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A bit of both as far as his skill with a blade and his ability to track nearly anything he sets his sights on.  Being a teacher I can understand having all that, but a student?  I'm just not feeling it would work as it stands now.
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Ok, gotcha.

I should have worded that more clearly, true.

What I was thinking of was:

He was one of the best swordsmen in his father's kingdom, but clearly not one of the best around. I used the word "Realm" for his kingdom, not meaning realm as a full DnD realm like Dragonlance or Ravenloft.

He can track any living creature, like a very experienced hunter. A branch twisted, some leaves in a place where they should not be, that kind of thing. I also thought that could be a more "supernatural", or magical/divine power, but that is negotiable. If you say "nope, just plain tracking", then it's fine with me :) . In how far that works for other beings attending the school is up to you. What he can not track that easily are undead (hard, but not impossible), but clearly no demons, devils, fiends, elementals and so on.

I'll work in some more bits of personality too now.


Thanks for being cool with that and I did think of entire world rather than country when you said Realm, but thanks for clearing that up for me lol.  As for the rest, I'm all for it as you kindly explained, but as I said otherwise I loved it a great deal.  Some rangers I know do follow a god or goddess so that could work, just don't overdue it is all I ask with a bunch of god given gifts or whatever.  Beyond that, go nuts.   ;D
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Updated my char, and hope all is good now ;)

Oh reminds me, maybe I've missed that, but did you ask for a reason why our chars went to that school to be told in background, or is that something we can add in when the game starts?


I actually did ask that to be included in the background, but you can go into a lot more detail in the IC itself of course.
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Oh, ok, seems like i missed that.

Going to work it in in my char sheet.


Much better, much better so far.  The update I'm sure will be fine since you've already done good, but what I see so far is excellent.
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And edited.

I hope that's good for now, at least enough to start.

If that's the case, everything else will be done in IC, as I like making up additional background stuff during playing ;)


PERFECT!  You're good to go Andalon and that's cool if you want to add more along the way in the story itself.  I'm almost done with my two teachers that I plan to throw into this mess, and before anyone asks, I plan to allow you to play two people or creatures max.  So you can be both a teacher or a student, or whatever you wish.  I still need a name for the school itself though.  Any ideas on that guys and gals?
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Name;  Neria Zathrieal
Gender;  Female
Age;  145
Sexuality;  Bi
Race;  Light Elf
Racial Traits;  She is a light elf, born in Faerun, from the plane of existence of Toril.  She has the long life, sharper senses, night vision eyes, dark vision, infrared, requires only four hours of sleep to a human's eight, and magical sleep spells do not work on her race.  Ageless beauty and grace are hers from a mix of natural traits and her own training as a cleric, among other things.
(Base appearance.)
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(In armor.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Tattoos, piercings, other markings;  Her body is unblemished from such things.  Despite being a warrior, she has no scars to prove it, but she has done much in her 145 years of life.
Class;  Cleric
Class Description;  She is a powerful cleric, and follows the ways of her people's god, Corellan Larathain who's domains are of War and Protection, his holy symbol being a crescent moon, often made of silver worn as a pendant or on a necklace of some sort.  She has powerful healing magics, rebuking undead and demons alike, among other potent holy spells coupled with a warrior's training and rigorous routines that has kept her in peak physical health.  She is able to detect and cure diseases, heal wounds, has even revived a recently dead innocent a couple of times, although it cost her much in her own strength to do so.
Specialty/Prestige Class;  Sacred Prostitute.  (From the DnD book, The Book of Erotic Fantasy.)
Specialty/Prestige Class Description;  Sacred Prostitutes are considered sacred 'beings', able to commune with the Gods and Goddesses themselves through acts of passion and pleasure of the body.  They are not whores or common street walkers or anything of the like, able to heal through sexual congress as well as gleam information from their partners during pillow talk before, during, and after the act in question.  They can, if asked a question before anything is started, to try to commune with the gods themselves, often times with success although they rarely get a straight answer, receiving riddles most of the time that need to be translated first.  Even so, they are trained in many erotic arts, and are sought out for their power in bringing comfort to those they give themselves to, if it is their choice to do so of course.
Position:  Teacher.  Cleric training as well as night classes for those that wish to learn the sacred arts of love making and intimacy that she herself has learned.  (I.E, SP classes.)
Personality;  Neria Zathrieal is a kind and compassionate woman, willing to put her own health at risk if it means saving the life of another.  Intelligent, passionate, she has a heart of gold that anyone with half a heart of their own will find is warm, gentle, and ready to lend a hand to any that seek her out for whatever reason.  Despite a traumatic youth that saw her entire clan wiped out overnight, Neria has used the emotional pain and the scars it left behind to fuel her actions, bringing peace to any and all that listens to what she has to say.
History/Background Info;  Neria Zathrieal heard of the school from a friend that had passed through her temple, where she is when present, the high priestess and the woman in charge of the place, a year before the gates were to appear.  Coming from the land of Toril, from the supercontinent of Faerun, the light elf cleric, priestess, passionate lover, and more had seen much and done much up until then, and with the world she knew finally settling down once again, she decided a change of pace was in order.  Packing her bags after sending a reply to the acceptance letter she got from the staff in control of the pocket dimension as well as the lands it contained, Neria tended to the last of her affairs before heading to the nearest gate in Baldur's Gate, a port city that had seen much in the way of heroes and heroines alike.  Her reason for heading out there was in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of those she'd be teaching to defend themselves as well as honing whatever skills they might already possess in the hopes they'd use what she taught to change their worlds for the better.  Before all this, Neria's true life started out when she was fifteen, when a single event shattered her world and put it on its head.  Orcs raided her entire clan's encampment, slaughtering all that stood in their way, while taking the time to rape the women, both young and old, while she herself was crouched in a hollowed log, scared out of her wits and seeing everything unfold before her sea green eyes.  It left a deep, emotional scar for years, but time and a few dear friends she had come across helped her to find peace, a feeling she wanted to share with everyone she could along her travels.  She met Giselle Do'Urden, a dark elf/light elf ranger when she was barely into her fifties, and they became fast friends, the light elf able to see past the color of dark elven cousin.

