Star's WWII F/F Craving: TAKEN!

Started by Star Safyre, December 18, 2011, 12:16:11 PM

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Star Safyre

Happily being satisfied!

This request has also been posted in the One Shots Wanted thread, but I'm willing to let the thread extend beyond a single scene with a talented author and at a slower rely rate after the new year.  I'm currently available for posting to this story quite rapidly over the next two weeks (minus a few during which I'll be traveling for the holidays), and I'd like a writing partner who can reply at least once, perhaps twice, a day for the time being.  My only other requirements are in my O/O's.  Also looking forward to vivid descriptions of period clothing.

The Picture Prompt

Name: On the Homefront

Content: Light Human, F/F

Setting:  World War II America in either upscale suburban or urban home.

Scenario: While the men are away fighting, two wives find comfort from their loneliness in each other.  This would be their first time together sexually, and I would prefer at least one character to be having her first lesbian experience having previously been solely hetero.  Their relationship prior to this moment is up for discussion, and I'm open to several (sisters-in-law, mother-in-law/daughter-in-law, neighbors, best friends, maid/lady-of-the-house, secretaries, etc.).  The scene would be gentle and timid but eventually passionate with a sense of lingering guilt and danger.  Their affection must be kept secret as the men in their lives would never approve.

Again, O/O's are required reading!  If you're interested, please PM me with the character relationship you prefer and a bit of your character's possible background or any questions.

Thanks for reading and have a great holiday season!
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