the perils of epic fantasy. So too the nature of the heroes; most sword-and-sorcery protagonists, travellers by nature, find peace after adventure deathly dull."

Characters in Swords and Sorcery tales tend to be motivated by personal reasons such as revenge, greed or lust for adventure, as opposed to high ideals of goodness and justice. They are more human in their conception and frequently make mistakes, fail and do the wrong thing. There are usually none of the typical fantasy races like elves and dwarves, very little magic and worlds have a gritty feel. Enemies are more likely to be other humans, wild animals, or to add a fantastical element, sometimes demons and undead. The technological level of these worlds is rarely higher than Dark Ages.

The adult content is not as important as the story itself and shouldn't be the driving force of these games.

So, if you're still with me here are a couple of ideas.

Sisters to the Slaughter
Basic Concept: The people of the Northern Lands are a hardy people, a race of warriors and shaman, who frequently fight with their neighbouring tribes over land and hunting rights. In a particularly violent raid, two childhood friends on the brink of womanhood are captured and enslaved as their village is burned to the ground. The two young women are forced to work in the mines, hauling ore to the surface, until they eventually escape and vow revenge on the marauders that killed their friends and family.

Background: This could either be two warrior women or a warrior and a shamanka, either way I'd be playing a warrior. The idea being that the women would flee their former masters and engage in a life of adventure before killing said former masters. This would start from their escape and subsequent battle for survival.

Bride of the Spider God
MxF or FxF
Basic Concept: An adventuring duo are enlisted to free a captured Aquilonian princess from an evil cult that worship Zath, the spider god of Zamora. However when they eventually fight their way to the cult's underground lair they discover that the princess is a willing convert and the cult's High Priest plans to wed her to their infernal deity.

Background: Any configuration of writers for this one, it'd be a generally epic adventure set in Hyboria. Loosely based on the second half of Conan the Barbarian, the idea being that the adventurers would eventually face off against an avatar of Zath himself.

Probably more ideas to come, I'm open to story suggestions.

Offline Khanken

Re: Winter Stories: Swords and Sorcery
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2011, 06:41:48 AM »
I must admit that your Bride of the Spider God scenario fascinates me. I've recently explored within the Elder Scrolls games the outcomes of choosing to favor the causes of the Daedra, which are equivalent to demons. They tend to toy with the minds of mortals, making them their servants either through fealty, slavery or sheer madness, often offering a taste of their power to a mortal in exchange, oftentimes because the Daedra themselves cannot emerge within the mortal plane to do their own will, but can urge a mortal to do it for them. Yes, a similar scenario twisting a typical hunt and rescue mission would interest me greatly. The fact that grittier settings and stories interest you attracts me further.

My character concept is that of a hardy old wood elf who doesn't care for the tree hugging and witchcraft of his kin. He is a shrewd ranger with somewhat weathered features and a knack for having a sharp, heartless tongue. The only thing that keeps him living is the hunt... that urge to kill another being, but the patience to await justification and pay for it. He would be skilled in the bow, the dagger, and stealth. A rogue or assassin of sorts, with a murky history muddled in rumors of war crimes against fellow wood elves in favor of an emperor or king of the humans. Anyway, its a start to my ideas for a M/F story. Smut hardly interests me as much as the adventure and developing a bloodthirsty character in a gritty environment. That has me very much thrilled.
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