Desires of a Mischievous Deity (M seeking F)

Started by Foxfyr, December 19, 2011, 01:41:28 PM

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An idea of what I'm currently craving as well as a specific idea that I'm interested in playing out.  Any pairing I'm really wanting will be bolded and roles I wish to play will be in italics.

-Neko x Human
-Neko x Any
-Anthro x Human
-Anthro x Any
-Skyrim based RP
-Dresden Files based RP


Café Enigma TAKEN
Anthro x Anything
Light or Bondage

This RP is based off the working series I’ve been developing in the Storytelling forum. In a nutshell, what maintains a working façade of a typical off-campus café actually holds a salacious secret. Those who the canine anthro café owner, named Fenris Wolfe, deems as preferred clients get access to a hidden portion of the establishment deemed ‘The Enigma’ where they may entertain whatever desires they may have that particular day free from social pressures and judgment. Furthermore, such clientele are also granted access to a secret menu of additives to their beverages that can enhance their experience.

For further background on this world, feel free to look over the story as it stands now.

As for where your character comes into play; I was interested in playing out what it would be like for a new hire to the café suddenly finding themselves confronted by it scandalous elements. There would have been rumors around town about the existence of The Enigma and the secret menu, but I’ll leave that up to you whether or not your character would have heard/believed them. This world offers a wide array of characters to choose from, be they Human, Celestial, Demonic, Fae, Vampiric, Anthro, etc., etc. so feel free to entertain whatever race interests you the most.