They traveled together for a time, helping people, slaying creatures of dark intent, and growing stronger together every step of the way.  They separated eventually when Neria started a sanctuary for people to heal and recover from the trials of life and the road, taking in runaway slaves, abused children, and a myriad of other people of all ages that had nowhere else to go.  Hence, the birth of her Sacred Temple of Passion and Desire was born, where any god or goddess of good standing was allowed to be worshiped within the stone walls of her new home, helping those that came into her sacred halls in any way that she and her followers could.  Counseling, healing in all forms, spiritual guidance, nothing was beneath Neria, and those that left her home always said the same, that she was a goddess given mortal form for all the good she was doing.  Coming back to the present, starting a new role in a new place, there is a bit of fear, but mostly excited anticipation for the elven cleric as she steps through the portal into a brand new adventure....
Ons;  She might be trained in every erotic art there is just about, Neria is still a person and thus does not take to well to a few things.  Even so, she is willing to learn more about bondage, if she finds a partner she trusts enough of course, but she prefers slow, passionate sessions rather than crude, quick dirty affairs.  (Beyond that, check O/O page.)
Limits;  Does not do blood play, being beaten, verbal abuse, scat, water sports, and loss of limbs or death.  (Otherwise, O/O page.)


Name;  Giselle Do'Urden
Gender;  Female
Age;  300
Sexuality;  Bi
Race;  Light elf/dark elf half breed.
Racial Traits;  Light elf and dark elf mix, meaning she has the racial abilities of both species.  Long life, sharper senses, dark vision, complete dark vision, potent infrared vision, and the abilities of her dark elven heritage include a few simple innate spells which are able to drop a globe of impenetrable darkness wherever she pleases, lighting harmless purple faerie fire on a target, and simple levitation.  Only needs four hours of sleep, and magical sleep spells do not work on her.
Appearance;  (Her eyes are deep, chestnut brown, but otherwise that's how she truly appears really, face wise.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

