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Author Topic: [M for F, Literate, Plot-Driven] Historical, PTSD, Small Town USA + More  (Read 1256 times)

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Offline JuliusCaesarTopic starter

Hey! Thanks for visiting my thread, and feel free to call me Jack. ;D
I am currently seeking additional roleplays at the moment.
Before continuing, be sure to read my O/O.

Be nice. This may seem axiomatic because there are a lot of great people around here, but don't get tangled out of sorts when I get picky about who I write with or want to pause/discontinue a particular story for whatever reason. As adults, we'll be tactful and honest towards each other. Friendly partners are always great, too, and we can talk over PMs or MSN (I know you're dying to hear me gripe about schoolwork, lol). Also, be cool, have a good grasp on English grammar, and be willing to talk or discuss problems. Keep me informed. I want to know when won't be able to post for at least two weeks.  Grammar is extremely important to me. I mean this. I'm not looking for perfection (I don't expect it), but your errors should not detract from the quality of your writing. There is more of what I like and don't like plot-wise in my O/O. What I don't want  in a partner is somebody who hounds me for posts, or, on the other hand, doesn't post more frequently than every 10-14 days. I find that roleplays lose their interest and luster when I wait two weeks for a response every round. Once in a while is totally okay. :P

___________MY SCHEDULE
I can reply several times a night or every 1-3 days (on average), depending on how engaged I am in the RP. Honestly, the faster I respond means the more interested I am in what we've got going on. On the rare occasion when I'm seriously be behind in schoolwork or something is bogging me down IRL, I'll of course let you know. I never go longer than a week without communicating in some way with my partner while we have an active thread.

___________WHAT I WRITE
Detail, complex plot lines, developed characters, dialogue (I love dialogue), realistic sex (easy/slow to rough and spontaneous), all sorts of humor, emotions, drama, etc. I like fighting, yelling, hot-headed confrontations, sudden outbursts and frustration. I want issues, problems, and misunderstandings. People aren't perfect, and I do not want an idealized roleplay. I mostly deal with modern and historical (post-modern if I'm feeling crafty). Exclude fantasy, sci-fi, hentai, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, or any sort of fandom. I write about four decent paragraphs per post, though I can go on for a dozen or more (especially when I get caught up in conversation). I expect the same from you.

___________MY CHARACTERS
I typically play dominant adult males, though not necessarily "dominant" in the strict D/s sense. But they're 100% dudes; cocky to broody, serious to lackadaisical, goal-orientated to carefree. Scars and tattoos are common with me (not piercings or self-harm), as is addiction, whether it be adrenaline, cocaine, reading, or women. They run the gamut, and they're all reasonably intelligent and have their strengths and weaknesses. Big, broad, and burly is my common character combination. I don't like "reusing" characters, so rest assured that I'm not going to wash the one I just used and wear it again for you.

I want a challenge in a character -- somebody to figure out and reason with. Ideally, tough on the outside and soft on the inside. I want your character to fight with mine; getting along is boring. Spark, spunk, spitfire. Originality is key, so I won't say much here.

- Small Town, USA: People don't like high-school roleplays because they're usually substance-less and boring, which is frustrating because many write them off automatically or embrace them with nauseatingly stereotypical characters. I want the small-town feel; football, the rumor mill, and sex in the back of the pickup truck. Help me make high school substantial. Think Friday Night Lights meets gritty reality (it rooked me in with the setting and concept, but I didn't care enough to continue watching).
- Bodyguard variations: Celebrities, the Mafia/mob, President's daughter, etc. This can go historical, too. Here, I'd like to play somebody quiet and reserved who protects a privileged socialite, oblivious to the impact my character has on her life. I'm not looking for a snooty bitch. Get creative and surprise me because this is a trite pairing otherwise.
- Teacher/student: I don't mean in the classroom, though I'm willing to do professor/student at the college or post-grad level. More in the direction of trainer/trainee with myself playing the trainer. A few ideas include law enforcement (NYPD, FBI, CIA [espionage, int'l intrigue possibilities here], etc.), professional chefs, servants (think Downton Abbey), sports, magic (one of the few times I'll stray into the supernatural world), any kind of art or music. This one has a ton of possibilities. There's also the blatantly sexual route -- everything from medieval brothels where the teaching is done between the sheets, to something more modern. For example, your character confides in mine because she trusts him and wants to 'expand her sexual horizons' or what have you.
- Drug trade/cartel in Bombay (Mumbai): I have this new fascination with India; the culture, the people, the geography. I want do something between two Western (or non-Indian because I'd like them to be strangers to the area) people who are previously involved with a drug ring or lord and end up traveling to Bombay as per orders. I have no real plot exactly, but that's something that we can work on. :P Lots of potential. I just love the setting.
- PTSD emotional drama (Iraq War): [Vaguely inspired by Brothers. It is also my most developed idea because the thread was originally going to be dedicated to this plot alone.] John, Ryan, and Annie were rebellious growing up in their small town and often sneaked off to smoke and drink and raise hell; best friends, all three of them. Annie and Ryan had a tumultuous relationship, all through their time together in high school and their marriage, commenced at city hall the weekend Annie turned eighteen. They were both raised in the foster system, so they bonded as teenagers over their shaky home life. A quick marriage was the result of Ryan's decision to join the military to make something of his life and to prove he wasn't another pawn of the system. He wanted to make Annie proud of him. Between his three tours, their marriage reached its highest highs and lowest lows -- passionate attraction juxtaposed with a handful of miscarriages, alcoholism, and domestic abuse. By a stroke of (bad) luck, John and Ryan get placed at the same Army base in Iraq. The friends and a few others are captured by rebels during a convoy mission and are tortured to death over the course of several months -- all but John, who witnessed the traumatic deaths of Ryan and his comrades, liberated after almost a year of starvation and torture. After another year of rehab in the States, John returns to his hometown and to the only woman he ever really loved; Annie, Ryan's recent widow. All Annie knows is that her two best friends went MIA in Iraq and were presumed dead until she was notified of her husband's death. She could only assume the worst about John and is overwhelmed when he appears on her doorstep with a letter for her that Ryan had given him before he died. Piece by piece, John and Annie slowly and painfully fit their lives together without Ryan. John deals with PTSD, Annie with varying amounts of depression. The focus of the roleplay is going to be after John's return home. The names are for clarification purposes, so we don't have to use them. :P
- Historical settings: I'm a history buff. My comfort zone is in Europe (including Russia) and America. Interest areas include: "the wild West," antebellum South, ancient Rome, medieval to Victorian Europe, colonial America, turn-of-the-century South Africa/Boer War (imperial Britain, so this includes 18th and 19th century India), WWI and II, Vietnam War (60s - 70s), American Civil War, American Revolution, 1920s, Great Depression (30s) Stepford suburbia in the 50s, Alaskan and Californian gold rushes (1880s-90s). Settings are nice, but I also love to explore social issues of the time. I'm not an ass about historical accuracy, though I prefer that you know something about the era before approaching me with a history-based plot.

PM me if you're interested!
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Re: [M for F, Literate, Plot-Driven] Slice of Life, Ladies?
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Entire thread edited 2/3/12.

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Re: [M for F, Literate, Plot-Driven] Slice of Life, Ladies?
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Currently seeking roleplays (2/26/12).

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Added potential plot ideas and updated O/O (3/26/12).