Video Game RolePlay ideas and Comics Ideas (M looking for F)

Started by Trickster132, December 20, 2011, 07:03:29 PM

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1st topic: For my ideas (click on the link):

Christmas RP Ideas:

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After much thought to the Video Game RP ideas and Comic Ideas on my first topic above, I have decided to break it down to lists corresponding to comics and/or video games.

.Video Games
Persona 4
. Naoto x Main Protagonist (O)
. Yukiko x Main Protagonist (O)
. Chie x Main Protagonist (O)
. Rise x Main Protagonist (O)
. Yosuke x Chie (O)
. Yukiko x Kanji (O)
. Rise x Teddie (O)
. Teddie x Naoto (O)

Persona 3
. Main Protagonist x Yukari (O)
. Main Protagonist x Fuuka (O)
. Main Protagonist x Mitsuru (O)

Street Fighter series (all the way to SF 4)
. Ryu x Chun Li (O)
. Guile x Cammy (O)
. Ryu x Sakura (O)
. M.Bison x Rose(O)
. Guile x Crimson Viper (O)
. Ken x Elena (O)
. Cody x Juri (O)
. Ibuki x Guile (O)

. Jin x Asuka (O)
. Eddy x Christie (O)
. Steve Fox x Nina  (O)
. Steve Fox x Anna (O)

King Of Fighters
. Terry Bogard x Lien Neville
. Terry Bogard x Blue Mary
. Mai Shiranui x Andy Bogard

Final Fantasy series
. Tidus x Yuna (X-2)
. Tidus x Rikku (X-2)
. Tidus x Paine (X-2)
. Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy 7)
. Leon x Yuffie

Have any ideas for any video game, please reply to the topic

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(See key for Role Play status)

. Spider-Man x Mary Jane (O) (Spider-Man)
. Spider-Man x Black Cat  (O) (Spider-Man)
. Hulk x She Hulk (O) (Hulk)
. Captain America x Black Widow (O) (Captain America)
. Cyclops x Jean Grey (X-Men) (O)
. Cyclops x Psylocke (X-Men) (O)
. Wolverine x Rogue (X-Men) (O) (C)
. Wolverine x Mystique (X-Men) (O)
. Cyclops x Emma Frost (X-Men) (O)
. Iron Man x Pepper Potts (Iron-Man) (O)
. Thor x Enchantress (Thor) (O)

. Superman x Wonder Woman (O)
. Batman x Poison Ivy (O)
. Batman x Catwoman (O)
. Joker x Harley Quinn (O)
. Batgirl x Batman
. Starfire x Robin (O) (Teen Titans)
. Raven x Beast Boy (C) (Teen Titans)
. Cyborg x Bumblebee (O) (Teen Titans)


EDIT: Added King Of Fighters to Video Game List

EDIT (2): Wolverine x Rouge is now taken and closed

EDIT (3): Added Final Fantasy ideas in Video Game Ideas

EDIT (4): Beast Boy x Raven is now taken and closed



Video Games

Persona 4

Teddie- Huge Bear in TV
Rise- Girl with Red Hair, Below Chie, on the right
Chie- Wearing a Green Jacket, above Rise
Main Protagonist/MC-On the center
Yukiko- Girl with long black hair, on the left
Yosuke- Above Yukiko, has light brownish (or blondish) spiky hair, on the left
Naoto- Top Left Corner, wearing a dark blue detective hat and black jacket-like suit,
Kanji- Top Right Corner, has pale blonde hair and tough look below Chie

Persona 3

.Main Protagonist (MC)


(Holding Hands with MC and has red hair)

Video Game Character Appearances continued in next post


Pics continued from previous post

Street Fighter





.Crimson Viper






. M.Bison


Last of Video Game Pics will appear in next post


Last of Video Game Pics





.Steve Fox

.Anna (in Red) and Nina(in Blue)

King of Fighters
.Terry Bogard

.Lien Neville

.Blue Mary

.Mai Shiranui

. Andy Bogard