(Remove the evil looking armor setup and all that and you have her body appearance at least.)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Tattoos, piercings, other markings;  She has two piercings, both simple metal studs that are in her bellybutton and in her clit.
Class;  Ranger/Spellslinger
Class Description;  Giselle Do'Urden is a ranger just as legendary as her father before her.  Able to track, stalk prey as silent as a shadow, and befriend virtually any normal animal without much trouble if not simply understanding them with a great deal of certainty, the half Drow/light elf woman is as strong in the forests of her home as she is in virtually any environment, having studied herb lore, wood craft, and many other skills necessary to survive indefinitely in the wild places in any dimension.  While her main pursuits are those in the ranger skill set, Giselle does have some arcane power behind her as well, and fuses her mage abilities into that of her sword play which is nearly as well trained as her father's own.
Specialty/Prestige Class;  NA
Specialty/Prestige Class Description;  NA
Position:  Teacher.  Ranger classes starting at the crack of dawn and don't often get out until the next day since she does a lot of on hands training, meaning bring your hiking boots and a clean pair of socks.  She also teaches martial arts and self defense classes, and archery when not leading expeditions into the wilds.
Personality;  Giselle is a no holds barred warrior of renown and fame back in her home world, but while she's tough and strong on the outside, she's a kind and compassionate woman on the inside, willing to throw herself in front of an arrow if it means saving a friend's life, a trusted friend's life.  You have to earn her trust, and that is not easy to due because of her own small personal issues that have seen her become jaded to love to a small degree now, but at the time the scars left by two ex flames still bled and ached a great deal.  Time healed her, Neria tended to her as best she could at the time, but it still left some marks on her soul all the same.  Even so, her warrior training, discipline, and namesake has seen her through much and she has become all the stronger for the hardships she has endured.
History/Background Info;  "There are few things in this world that frighten me anymore.  I've faced down dragons, demons, evil vampires, orcs, goblins, kobolds, lizard folk, and so much more in my 300 years of life.  Teaching a bunch of kids across the multiverse though?  That's something to be scared about."  Giselle chuckled to herself, thinking over the conversation she had had with Neria a week ago as they met up in the town where the portal was to appear as it had since the school's opening years before.  The fact they had chosen her of all people said much of how much respect they must have surely felt for such a renown warrior as her, but she didn't let it go to her head by any means.  She was too disciplined and controlled to allow ego to get the better of her.  Despite her joking attitude to her old friend, Giselle was a bit nervous since this was the first time she had ever done anything like this, but with Toril at peace, at least at the moment, she wanted to try something new.  Besides, it gave her an excuse to train herself as well as those she'd be teaching, learning from experience as well as teaching it to the younger generation of potential heroes and heroines, and being able to beat some sense into them had an appealing thought which made her face lift up into one of silent amusement.  The real reason for wanting to go to the school though, was to make her own difference in hopefully making a future hero or heroine that would be able to protect countless innocents.  Beyond that however, Giselle was just needing to do something new and exciting, even if she was a bit nervous about how things might turn out if she wasn't careful with her new charges, or soon to be charges anyway.

Being raised as the daughter of a legendary figure back in her home world wasn't easy, especially since her mother had died giving her life, but Giselle became a strong, if wild young woman when she was far younger and still having much to learn in the ways of the world.  She fell in love with the wrong person, who while a perfect gentleman at the time, was a dark mage that worked for an even darker organization called the Zhenterim.  When the truth came out, they nearly killed each other in the resulting fall out between them, but not before her first love had tried to rape her first.  The next time, Giselle was a century old even and had found a light elf male that had every right to hate dark elves since a surface raid had taken his family, leaving few survivors, himself included.  Giselle had magically altered her appearance to appear as a light elf, and for three years, she had managed to keep up the illusion, until he proposed to her.  She couldn't keep up the lie anymore, and had told him the truth.  He...didn't take it well, and tried to put his sword through her heart after getting over the initial shock of being told a falsehood for so long.  Giselle fought and defeated him easily, but it hurt her more than any blade had done up until then.  She left that same night, and has never loved again since.  All that aside however, the dark elf/light elf ranger has put the past behind her and has become stronger for it all, her body bearing countless scars from her travels.  Stepping through the portal, she's about to start a whole new adventure....
Ons;  (Check O/O page.)  Otherwise, bondage, blind folds, ice play, romantic and sensual is the key here, to put it bluntly.  Vampires have a special place in her mind.  (No transforming into an undead of course, but being bitten is a huge thing for her.)
Limits;  (Check O/O page.)  Scat, water sports, loss of limbs, death, physical/verbal abuse, etc.
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I'm gonna be getting ready to watch the Hangover Part 2, as well as the new Stephen King Bag of Bones, so I won't be back for a while.  I'll get to you all in due time though, promise.  Adios for now.
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I don't know what to make as a character... I was thinking doing either a Vampire or Werewolf... Not sure though. I wouldn't mind to play a Fairy either.


