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Author Topic: Idea Bouncer Wanted (MxF pairings)  (Read 773 times)

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Idea Bouncer Wanted (MxF pairings)
« on: November 21, 2011, 08:06:25 PM »
Hello, I'm Outlier. I am no longer engaging in new roleplays.

Best of luck,

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The Skyward Legacy
Female: Guardian or Princess
Male: Hapless hero to be
Inspiration: Mix of I Am Number Four and Tron: Legacy. Dare I say Narnia as well?

He's just one more person in a world of seven billion. Average life of a man somewhere in his twenties or thirties. Nothing spectacular, just average all save for two things: his eyes and his dreams. When he was young he would have the most vivid dreams of a spectacular place called Helios. His parents would recite epics to him of the heroes of Helios known simply as the Guardians. These fantasies ended with the untimely death of his parents. He swore off Helios and other such childish fantasies. He had forgotten all about Helios until the dreams of Helios came back only this time Helios was transformed by war and threatened by extinction. For weeks the dreams persisted and then he started seeing a woman from his dream. Glimpses at first out of the corner of his eye, and then one day he sees her in the street. Desperate for answers he follows her into a dark alley. When he confronts the woman at last nothing is as it appears. The woman transforms into a monster right before his eyes and attempts to kill him. Just when he is about to be slain his own dormant Guardian powers kick in. Everything happens faster than his mind can process, but when he wakes up he finds himself in Helios thrust into war.

New Girl
Female: Student or Intern
Male: Teacher or Boss

This is a not so developed idea compared to the others. The two can be neighbors, related, or total strangers. If it could include elements of blackmail and coercion that would be awesome. This story is much more about seduction than anything else. At the moment what comes to mind are contemporary earth settings. The gist is that she is a young woman who is at a new school or work place. If he is the teacher it is possible he is new to the school and an eager female student catches his eye.

The Information Exchange
Female: Hacker/Information Broker or Cop
Male: Cop/Official of some kind or Hacker/Broker
Inspiration: Various scifi stories including Fahrenheit 451 and Tron. Concept of Utopia/Distopia

It's the perfect Utopian scifi city of the future. One party after the other for those who can afford to live a fast pace life of luxury. Corporations rule the world. Some abuse their power to suppress information. Libraries were shut down long ago and countless books simply disappeared or were burned. If you want something you can get it for a price. There are those the corporations love, hate, and fear. They operate as a collective; if it ever existed there is a good chance that they have it somewhere in their archives. You don't find them, they find you. And it's his job to find an operative, get into their archives, and/or shut down the collective.

The Caps and the Monts
Female: Gang leader's daughter or niece
Male: Rival gang leader, his son, or nephew
Inspiration: Romeo Must Die

Here we are again in a city called Verona. It is a shining near-futuristic cosmopolitan ruled, partially in secret, by two families. Both are well established and powerful dealing with their share of the city in their own way. At times disputes happen, but things are always settled out of court and behind closed doors. Lately tensions have been on the rise as unexplainable "accidents" have started to occur leaving both sides assuming the other is to blame. At first when he sees her alone he thinks it may be a mistake. Blood to his rival in a bookstore or cafe by herself without a bodyguard? He strikes up a conversation with her and although he knows who she is she does not know him, least not by face. He's charming and charismatic, a true gentleman. She is sweet and caring, mature for her age.

Are his feelings as true for her as her's are for him? Is she just a tool he can use to get closer to his real target so that he can finally gain the upperhand? And what of the real culprit behind the so called accidents, what is his plan for the pair of potentially star crossed lovers?

The Shadow Prince
Female: The Thief
Male: The Assassin, Knight, Mercenary, Mage, etc.
Inspiration: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Mostly thought of to be set in a parallel world to Tamriel and TES games, a place where we as the players can make up our own stories/lore. In this version of the world the story takes place in Cyrodiil as 1. If the Assassination attempt never happened, 2. Has just occurred, 3. Takes place after the end of the Oblivion main questline (preferably option 1). Everyone has heard of the Grey Fox and no guard has ever been able to find him. There is a new thief on the rise who appears to work with the Grey Fox. Like the Fox, little is known about the one people are calling the Shadow Prince, but a plan is being formed to catch this Prince and use them to smoke out the Grey Fox and the Thieves' Guild at last. The Imperial Guards can fight fire with fire and hire someone to go into the guild, or perhaps even an infamous hunter, or stay on the path of Right and send a virtuous man into the shady world of Cyrodiil.

There is something unnatural about this Shadow Prince however. A scholar from Mages' Guild who has been tasked with working with the Imperial Guard on this case seems to have uncovered indications that the Shadow Prince is something or someone sinister; a dark enough being to leave the faintest of vile energy lingering at each crime scene. The Captain of the Guard is convinced, but could the scholar have stumbled across the path of another who stalks the Shadow Prince?

Alternative setting for The Shadow Prince
The setting is Mythic Arabia. Abash is the capital city, a jewel in the middle of an unforgiving dessert. The people of the kingdom are beings of fire, wind, and earth. The royal family is known for their unique gift in shadows. Across the Great Desert there is a kingdom of beings of water, wind, and earth who's royal family is said to possess the gift of light to rival that of the shadows. The two kingdoms have not had contact with one another in a century after the treaty to end the Wars of the Mourning Sands. The desert kingdom has flourished while the mountain kingdom has fallen silent, pushed out of their own halls by a terrible evil. That, however, is not known to the desert kingdom as they deal with their own problems.

Among their problems are thieves and marauders. Inside of the capital stealing is a crime punished harshly. Only the foolish and the bold dare to ply their craft within the city walls. It has come to the king's attention that there is a highly skilled band of thieves making their way across the desert. He wants them captured alive to see if the rumors are true that these thieves have mastered the sacred art of umbramancy.

Taken RP
Angels & Demons (Seeking Male for varied content story)
Once a long time ago there were three Tribes of Man. When the gods gifted the world magic the First Tribe embraced the Gift with humility and swore to use magic only to serve; the Second Tribe also embraced the Gift but did so with only ambition and self gain in mind becoming consumed and twisted; the Third Tribe rejected the Gift for magic should only belong to the gods.

This story involves a female knight from the First Tribe and a commander or general from Second Tribe. War is threatening to engulf the kingdoms and during a skirmish the knight is bested in combat and taken prisoner. Really this story is aimed towards playing with the line between good and evil.

Much love and good cheer,
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Re: Idea Bouncer Wanted
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2011, 07:28:56 PM »
Updated list: Angels & Demons.

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Re: Idea Bouncer Wanted (MxF pairings)
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2011, 04:41:14 AM »
Updated list: The Shadow Prince

Taken RP: Angels & Demons. I may reopen taken rps later to see where a different storyline may develop from the same plot.

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Re: Idea Bouncer Wanted (MxF pairings)
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2011, 09:43:14 PM »
Updated List: New Girl, To Catch a Kitsune, The Information Exchange, and alternative setting for The Shadow Prince