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Author Topic: The Writings of a Pen (M seeking F)  (Read 511 times)

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The Writings of a Pen (M seeking F)
« on: December 14, 2011, 10:20:53 PM »
A multitude of ideas. In no particular order. If you don't like one, skip to the next.

Please PM if interested and state specifically which game you are interested in.

All names are subject to change. They are just filler for the ideas.

Click on images to enlarge.

Ideas are posted in the Spoiler Text, next to the Images.

NSFW Idea #1
Idea #1 A young married couple have long had an open relationship. They tell each other about their lovers and usually 'Swing' once a month if not more. They love each other and find that this leads to their own healthy sex life. This month, they are hosting the Swingers Party at their house. The usual crowd and some new faces show up and the party quickly gets down to business. What they don't know is that their neighbors young daughter can see right into their backyard and windows from her room. Nor do they know that she has been watching them for some time now.

The Neighbors daughter is not a virgin, but not very experienced either. She's also bi-curious but has never even kissed a girl before. Summoning up all her nerve, she puts on a very revealing bikini and knocks on the neighbors gate, having spotted the Husband home alone. Her nervousness is very apparent and he quickly picks up on it - and her intentions. He takes her inside where they relax over a cold drink before disrobing. The sex is passionate as she is awakened to a world of sexuality and sensuality she never knew existed, her previous lover(s) not being experienced either. Afterwards, she reveals to him her other desires.

That night, the Husband reveals all to his wife. They soon set up a very special date with their neighbor and soon embark on a relationship that will change all their lives forever.

Looking for a loving Wife (the Blond) and a bicurious Neighbors Daughter (the Brunette). M/F, F/F, M/F/F, M/F/M..., will occure.

Safe For Work, Idea #2
No Idea who she is, but something about this picture has drawn me in.

I also don't have a current idea for it.

So, if you can think up some sort of idea for this picture, please let me know!

If its a great idea that fits the picture, I will love you long time!

NSFW Idea #3

John is a quiet guy. He puts his time in, earns his paycheck, but has no social life. Average looks, perhaps a little too geeky/nerdy for most girls, he's one of those 'never been kissed' sorts of guys. Well, he has been kissed, and has fooled around, but he is still a virgin - a secret he keeps close to his heart. In the Corporate America world, he is the guy that no one notices. Just another number on the payroll. John, of course, specializes in computers and maintains all the electronics on the 4th floor. He even has his own cubicle.

Sarah, on the other hand, is a social butterfly. She flirts and goes out, half the men on the floor want to get in her pants, and she doesn't know that John exists. John is well aware of her and is falling in love with a girl who doesn't even know he exists. John decides he wants to have her, no matter what. Searching through her computer and emails, he discovers her dirty little secret. [What this is can be discussed]. He uses it to blackmail her into a relationship, starting it offline and making her dress more seductively, webcam sessions of her naked, and she agrees to it all, knowing that if her secret is let out, her career would be ruined.

Looking for a Coworker to be Blackmailed.

NSFW Idea #4

An older, wealthy man moves to a new town and begins to frequent a coffee shop/restuarant. A waitress there 'catches' his eye and he always requests her table, despite being old enough to be her father. He is very friendly and appears to be interested in her. He always leaves her a big tip and is pleasing on the eye, always dressing smartly. Clearly a man of class and wealth. A nice man, her coworkers encourage her to go out on a date with him (whats the worst that can happen?) and the two start 'dating'.

The older man is very friendly and dotes on her, very old fashioned (opens the door, pays for everything, never pushes his luck, never tries to get in her pants). They kiss a few times but still no sex, the Older man always leaving before things get too hot and heavy, never going inside with her when he drops her back at her apartment. Finally, she convinces him to come inside with her. Perhaps she is a virgin but can't wait any longer, literally jumping on him, going after what she has been craving for a long time now. They have sex for the first time. In the morning he is gone. Then he calls her and invites her to his office to 'talk'. It turns out that he loves her and always has, but his dark secret is that he is her long-lost father.

Looking for a Daughter with 'Daddy Issues'.

NSFW Idea #5

NSFW Idea #6
  Since their mother died when they were age 14, two sisters have become very close. Only a year apart in age, the two sisters are the best of friends. They're also each others first kisses and a few other things though both are untouched by man. Their father, once he recovered from the death of their mother, has always been loving and doting on them, especially as they grow up.

Sitting on daddys lap is a rather common thing the girls do. Kissing on the lips as well, for more then a few seconds, is also acceptable with their father. The girls love him and he loves them. And now that they are both of age and have blossomed into beautiful young women, it is time for the next step. He has gone too long with out the touch of a woman and who better then to break the trend then with his beautiful daughters?

Laid off from his job, and slightly drunk one night, one of his daughters comes to comfort him. Things quickly heat up and lead from one thing to another and he claims the virginity of her. He wakes, naked in bed with her, with the other daughter nestled into his side. At some point in the night she had come searching for her sister and found her in her fathers bed. A morning quickie initiates the other daughter into the new family dynamic and no one could be happier.

Of course, now that he is without a job, its time to start a new kind of family business.

Looking for two naive daughters.
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