No worries, I'm heading off to bed in a few, as it's 1.20am here, and I have to work tomorrow.

Really hope this will be starting, and with a good group of people, so... I'm gonna sacrifice some naked bunnies in the pale moonlight to help ;)


Name:Ache-flow (white Flower) Ala(who hunts and heal) Nabila (nobility) Windstar
Gender:Female  Age:17  Sexuality:Bi/submissive Position:  Student
Race:Forest folk/human/Summoner
Racial Trait:She humans but she has traits of her people the Forest Folk, which are light tan that stays with them year around her once bright brown hair slowly faded in to the dusty sand color it is today because of the kind of food her people eat.
Appearance: She likes her hair to be short but long enough that the head band is moved out of her eyes, a sport bra like where the lace you would find on most bra there is white fur. She had boots that she wear all time with white fur along with and gloves that come up to her elbows. She has a white fur shorts that is stop right over her knees on. She has white fur clot that she can wrap around herself.

Class: Summoner
Class Description: Can call beast to her aid in battle and other things that is need may need like say some kind of beast that can heal allies.
Specialty/Prestige Class: Summoner of the Great Guiana -white wolf looking beast in the picture with her. 
Specialty/Prestige Class Description: Which was a birthright of  Ache-flow that was past down to her from her mother, though she has much to learn about her summoner abilities that she was going to learn from mother but both Guiana and Ache-flow lost a parent in a battle her head band was the horn of Goran Guiana's mother which was giving to her by Goran herself.

Ons: She a submissive, she will submit to both male and female, loves getting spanked, and degraded at times though since it is school she wouldn't wanted in front of other students though if who in control wants to do it in the eye of students or even teachers she may fight it but deep down she loved it like the little slut that she is even though she try to hide it.  Anal play, Breathing control anyways that he or she can find or anything it would be cool for the other person could be imaged on how to do this. It will truly get wet, forced her down and do anything he or she please with her even if she don't yes because deep down that is just what she wants. Is to to be used but hardly ever loved. Anything really under the sun when it come to special for shape shifter she don't mind being fucked hard by people's animal side.

Limits:I personally don't have any limits when it comes to role plays I don't wanted to list anything unless I know that I just can't bring myself to write. Which I haven't found one yet.  But for My character sake-Ache-flow don't like to be in fully control during sex, though she will voice her thoughts about anything else.

Personality: Ache-flow is a very out spoken person about most of the time, unless it comes to sexual acts then she is very quite about her ideas about it but that drives back in the way she was brought up. She a very hard worker and will train her ass off when she wants to. She may be shy at time around people she don't know well even if she think them to be hot. She follow any order given to her by a male even if it was someone younger than her another thing from her people she gained (learn more in History and background info).

History/Background Info:
Reason for coming to this school:Ache-flow wants to be great like her mother was when she was alive. She know that she can't be great or even the best when her mother is no longer alive to teach her the things that she will need to know to be a great summoner. She knew that this school would bring her to a better level of understanding of what it means to be a Summoner and the the bond that she and Guiana have. Though she knew that he was made from her own birth *see home/family life section of History/Background Info paragraphs under summoner's temple.*. She happy to go and get away from her father and her own home land. She hopes that in coming to the school will stop her father from find her

Hometown and belief system of Forest folks: The Forest folks live in a rich land of forest know as Nashua forest and lived in tree houses. They are well hide from the world if they don't looked into the water fall that is very deep into the forest.

*Nashua Forest is a land of rich forest almost could be thought as a rain forest without the tropical trees and plants but it sure dose get a lot of rain during the spring time. The forest has a river that runs north and south the river runs into the waterfall that hinds the way into the the village of Kaftan where the forest folk made their home. Though there is always dangers around every tree since they must share it with the animals around them.

*Waterfall path to the village of Kaftan,there is a rock that you can see in the lower corner of the picture though what most people  don't see is there is steps that walked up to the plate form that leads into a cave. The sound of rushing waters is all around as those who travel into the cave the farther they go the quite it gets. Then they started to hear the sound of people and the forest as if they are one as the forest folks believe that they must be in tone with nature and their home to survived the many dangers it comes with living there.   

*Tree house(without the other building around it.)In the village of Kaftan there are many trees lined up  in rolls much like a city buildings some have more than one house in them as apartments and then there are bigger ones with a few floors those are for important members of the villages.The men of the villages that vote and chose who is important to have those homes.This one though is a home of alone summoner women who had lost everything but was allowed to stay because of the power her late husband had on the village.

