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Author Topic: Dark, twisted role play wanted. MxF (I'll play the male.)  (Read 639 times)

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Offline kasperTopic starter

Dark, twisted role play wanted. MxF (I'll play the male.)
« on: December 16, 2011, 03:04:43 AM »
-Estranged Romance
-Age Gap
-Violence (Sex and otherwise.)
-Gritty scenes
-Perverse minds
-Beautiful, literate writing

So here's basically the main idea - a young man named Moxie moves to a small town in order to escape his past which involves the scandalous affair with a young student of his and the disappearance of said student. Once here he tries to start on a clean, fresh page only to meet her- the sickly pale, ebony haired, tired looking existence known as Arayne. She is wise, far beyond her years and dark in mannerisms and mood. The town seems to keep their safe distance from her and with reason- it was only five years ago they buried the young girl, only to have her return, orphaned by two loving albeit foolishly blind parents.

Arayne is nothing like that sweet girl he so hungrily longed for. She is not sweet, no innocence lurks in her black abyss like eyes, only evil and rot. Yet he feels compelled to taste those sinful lips and indulge in that milky white flesh. He wants her for reasons he cannot even begin to fathom. He tries to resist his urges but sure enough, he finds himself drawn ever closer like a moth to the flame. It begins with a light scolding... She's been falling asleep in class. A few after school tutoring to help her catch up with her work. Then a chance meeting outside a small teashop...

She is dangerous and her hands are stained with black ink. Upon marking a person, that victim is sure to meet with an unkindly fate. Both bare scars to troubled pasts but Moxie is seemingly ever so sweet and naive. Is he truly blind to what she is? Will he find out? What will become of the two?

Moxie Effinger
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Age: 27
Height: 6'3"
Other features: Scars around wrists, on hip and side and on back.
Habits: Rubbing his wrists when nervous, staring off into space, rubbing at a shoulder or neck when thinking...
Personality: Moxie is well mannered, charming and kind- all a front to hide the darker thoughts he finds lurking in his mind. He artfully covers his more sinful cravings. Though much lusted after by women his age, he smoothly ignores their so obvious desires. He has been alright so far, until she stirs that monstrous hunger within him. He can't help but daydream of tangling his fingers in her long, silky hair, black as ink, having it stain the sheets of his bed. He tries to keep himself composed but is finding that composure is cracking.

Arayne Skelheart
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Other features: Scar around neck, various scars on body.
Habits: Dozing off, glaring at people, playing with her pet spider.
Personality: Cold and aloof it is quite strange for Ara to be fond of much other than her pet spider and herbal tea. She is extremely wise beyond her years and does not talk nor act like normal girls her age. She has a perverse need to kill and seeks vengeance on the town for what they did to her, picking them off like flies. Death surrounds her and it is whispered that death will find whoever she touches. Having a dark past with this town, she finds a breath of fresh air with Moxie who is completely ignorant of the goings on around the town. She easily sees his yearning for younger flesh and doesn't really care either way, though finding herself in his bed, she must admit, was not part of the plan.

P.S. The female character can be changed as far as name. She also becomes your character once you've taken her on and you can add your own habits or personality traits, so long as they're fitting of her base personality. :)
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