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Author Topic: ~*Blue Blood runs thick with The Other*~ (M/F and M/M Gang vs. Gang RP)  (Read 705 times)

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~*Blue Blood runs thick with the Other*~

I was thinking this could be a 90's/alternate reality RP.I don't want to get too complicated, just no ipods or high tec stuff. CD players are super in. ;) It will take place in a ghetto like city where two gangs are having a turf war. Lets try to keep it to fist fighting and knife fights, but if the tension and violence escalates (and it will later in the story) guns will be used.

I want a romance out of this. Basically I want my gang The Blue Bloods to have a vicious war with the other gang that you will be playing (you don't have to play a bunch of people just a few and the rest can just be npcs. You can also play some of the Blue Blood gang and I might play some of your gang too. It depends.) But, forbidden love arises between members of the Blue Bloods and members of your gang. This can be M/F or M/M or both depending on the characters (and I will be playing lots of them). Oh, and one more thing, Nigi and Sissero are immortals who have made there home in this alternate reality among countless others to hide from a greater force that will eventually seek them out. (I would like you to play some of these immortals as well. If you don't want to that's fine too.) Now with the immortal thing, think Highlander. These guys don't like each other and the only way to kill an immortal is to cut off there head.

Characters I will play:

Prefrence: He likes to be on top with his male partners.

Personality:The leader of the Blue Bloods and an immortal. He stands a tall six foot, two with a built body made for a fight. he has jet black eyes with a hard gaze, it is difficult to meet that gaze when someone has aroused his cold anger. He is patient, dominant and unforgiving in his war with the other gang. he is a good leader and cares about his gang and it's members. To it's members he is very soft hearted and one could even say loving but god help you if you make a mistake or break the rules. He will not be happy when he finds one of his own is sleeping with the enemy...

Prefrence: Bi. Likes Female partners (especially feisty ones) but will try a male if Sissero is on top.

personality:He is Nigi's brother and they look so alike they could almost be twins, both with jet black hair and dark intense eyes. Also an immortal. However the similarity ends there Sissero is a tad shorter than his brother being only six foot and he has a temper! Sissero's fuse is a short one and once he explodes get out of the way because those fists have to punch something. He is not nearly the leader his brother is and quite often makes mistakes and hurts feelings. However, he is an intensely passionate lover. Don't try and claim his partners for yourself though as he is intensely possessive and  quite frequently will beat his lovers other partner to a pulp. However he would never lift a hand to a woman, even if she would to him. He tends to have more than one partner at a time but manages to treat each partner as if they were the only one. He likes to have fun and it can take quite a bit to ware him out sexually so the more partners the better.

Prefrence: Strait. Likes female partners who can hold there own in a fight. He also has a thing for forbidden love...

Personality: Loyal to the bone with a strict sense of duty and a moral code. He is Nigi's go to guy. With blonde hair and those baby blue eyes be is quite the looker. He is just a mortal man and one of the first members of the gang. He can be foolishly brave and incredibly sweet. He is just a nice guy at heart and has a light hearted sprit. You could say he was loyal as a dog and it would not be far from the mark. He gives all that he is to the people he is close to. So being the intensely loyal person he is when his love interest happens to be in the other gang things get a bit complicated for him. Unlike Sissero he doesn't mind hitting girls, but not too hard. He likes those tom boyish girls who would love nothing more than to knock his block off.

Prefrence: Gay. likes gentle dominant men.

Personality: Shy and soft spoken Darien is the youngest (18) and smallest member of the gang. Only barely five foot and thin as a rail he has pale grayish blue eyes and a short, messy mop of black hair. He is the guy you come to for any electronic problems. He is the best hacker anyone can ask for and can fix anything electronic. You could say he was a genius. Though all those smarts seem to stay in his head because he is clumsy in social settings and painfully shy. He is really a sweet and gentle guy with very good manners. You would never guess that his childhood was full of horrors. He is protected by Nigi who watches out for him like a big brother. Which makes it hard for Darien to meet anyone because not many people would be willing to go through Nigi first. On top of all this Darien is a virgin and a bit naive, who only had a first kiss from a boy he liked before Nigi sent him packing to "protect" him from getting his heart broken.


So that's it. Just a Gang vs. Gang Role play with some twists that would be fun. PM me if you want to play this with me and I can set up a board in the extreme because I don't want to limit this role play. I would like someone who wants to have fun and be creative with me in this role play.
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