Use me, humiliate me. Please.

Started by seducer12, December 18, 2011, 08:15:25 AM

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I have been going through this male submissive phase recently and am very very intrigued by female domination, humiliation cuckolding and small penis humiliation.

So Ladies, if you are a female dom, abuse me, humiliate me, make me do things for you, tell me how pathetic my sexual prowess and physical attributes are. Tell me how you feel when you are penetrated by an actual hunk. Tell me how you fee seeing me watch you with a guy obviously so much better. No holds barred :P

Gents, if you are an alpha male with a big member and undoubted sexual prowess, tell me what you would do to wife, that I cannot do. tell me how much better you are than me at pleasuring my wife and I will respond as my wife. Go for it boys. Or shall I say men :P

*Goes to the corner and waits*