They live in a male ruling civilized where males was forcing themselves onto the females. Once they came of age of 16. That was also when the father would look for future husbands of their daughters. A summoner  woman will be connected to her first beast of summon because of the fact that for some people it is the hardest test and that is submitting to him or her sexual. Some time the beast will want it  more than once but for Ache-flow and Guiana was different. He only did it once with her before allowing her to summon him.

Home/Family life:Ache-flow is the oldest of three children of Ache, the Summoner of Lady Goran, and High Lord Grantor, the leader of the Forest Folk.  She have 2 younger brothers as well that will follow her father foot steps something some school will not teach them. As it was High Lord Grantor duties to teach his sons their people as it was  Ache's job to teach Ache-flow so her father was dealing with someone that didn't know that she and to give herself up to him the day before her 16th birthday specially since she was showing great promise on being a summoner like her mother. When she take her path rights that is when the girls of her ages would head into the temple following a pull that was deep down inside them to find their first Summon beast if he or she feel that they would be strong enough.

*Ache-flow younger brothers and High Lord Grantor,White mock is Annotator and the other is Grant-flow. Annotator and Grant-flow are twins and three years younger that of Ache-flow. Forest folk males as train at a young age to be warriors and how to keep things under hand. Though High Lord Grantor can not chose between them they are both great together as they are apart. They are both going to be taking his place once he past on to be with his loving wife.

*The summoner's temples that lay about a mile out of their town the trees closer together than in the town. The strong pillars that line the walk way has a ghostly glow to them at night. As it was told to be the souls of the summoners of the past greeting the new summoners, even some say they can hear a soft whisper of a song that had long been forgotten. There was once a town that was around the temple but thousands of years ago. The Summoner beast didn't like how the forest folk's were living so the destroy the village and told them now if you are to rise more summoners you must grow within the forest not outside it like common men. Well that was how the history scrolls told it.

Ache had told Ache-flow that she was the second in the blood line to be chose by Lady Goran to be summoner of Goran's blood line. She spoke of how when she had became pregnant what her so did Goran with her own son,Guiana. They did everything in the pregnancy at the same time it was as if Ache and Lady Goran had became one. Ache-flow on her own studies as she was digging for information about this kind of bond between beast and summoner was very rare. Ache didn't see Lady Goran just as an aid in battle but a dear friend almost like a sister to her.

The two mothers watch their children grow together becoming closer and closer together. They were happy to see the events take place though Lady Goran worried that her son would not do the ritual when it came time to do it. The way they had to get him to tell him if he didn't he would never see her again. Guiana loved Ache-flow even though he would never tell her that. That is why he only forced her once, he already knew that she was strong enough to be a summoner and he knew that she knew that she would give up everything to become one like her mother.

Ache is not what you would see out of a normal Forest Folk for she didn't stay in the village of Kaftan, she traveled in looking for new summon beast, she wanted to be the best that she could be. It was on her way back to the village when it she found herself in a fight for her life just outside of the village. She and Lady Goran fought hard but they was stronger. Lady Goran dragged Ache back to the village with the last of her strength she had in her. There is where Ache-flow only fourteen at the time.

She was screaming over her mother's body. She couldn't believe that her mother had fallen she was the best the village had seen in years. Though Goran was growing weak talking to her son who wanted nothing more than telling Ache-flow that it was going to be okay but his mother told him that it was not going to be if she didn't learn the way of the summoner as it was in her past that she was to do this because he was born from her very birth they had a blood tied.

Ache-flow was more like a sister in more ways than one it was with her blood that she was able to make Guiana Guiana as a baby had a human form that had been locked away by the elders of the village as they was scared of what could happened if he mated with Ache-flow. He had to never tell anyone that he knew of this.

Goran with the last of her strength brings her paw down on her horn and snap it off a clean break and move it Ache-flow and slowly speak with her last breath, "A gift to the next great summoner this town will ever see." and with said   Ache-flow was now in more tears because of this act and looked down at the second mother to her even though she was a beast she was a mother none the least to her. As Goran slowly turn to dust Ache-flow hugs Guiana as tears both falling as they was truly one after that day. They gave Ache a grand burial one for a great summoner along with Goran a burial of a great guardian which is what the first summoner beast is.   

