Lady murderer seeks (victim/s) fan/s! (Modern, F looking for Anyone!)

Started by Jacqueline, December 15, 2011, 06:13:33 PM

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(Taken! In the end I can only choose one but still, thanks everyone for the overwhelming interest in this idea!)

Hello stranger!

This is my sixth? (I think) request, it is based on a modern setting and it will hopefully allow me to explore pretty dark themes and kinks, nothing icky you know but non-consensual scenes or maybe even a snuff story seems to fit this story. If you tempt me well enough you might sway the story towards a more romantic ending with me. Bonus points will go to anyone that wants to play more than one fan at the same time!

My character is a very attractive woman, I have not determined her age yet because I'm still searching for a picture, but she shouldn’t be older than 30. She has been declared innocent of murder and she has gathered a whole lot of international media attention, possibly because of her attractiveness and her rather innocent looks.

Now, is she innocent? That's part of the plot and we can discuss and negotiate it! It will also depend on how dark we go and what kind of twists we add to the story. Your character, male or female has seen her on TV and has a huge crush on her, pretty much a total fan you know and the story starts when they meet for the first time, either by accident or on purpose.

If you like the idea and my On and Offs thread then feel free to send me a PM! Do not answer here please.