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September 19, 2018, 06:38:19 AM

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Author Topic: M seeking F, looking for a Raven.  (Read 77 times)

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Offline backlash84Topic starter

M seeking F, looking for a Raven.
« on: September 03, 2018, 01:19:51 PM »
I loved the original Teen Titans animated series growing up, and in paticular really liked Raven as a character. I'm looking for someone who is interested in a long term story, who posts regularly, and has taken a look at my on/offs! :)

I am willing to try basically any sort of pairing/setting to play along side this character, as I've had a pretty bad craving lately. I'm going to post some suggestions, but if you have any idea's you'd like to try out feel free to drop me a line.

Raven/ (Beast Boy/Cyborg/Robin)

I'm fine with playing any of the main team opposite Raven, focusing on their relationship, but also dealing with team dynamics and the kind of issues being on a team can have. There would be super villains, but also some more realistic crimes, and the sort of realistic consequences that can come with dealing with criminal organizations. Each member of the team has their own issues to explore, Beast Boy and his animalistic nature, Cyborg being quite literally half the man he used to be, Robin's obsessive nature when it comes to fighting crime, Starfire being an alien on a strange world... Raven probably has more issues than the rest of the team combined, making her a rather complex and interesting character.

I could see her realistically partnering up with any member of the team, so that's fairly flexible. Although I would want the focus to be on their relationship, we can always peel off on side stories that focus on other members of the team as well, take things wherever the story leads.


Inspired by the "Spellbound" episode of the series where Raven comes across a spell book that contains the evil dragon Malchior, who passes himself off as the hero of the book instead of the villain by switching the names in said book. The dragon gains her trust, and teaches her dark magic that can be used to free him.

In the episode, after he is released and Raven realizes what he is, they have an epic showdown... however I think it would be far more interesting if the dragon, having spent 1000 years trapped in a book, has learned to overcome his beastly nature. He was a villain in the past, but has had nothing but time to reflect on his actions, to learn (I envision him being able to read other books through some sort of magical connection... otherwise he just would have gone mad), and become a better person.

Yes, he will have tricked her, but only to show that once he was free, that once he had the power to escape if he chose... he instead gives her the choice of whether or not to put him back in the book. He knew that if he told her what he was right away she never would have trusted him, having intended to tell her the truth once she had gotten to know him for the person he had become, not the evil dragon she had read about. As they grew closer however, he had hoped he could simply leave that part of himself behind forever... that maybe he didn't have to tell her his deepest shame, for fear of it tearing them apart.

I figure that, after she's learned a few spells from him, she would be able to have him "manifest" in a humanoid form within a certain range of the book, not having access to all of his magical powers, but enough to teach her more powerful magic... He wouldn't have the power to free himself of course, but enough to guide her to free him. The whole her finding out what he truly is would be a mid-story chance for drama and conflict, something I think could be quite enjoyable to play around with.


In this pairing, Raven comes across an evil mage who is causing havoc in the city, using spells, and a powerful familiar to take what he wants, killing anyone who gets in his way. When things start to look desperate however, Raven notices that the binding spell on the mages impressive familiar has a weakness... it is attached to a charm on a bracelet. Whoever wears the bracelet, controls the familiar. All it takes is a little magic to send the bracelet flying towards her, snapping it onto her wrist, and giving her full control of the impressive beast.

The familiar is eager to take vengeance on his old master, having been forced to do all sorts of horrible things because of the binding spell that compelled him to follow orders... Once the evil mage is defeated however Raven is faced with a problem... what does she do with the familiar?