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Author Topic: Partner Wanted - (MxF) M and F roles available  (Read 1471 times)

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Partner Wanted - (MxF) M and F roles available
« on: December 11, 2011, 01:05:06 pm »
Ok so this idea really has been developing for a while, and I sort of tried to get it up on another site, but it didn't really take there, I couldn't find a partner.  So I was Hoping E could be the place.

So, this idea evolved after watching Love & Basketball and playing FreeStyle Street Basketball, please read to the bottom of this post anyways even if you aren't completely interested, I think it might surprise you... a little.

I was in a 'Hoops' sort of mood.  And that slowly degenerated (or evolved, depending on how you look at it) into a craving to RP a basketball setting based game.

So I figured I would try advertising it.  I am looking either for a guy or a girl.  Both of the player spots are open right now.

What I am looking for is a partner who would be interested in playing a street baller.

The plot I am toying with right now involves a male and a female basketball player who play on the streets, no rules, just ball.  They would range from 16(as per E rules)-18 at the beginning of the story.  They would both be pretty good, the two best at the courts.  They would often play against one another, pushing the other to play their best.  This would be the beginning of the play, they would begin sort of as enemies but then would grow to have a happy, sort of love-hate rivalry.  They could easily develop some romance, fiery passion, here or there, maybe the guy is sort of a stud.  Maybe he sees her as a challenge.  Anyway this aspect is negotiable and not really established in my mind.

The story sort of breaks here a bit and one (or both) who is (are) in highschool and playing in their senior year is (are) scouted to go play college basketball.  The plot forks, they could go to the same University or different schools, or only one would go and leave the other back at home.  This would determine the next part of the Roleplay.

I also see some sort of reunion where they return to their old street court, maybe multiple times, see how they change over time.  See if they change as people, if their experience changes the relationship.  Really this is a very open ended play, with the meat of it being in the later stages of highschool (for at least one of the characters).

If you have the slightest interest, please don't hesitate to PM me or Reply here, either one works.


NOTE: The idea is also available for a non-forum RP if that is more suitable for you at this time.

To be honest I am open to other basketball related plays, anything you have in mind, send me a PM.
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Re: Partner Wanted - (MxF) M and F roles available
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 08:32:25 pm »
Alright so recently, today infact, I found myself watching the most intriguing double header of movies, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides and The Mask of Zorro.  What do those two have in common?  They have me in the mood for a lovely adventure based sword-slashing RP.

I don't have a specific plot in mind, but I have several pairings that I found very interesting.

I couldn't help enjoying the robust personalities of Angelica and Eléna.

and I loved the cute pairing of Phillip and Syrena the mermaid.

This leaves me with two different RP's, so to speak.

They both can overlap and are, as always, very flexible. 

The first is a sort of swashbuckling pirate-y tale.  Either involving a female pirate masquerading as a male pirate or simply a female pirate.  This would take place in the 1800's I feel.  It would center on the adventures of said pirate and either her captain/first mate or a rival pirate.  The innitial quest would be for a treasure of significant size however it would only be the first clue in a larger scheme for a even greater mystical prize.    With it either being a race between the two crews or the adventures of this male-female team trying to find this elusive bounty while eluding the royal navy themselves.

The female character would resemble Angelica and Eléna in personality and spirit.  Both gorgeous beauties in their own right but cunning and as skilled with a sword as with their wits.

The male character would be an equal in both intelligence and swordsmanship (or there abouts, maybe one would be slightly superior to the other) but he is not used to being equalled let alone bested by women. 

The two I hope will eventually devellop a certain degree of romance both aesthetically and physically.

The second would sort of be a mermaid-human story.  The mermaid was captured by pirates who, like in the movie, needed a tear from her.  However they have also captured and taken prisoner, a young Catholic Missionary.  He was used as bait to capture the mermaids as he was left out in the ocean to be attacked by the mermaids, he somehow escaped alive, perhaps this mermaid helped him, but then she was captured so she might blame the missionary for her capture.

In all accounts the two travel together with their captors the pirates, him to bring them luck, her to give them tears.  At first he doesn't approve of mermaids as they are 'ungodly', but he feels something for her.  He grows protective of her as she is mistreated, deprived and such by the pirates, who think she is just a creature.  The story will revolve around this captured missionary and his relationship with this mermaid. 

I do like the way it goes in Pirates of the Carribean but I do want to tweak the plot slightly.  I like the idea of her being out of water and her tail turning to legs and once immersed waist down in water, reforming her tail.

These plots are also availible our of forum if that suits you better at this time.

If anyone has any interest in playing any of the characters...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-Female Captain
-Female Pirate Masquerading as a male captain
-Female First Mate
-Rival Male Captain
-Male First Mate

-Mermaid (Female)
-Missionary (Male)

or if you have a similarily swashbuckling idea, you think I might like, please let me know either in response here or via PM.
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UPDATED ROLES Re: Partner Wanted - (MxF) M and F roles available
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2011, 02:38:00 pm »