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Author Topic: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E ALL FULL!  (Read 774 times)

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Offline MeliaiTopic starter

Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E ALL FULL!
« on: December 19, 2011, 05:58:54 AM »
Non-con // Exotic // Sci-fi

Tentacles, aliens/monsters, bondage, nipple piercings, slavery/slave training, public nudity, forced exhibition, multiple insertions, gangbangs, the list goes on..

The Setup:
Mankind's first significant encounter with extraterrestrials in the early 21st century came as a shock to much of the world's population but we adapted quickly, taking to the stars like a fish to water. By the dawn of the 22nd century humanity had spread throughout the universe. Though the bulk of the species still resided on Earth you could find humans in nearly every part of the civilized universe, and many of those places deemed less than civilized.  By the time our story takes place humanity is an important part of the intergalactic economy, both on the legitimate side and in questionably legal areas such as the slave trade.
Two schoolgirls, vivacious Molly Archer and her best friend Violet Liddell, a shy and quiet girl, attend the prestigious Centauri Academy. On a routine cross-galaxy class trip their shuttle is forced to make an emergency stop in an infamous alien port for repairs. Despite numerous warnings, Molly sneaks off the ship, dragging Violet along with her to see the local sights.
Vega 3 is notorious throughout the civilized universe for being, as they say, a hive of scum and villainy. Skirting the edges of the lawless region of space it is all but ruled by criminal enterprises, but what makes it so well known is it's laws concerning women. On Vega 3 women have no rights, and in the eyes of the local law are little more than property. The slave trade has made Vega 3 wealthy, and tourism draws in a steady stream of lecherous sight seers looking to partake in the many an varied delights available. Girls of every size shape and color can be found, but by far the rarest and most sought after are human women.
Two lovely girls, fully clothed and uncollared, Molly and Violet stick out like sore thumbs and while Molly gawks and giggles at the nude women being walked on leashes like pets, headhunters circle in and nab the girls, dragging them off into the depths of the port city before their teachers or classmates even realize they've gone missing.
Soon after, the teens find themselves on stage at the Wonderland Club, an opulent den of lust that boasts some of the most beautiful human girls on the planet. Bound and gagged, they're dragged up onto the stage and the coveted “first fuck” is auctioned off to a rowdy audience of strange and terrifying alien creatures.

This will be a series of one shots with a different partner for each thread, pretty much completely smut-based, with little story beyond what I've outlined above. I'm looking for 1-3 threads right now, an I'd like to start off with someone playing a wealthy alien (some good old-fashioned tentacles would be nice, but I'll leave that up to you!) who wins the first go with both the girls, and elects to ravish them both right there on the stage, in front of the half frenzied crowd. I'm open to suggestions for scenarios for the other threads, check out my Ons and Offs for a more complete view of what I'm into. I'm not going to worry about the timeline here, so the other threads could take place when Molly and Vi are new and frightened, once they've been broken in and trained to be obedient little sluts or somewhere in between. Wonderland is part brothel, part theater; patrons are encouraged to enjoy their girls in full view of other customers, though private rooms are available upon request. Most of the Wonderland's clientele is merely there for the show, but enough customers come in for the complete experience to keep most of the girls occupied all night.
*UPDATE: Alright, I've got two threads for these girls in the works, so now all I'm looking for is someone to play the original scenario with! If you're interested send me a PM or reply here  :-)
**UPDATE THE SECOND: Okay, all spots are now full! I'll let you guys know if anyone drops, thank you so much for all the interest!

Some minor transformation elements might work since we've got plenty of alien nonsense and super advanced technology to work with, but it's not an element I'm very familiar with so ask first please! I'm thinking mostly cosmetic changes, say enlarging breasts their beasts a cup size or two, changing hair color or skin-tone, maybe causing them to grow kitty ears and a tail for a while? I'm pretty open minded so if you've got any suggestions let me know  ;)
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Offline Cyclops

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2011, 06:39:38 AM »
I might be interested...  How do you feel about one or both of the girls having each other under orders and maybe...  One becoming rabid for the sex they are forced into?

Offline Tyrus

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2011, 08:17:05 AM »
I'm interested in portraying one of the alien Wonderland Club patrons keen on buying them off. As I'm second here, I'd be eager to RP maybe when the duo have already been broken by several others. And just when they think their ordeals cannot get any worse... well, you know how it is.

I'll PM you. Hopefully you don't already have three partners lining up so I can snag a spot! :)

Offline Haibane

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2011, 01:45:02 PM »
Meliai, I take you you planned to play both girls? Would you be interested in playing one of them while I play the other, making the game a three-player thread?

Offline MeliaiTopic starter

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2011, 12:29:33 AM »
Aw thanks Miss Haibane, but I'd prefer to keep these one-on-one for now. I'm still avoiding group games, even small ones, until at least after the holidays.

I've PMed everyone who's expressed interest so far, hopefully those go well! Now all I'm looking for is someone for the first scenario and I've updated the OP accordingly :-)

Offline Haibane

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2011, 02:43:44 AM »
No problem Meliai, if you decide to take the plunge with a small 3-way group at some later time using this idea, give me a call.

Have fun!

Offline Khanken

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #6 on: December 20, 2011, 06:13:47 AM »
This storyline is quite fascinating, especially the first scenario. I already am constructing an identity in my mind of one of Vega 3's most prominent characters. They call him "The Chesire," and he is surprisingly normal and lean but for sinewy, flexible muscles. "The Chesire," a black and purple striped man of feline race is the richest among Vega 3's more... anthropomorphic population and a mastermind notorious for turning a profit in the bookkeeping game and braking in new slave girls with debauchery both pleasurable and horrifying. His entire life is a gamble played in the shadows with strange technologies that some lesser aliens consider to be witchcraft, and he pops his head out from time to time, needing no guards to accompany him for the simple fact that he has proven to have reflexes so quick, he seems to read the future and simply disappear out of harm's way. The human influence throughout all of the alien cultures has caused him to earn his nickname thanks to his mad giggle and his disarming grin. He is mischievous and incorrigible, and he would play the auction to a sadistic end, intending both delights and horrors for two innocent, naive young ladies who are unfamiliar with slavery and being used for pleasure.

Needless to say, I am interested in the first event. A science fiction fantasy wet dream, or worst nightmare? I suppose only a try at this will tell.

Offline majinmaster

Re: Study Abroad (f seeking M) NC-E
« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2011, 08:00:35 AM »
I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for this scenario. Looking at the desire for tentacles I'm thinking perhaps an augmented human. Reasonably wealthy he's paid for bio-upgrades, amongst which are spliced tentacles. He's not had the chance to use them yet and is still learning how to control them (they could have mild sentience), he see's the new unspoiled girls as the perfect chance to test his new gifts. If one get's hurt in the process then he still has the other...