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Author Topic: Morning Petals  (Read 677 times)

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Offline BlindManDonnyTopic starter

Morning Petals
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:29:18 AM »
Until I'm approved, posting character profiles will be allowed.

Genre: Fantasy

rules of OOC/NRPG comments/chats: Can only use them at the bottom of your post, the requirement to use them at all is a post this also includes voting (read on for details).

ears (()), used for quick comments in your post. ((use them sparsely)) Quick being less than a average sentence no more than ten words please. exceptions can be made if it is worthy of such, otherwise use a asterisk*, and put it in your OOC/NRPG comments.

Although I will hold final decision of who rp's. Once the story is on a roll, it will also be up to other players. I will still hold final say, but my decision will most likly reflect the group vote. Toughs in the group (being four players not counting me) 72 hours will be given for vote. If I ask for (a) reason(s) from nay and/or ya sayers an additional 24 hours is tacked on. If I have asked for reason, I also need 24 hours to make a decision. Basically, results should take no more than five days.

I welcome new and veteran players equally. I rather not have one-liners, but will allow them to play in hopes of player posting growth.

This is a non system based rp, and dont have to use cannon material. Be fair to other players and yourself.

okay off to the fun stuff...


Name: Donny
Age: 24
Ethnicity: White
Race: Infinite Plainswalker (doesnt know the extent/type "infinite")

Personality: He has maintained in his life a Non-Judgmental state. Blindness does not define him, on the contrary finds it as the most wonderful gift ever. A rather calm, friendly, mushy type of guy. Rather shy around women, especially hugs. Sometimes hugs just tell him too much. Willing to do his best or worst for a friend, given the situation.

History: He had lived in a Monastery since he was a child up to age twelve when he hit puberty. Waking up, to leave his room, was the first time experiencing a shift of location. From his childhood to adult hood, he had been to more places than he cared for. Also learned that being blind has an advantage of knowing just when not to be scared. Since he is unable to see, there is no reason to run. In his experience running only makes things worse, and dosent confuse a smart adversary enough. Once in awhile he will pop in on the monastery he came from to share stories and let everyone know he is okay. After alittle while he learned how to keep his change of location to a more narrow area. Learned that gravity apply's to him slightly differently, has been seen walking on ceilings, walls. Just as well has learned to use them as passage points. Has little or no control over doors, windows, other forms of entry's and exits, and hates mirrors if he comes in contact with them.

Loves: Someone willing to take a risk even if nobody knows there going to take that risk, assuming it works out.
Likes: Anyone who has a sense of humor. Someone that has there heart in the right place, regardless if its misplaced
Dislikes: People that dont take the time to think of a way to make themselves happy and someone else at the same time.
Hates: Mirrors. Stupidity at its finest.

Relationship Status: Single, no previous relations ether, not even dating or first kiss ect.

Abilities: Plainswalking for one person only, me.
Disabilities: Blind

Masonry work with Marble.
Spell casting, all Donny's spell castings are done in prayer form. Regardless of the alignment of the prayer or spell, or requirements (scroll, item ect.) of casting.

Number one phrase: These feet have taken me many places, some of which are better than anyone's dreams, some are worse than ever conceivable.


Seven Suns Towers, at the top of each tower stands a statue of one of the Goddess. The least of them Sepirel taking the north tower and represents Goddess of the seasons and change. Following her, is Hexizol, east tower, representing practice of Medicine and Healing. Quin, West, Mercy and Forgiveness. Quaxen the south tower, Law, Order, Hope. Trizzy, south west, Festivals, Freedom, Curiosity, Military. Dori, north west, History and Knowledge. Great bridging and pillars, from the six other towers supports a flat area and tower above the city, for the Goddess Mei Mei, Love, Serenity, Divinity. Long ago, they use to be worshiped superstitiously. Today, they hold at each schools and religious areas reflecting each tower. Often it has happened were religion and schools have conflicted under the same tower, it is dismissed as a difference of interpretations, and teaching are to be learned. The city was founded by a woman name Trople. Today the city of Trople supports about 50 thousand people.

Offline BlindManDonnyTopic starter

Re: Morning Petals
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2011, 04:14:20 AM »
If after 80 views, no reply of anyone interested or seeking to add on to this. Please remove.