First and Last Night on Gor (M looking for strong F writer)

Started by Athos, December 12, 2011, 07:18:41 PM

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Earth: April 17th, 1936: They said it was going to be a shit night and they were right. From the start, it had done nothing but storm. Conditions were unsafe in the extreme, but what were they going to do? Complain? Daden needed this job. He had a wife back in Saskatchewan and a baby in the oven and these days a man took whatever work he could find, even if it had him cutting down trees in the middle of the night in the middle of British Columbia. Lighting crackled overheard as they worked and the wind blew hard. It was hard to hear, so when the branch fell from one of the might redwoods Daden was completely unaware. The last thing he remembered was feeling the impact and then everything went dark....

Gor: It was 30 years before Tarl Cabot would arrive on Gor and change it forever. Injured and disoriented, Daden awakens in the middle of a meadow, groggy but alive. In the distance a wild tarn flies, hunting. Alone and lost, Daden stumbles into a camp of slavers and is captured. As a barbarian he is afforded no respect, even as a man. But in his strong arm and fiery gaze, the band leader see’s the makings of a fighting slave. He is brought to the great city of Ar and told in rough English that he will fight in the arena or die.

Setting the scene:  The night before his first match, Daden is taken from the slave pits to a room of luxury. Fine carpets, a large bed and more food that he’d seen in weeks meet him there along with Shiera, an experienced kajira and the most beautiful woman Daden has ever seen. Her orders are to give the barbarian the night of his life, for tomorrow he may die.

Plot: This is basically going to be a short scene depicting what might very well end up being Daden’s last night alive. I’m looking for a female to play Shiera, a kajira (slave) who has been given the task of pleasing Daden for the night. The only problem is, Daden has no idea who she is, what she does or what is expected of him. As a barbarian on the planet Gor, he does not speak the language other than a couple of words he may have gleaned here and there and he has no clue what’s happening.

I’d really rather have a partner who has some knowledge of the Gor universe, someone who has perhaps has even read one or two of the books. If anyone is interested, please contact me via PM instead of replying here. I’ll make sure to post here if/when the story is filled.

Thanks guys!


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