High Lord Grantor walked into his daughter's room Ache-flow the night before she had to go and face her summoner beast. Grantor try to explain to her what was going to happened in just a few moments. Ache-flow was in shock that she was never told this by her mother. She thought that her father was just being a horny old man. Though she knew her place in the village and what she must do. She lay down and allowed him to have his way with her. She later find out from the other summoners girls that their fathers did the same thing to them and they knew what was going to happened to them once they found their first beast summoner.

Ache-flow was sore as she was deflowered by her father but she was not going to let that stop her as she didn't like that Guiana didn't see her off but of course he was already down into the deep of the temple waiting for her to find him. She followed the great pillars and listen to the old song that ghosts of the past sang to them as she could hear her mother voice in voices she smiled as she moved on. Once they reached the doors they knew that they was on their own the other girls knew what they had to feel to find their beasts and what was going to happened.

Ache-flow knew nothing but could feel the pulled pulling her down a path way as there was some still standing there trying to figure out which way. She remember hearing gasped that someone that knew nothing of their ways because of her mother running off all the time and dieing right around the time that she was going started her training for this day. That is why her mother was on her way back in the first place. To started the training and preparing her for this moment.  She followed the twisting path down to core of the temple that had a few doors she opened the door and there stood her best friend. The beast that never left her side.

Guiana knew what he had to do. He wasted no time ripping her cloths from her and having her submit to him in every way possible. It was odd that they both enjoyed it more than anyone that had to do this before. Ache-flow was strong and beautifully and could take a lot and soon as they was done  Guiana touch his mother horn that never left Ache-flow forehead and whispers, "I love you Ache-flow and I am sorry I had to this but now that we are fully bonded now I will followed you until the day that you die as my mother did with your mother and so have so many before us." he moved away from her and pulled out bag that her father had made for her. It was cloths and some food for her.

After Ache-flow ate and got dress the two of them walked back to the village together happy that this day was soon to be over. Once they got back they found out that they was the first ones back. Other followed some came back with a beast other came back with nothing and they would try until they was 19 years old to get at least one summoner beast. Ache-flow was gratefully that  she had gotten the one she wanted and was back soon too.

The year past and Ache-flow did a bit of a training on her own but she knew that she need a better teachers to get her to level that she wanted. She thought who knew she may be able to get a few summoner beast in the next four years that her mother and other people wouldn't be able to even try to because of not going to this school. And her father had yet forced her into marriage and all she had to do was explained to him why she wanted to go. He understood and was happy that his daughter wanted to follow in her mother foot steps.

Classes list and times?:*fill in when I get them*

School events that is important to Ache-flow:*Always updating when big things happened that will changed her path or her outlook on something.*


I might be interested in joining this as well, I'm going to start working on a character


Still need to fill in the blanks you have there Sharon hun but otherwise liking what I see so far.

And StingWolf, be happy to have ya aboard pal.  If you need a hand, just let me know.
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Planning to get my first character up pretty soon, hopefully, though I may have to postpone it until tomorrow if sleep takes precedence. I hope a shapeshifting rogue-class teacher is good with you.


I don't have a problem with that at all pal.  Go for it I say.  And if sleep takes precedence don't worry about it until the morrow.  Sleep's more important lol.
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Name; Damian Vasileios

Gender; Male

Age; 20

Sexuality; Heterosexual

Race; Half Demon, Half Dragon

Racial Traits;  Immunity to fire.  Thick-skin (only in Dragon form)

Appearance; Normal Form: Him breathing fire: His current Demon Form: His current Dragon Form: His combined Form:   His combined form with fire claws:

Tattoos, piercings, other markings; None, unless you count the scales he had in his Dragon Form.

Class;  Flame Devil

Class Description;  Able to release fire from his Demon genetics.  He is able to create fireballs (exploding and non exploding,) breathe fire, and ignite parts of his body on fire.

Position: Student

Personality;  Damian is a strange boy to say the least.  He has mood swings that might lead people to believe that he is bi-polar.  One minute he is joking around, playfully and the next he looks as though he's ready to kill someone.  However, he is mostly kind.  Being from noble Demon and Dragon birth he tends to look down on people, however that doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like people.  On the contrary, he loves people.  Seeing the differences in everyone and sometimes he is even overwhelmed.  He can be a bit stubborn at times, that comes from his dragon blood, as well as being a bit cruel and controlling, his demon blood, but at the end of the day he just wants others to be happy.

