X-Mas Plots { Men Needed }

Started by KikuLei, December 12, 2011, 04:19:44 PM

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I've been dieing for some Christmas related Rp's so here we go. Here are my on's and offs. The plots will be below them. Please note if the plot seems very vague that is because they will be added onto and I am thinking of a way to paint it with words the way it is in my mind.

On's :
- Oral
- Anal
- Vaginal { Obviously }
- Restraints
- Interracial
- Height Difference
- Age Difference
- Rape
- Gang bang

- Urine
- Poop
- Mutilation
- Blood play
- Death
- Mummification


Santa was a bad boy - This involves a woman and her Ex boyfriend or just a Christmas Thief. She sent him to jail and he got out on Christmas { If it is her boyfriend.}, however she's got a lot to make up underneath that X-mas Tree. Or he's just a thief who gets lucky or rapes her. The idea is that the bad-boy is taking advantage of a beautiful young woman but she possibly ends up enjoying it.

Blackmail Santa - A woman invites her neighbor who is young in his 20's, she's in her 30's. She invites him over on Christmas Eve saying that a certain little girl wants to see Santa and she'll pay him to put on the costume, He assumes she means her child. However once the boy gets there he'll realize after she sits him down, he's not taking care of a little girl anymore. While the little girl is at her father's , Mama is getting more than kisses underneath that mistletoe.

Mrs. Claus -  What do a bunch of young 18  year old boys do when their party is crashed by one of their mother's friendly neighbors. A woman in her 20's or early 30's dressed in a slutty Santa costume. However what happens when the boys can't keep their hands to themselves and end up having a threesome or foursome with her. OR if you prefer solo, she comes over to keep the neighbor boy company for a bit knowing his family is out of town.


I would very much like to do Mrs. Claus as a solo pairing.
Can do light dub-con.


Yay, Pm me and we'll talk it over and get a feel for what the other wants.


All of the are certainly very interesting, though I do have to say 2 and 3 turns something on deep down inside me
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Message me over it and we'll talk. :]

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Interesting to see that I was not the only one posting up haughty xmas themes today lol!

W00t for not alone!