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Author Topic: Under The Moon (Type70item and BibbityBoppityPOW)  (Read 742 times)

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Under The Moon (Type70item and BibbityBoppityPOW)
« on: December 13, 2011, 01:56:39 PM »
He blew out a silent breath of hot air into the cold and damp night. It was just another day, nothing more, nothing less. His life had grown very mundane and predictable over the years and tonight he was going to try and add some new spice to things. He stood up on the roof of Killys Bar, a dive of an establishment but a pretty good location to pick out those that he could steal from, drunk men and women were an easy target and most gave up their wallets within the first few moments. He undid the tie in his hair and allowed it to fall from pony tail to a wild mess that covered his face and made him look like a homeless man, the perfect cover for his thefts and occasional killings. Nobody in the last 20 years had figured out what kind of animal was really living in this town

He spotted her leaving the bar, walking with a degree of caution to not show her level of inebriation. Usually he would laugh and throw caution to the wind with a target this easy, but looks in this case were deceiving. He had done his homework and knew this was not your average woman. No, this was a far more dangerous prey, and just the kind of excitement he had been looking for lately. She was a hunter, one of the few sworn to destroy his kind. Most Lycans made a point to avoid hunters and only expose themselves if they needed to defend their territory. Not him, not this time. This would be the start of a dog and cat game that he would persue as long as it remained entertaining, or until one of them died.

He first checked to make sure nobody else was nearby that would try and aid this seemingly poor defenceless woman, and then lept to the ground, coming to a landing a few feet behind her, thanks to the sounds of the city and the fur padding he had glued to his boots, the landing was silent, and even easier to walk up behind her, already spotting the bulge of what pocket she kept her wallet in and lifting it silently from her pants. As he expected, she wasn't as dumb or oblivious as most and had already started turning around to see who had grabbed her, but he was already prepared and with a firm shove sent her skidding to the ground, looking up to him in a mixture of confusion and rage

He ran towards the wall, using nearby trash cans and dumpsters to quickly ascend back to the rooftops before turning back to look at her "Any chance you might want this back?" He said, waving her wallet in the air. "You'll have to catch me first" And with that he walked at a slow pace, egging her on to attempt to follow him. "And now the game begins" He whispered to himself, barely able to contain the excitement.
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