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Author Topic: Like a Fairy tale. Almost. [f for m] literate  (Read 544 times)

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Like a Fairy tale. Almost. [f for m] literate
« on: December 17, 2011, 12:25:54 AM »
So I'm back after a long absence and eager to write :)

Like a Fairy Tale. Almost.

Medieval Fantasy setting. Quality over quantity in terms of post length. Romantic, and long-term, but crammed full of naughty!

Intelligent, but jaded and bitter, Nona is a handmaid to the coquettish, promiscuous, and superficial sole daughter of an ailing king. Unfortunately her lady's attentions have been usurped from her appointed fiance by the poetically romantic writings of a notorious outlaw. Skeptic about the authenticity of the letters, Nona sets out to discover their source.

Potentially the most gifted wordsmith of his age, Gavin's fledgling career as a playwright was stunted by his pension for drink and games of chance. Buried in gambling debts, he became the personal property of an outlaw, who demands his indentured writer compose sonnet after sonnet after sickeningly saccharine love letter for the royal daughter for whom the Outlaw is entirely smitten.

I imagine the focus of the story being on Nona/Gavin (or name of your choice), and their working together to resolve the romance of their respective superiors without losing their heads/potentially finding happiness and fulfillment in the process. If you were interested, we could also play the Princess/Outlaw King and the various pairings that could arise from that (The Princess realizing Gavin is the true author and throwing herself at him, The Outlaw    discovering Nona snooping around and either taking a liking to her or punishing her brutally.) I am open to brainstorming and negotiation.

Forever 21

Ohio 1962. Quality over quantity in terms of post length. Romantic/vanilla or NC or other - your choice)

Micheal (or name of your choice) was a Letterman jacket-wearing football Adonis on a sports scholarship to the ivy league school of his choice. Vapid, arrogant, and self absorbed, he feared nothing more then growing old and feeble. One sticky summer night, while Micheal was visiting his sleepy home town, a carnival passed through. He along with several old high school friends drunkenly rolled through the gaudily lit maze of rides, harassing some of the carnies. Their fun was only put to an end when a bony old woman pointed a skeletal finger at Micheal and accused him of being a child. A few words followed in a language he couldn't understand, but the woman and her strange murmurings were all but forgotten.

The 2nd of September, his family prepared to celebrate Micheal's 22nd birthday before he returned to college in the morning. When he blew out his candles, the unthinkable happened. Suddenly he was behind the wheel of his car, driving past the welcome sign to his home town, feeling terrible. Believing he was under the influence of a fierce hangover, Micheal drove on. He would soon find out that he'd lost nearly five months. It was mid April, the night he returned home from college, and no one save himself seemed to recall the time shift.

The same shift would happen again, and again, and again. Regardless of where he was or what he was doing, on the evening of his 22nd birthday, he would be returned to the night he rolled into town. He tried returning to the carnival, but the old woman would only laugh. One year, he went so far as to kill her, but he simply spent the remainder of his year awaiting trial.

Micheal has long lost track of how many years have passed since his temporal imprisonment began. He'd long abandoned hope of ever escaping, when an unexpected face caught his eye. Sara, the dark haired bespectacled strange girl from next had been watching him. There was something in her evasive gaze he'd never seen before. - something that gave the impression she knew. It would be difficult to approach her. He'd been cruel to her in the past, but that was an awfully long time ago - at least it felt like it.

It will be up to Micheal to approach Sara in the hopes of uncovering a way home. Not long after, dark things will begin to creep out from the edges of torn time and bring more havoc to Micheal's already tormented world.

How the years have changed Micheal will be up to you as a writer.

Please PM me with interest, ideas or questions.

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Re: Like a Fairy tale. Almost. [f for m] literate
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2011, 10:20:20 AM »
Updated with the new Forever 21. Like a Fairy Tale is Taken.
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