Damian is a little goofy at times, since he has a lot of trouble controlling his powers, but he could be surprisingly calm and confident at other times.  Some people might even find him charming, if only for a few brief moments.  He is pretty friendly for the most part, but most times his violent mood swings cause him to unintentionally isolate himself.
History/Background Info;  A long time ago, actually more like 20 years ago.  A Dragon male and a Demon Female fell in love.  They had a child, one that was both Demon and Dragon, yet at the same time the child was neither.  That Child’s name was Damian, and he was raised with his parents throughout his life.  His father was a great Dragon by the name of Olaf, and his mother was a grand Devil by the name of Sarina.  Their home is located deep in the mountains, they actually live inside one of the mountains, but this wasn’t a normal family life for Damian, not in the least.

Damian was trained since his birth.  Olaf and Sarina were very prideful and wanted their son to become strong.  They wanted him to become stronger than both Demons and Dragons alike.  He was raised to believe in nothing, to obey nobody, to trust nobody.  However Damian like any young child was naive and that would eventually come back to haunt him.  It was during one extensively rigorous training session with his mother.  Damian was only 15 years old.

They were training on the side of the mountain.  Fireballs flying back and fourth and before Damian knew it it looked like he had finally defeated his mother.  She dropped to her knee and Damian dropped his gaurd long enough for his mother to create an exploding fireball and connect with it.  “What did we tell you about letting your guard down?!”  He lectures as her son with hit with the attack.  Being immune to fire was a good thing for him, however he wasn’t immune to the shock wave of the explosion.

He was sent flying off the mountain.  He hit the side of another mountain hard, his head hitting it hard as well, putting him into a state of consciousness as he began to take a lethal plunge.  Lucky for Damian, his father was a Dragon and was able to fly down quickly enough to catch him.  Needless to say his parents put him into his bed, his head was bleeding from the impact but his dragon blood wouldn’t allow him to die from a hit like that.  But if Olaf didn’t catch him then surely it would have been a corpse that his parents were looking.

Damian eventually healed, but the hit to his head left him with some trauma.  He was still able to conjure fire and transform into his Dragon form, but he lost a lot of control.  Fireballs that he would create would explode early, most of the time hitting Damian, whilte the non-exploding fireballs would be so inaccurate that it was almost better to just light a rock on fire and throw that.  On top of that he began to change on a personality level.  His parents noticed how quick his mood changed, one second being calm and peaceful to the next second where he is transforming and throwing fireballs.

It had become such a problem that his family didn’t know what to do anymore.  They would have to send him away somewhere.  His training wasn’t progressing and he wasn’t anywhere close to achieving a power greater than both Demons and Dragons.  When Damian was 20 years old Olaf and Sarina sent Damian through a gateway.  He was going to a school where he could hopefully learn to control himself better, to get a grasp on everything and get back on the path of power.

Ons;  Damian is dominate.  He likes to be in control (probably because he can't control his own powers anymore)  Don't get him wrong, he is a romantic, or at least he tries to be.  While sex is important to him that isn't the only thing that turns him on.  He likes it when his women are obedient or protective of him.  He likes seeing the jealousy of his partner from time to time.

Limits;  No gross shit.


Some grammar issues but nothing that can't be sorted out easily enough.  Love what you have put together though StingWolf.  Welcome aboard pal.
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this will be my first RP in a group so I hope I don't disappoint


Before I forget, we are still needing more monster ish people around.  Anything from sentient, and as stated before, good hearted to some degree people of any race is welcome, monsters included in this category, such as tentacle beasts, more monstrous demons, and more besides.  Anything less than human but perhaps able to change into a human like figure to blend in better, etc, is welcome, just as long as your base image is less than that is all I ask.

Ah I'm sure you'll do good my friend.  I'm glad this is your first group though, just be aware of a few simple rules which I'll post in the OOC once I get that going anyway.

Don't seize control of another person's character.  I.E., no godmodding, killing them, auto hits, stuff like that without clear expressed permission first.
Be sure to read and react to everything that's pertinent to you and your character.  The more detailed your posts and the more it flows with the story, the better is the usual consensus on that.
Just show respect is really what it all comes down to in the end.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE as of October 6th 2016 in A/A page


He will do fine in this. I am just glade that I talked him into join this. I didn't know that this was his first time doing a group.


I'm interested, I'll sleep on some ideas and toss in what seems good tomorrow.
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