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October 23, 2019, 04:27:51 PM

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Author Topic: A interest call: 3.5 DnD Unique Devil/Demon Campaign in Hell/Abyss (closed FULL)  (Read 45354 times)

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Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

This game restarts under Sahariel's care but I can pipe in if he keeps most my ideas in his renewed game. So he decides the plot, in the original it was kind of sandbox as I let players go wild and do what they wanted with their creations.

Offline Roleplay Frog

Sand boxing with a demonlord? interesting.. I shall set my goal as 'Corrupt as many cuddly mortals as you can to turn them into .. was this area pg 13 or not? .. you catch my drift!:P

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

This area can be adult area as those who haven't yet been accepted cannot see them (so far as I know about it). Anyways sandboxing I meant mostly that you have freedom to do as you please as I had not thinked yet at game start point any plot which would bind all players together.

At most case scenario I think there could be abyss vs hell naturally but considering the big effort what went for creating the chars I assume most would not go tackle each other so eagerly in PvP fashion. But notice the power scale of this game is ridicullous as your pretty much able to rofl stomp most gods despite your not a god.

You are monsters/boogey creatures what gods check under from their beds before they go to sleep.

Offline Roleplay Frog

Ummnn I'ma disagree here. I've done games with a divine template running around, and I recall the usual strategy of hell being throw in two legions, use pit fiends wishes to supress reality altering and have two archfiends finish things off but not to derail...

Setups are easy. Hell and Abyss come in for a final confrontation through selected archfiends and their followers. a confrontation of sexual prowess muahahahaha!

*random ideas are random*

Edit: a legion is basically the force of an entire layer of hell. Just for simple comparative purposes .. you ask us to be lvl 20 ish. Deities start at about lvl 40. *shrugs*
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Offline Roleplay Frog

.. Just had another interesting idea, what if I want to be some crazy naughty demideity? yeah yeah, players always need to be special, so annoying!:p

Offline Sahariel

As long as the total hit dice is less than . . . what was it twenty seven? You're golden.

I think I am going to stick with Zaer's sandbox idea although I might change things up a wee bit down the road, in character.

Offline Roleplay Frog

twenty seven total hit dices. I see. any other limitations on sourcebooks etc? not going to over powerbuild but not wanting to step on any toes.. if I jump for this that is.

what about the templates? only Tana or Devil?

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

27 CR more specifically, there is no HD limit. Altough one proved they could pull out a 100 HD char they did not do it.

You build your unique archdevil or archdemon with picking either outsider or some creature as base creature and you start stack templates on it.

But note normal CR limit is 21 + 6 HD from class levels (yes, six class levels). But you can forsake it up to 23 CR (so you got only four class levels). If want more levels you can go down to CR 18 before class levels to get 8 class levels. Class level can be core class or PrC.

Offline Roleplay Frog

I'ma give it a twirl prolly! sounds kinda interesting but a bit of a building exercise:p

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Yeah, it's kinda extreme building exercise :P. You can find some made chars in this thread or in charsheet thread (if you find the link in here somewhere :P).

Offline TheGlyphstone

Excellent news. Keeping my old dude if at all possible.

Offline Sahariel

Not a problem Glyphstone.

Would you like to pick up where you left off or start a new story thread?

And could you link me to the thread?

Offline TheGlyphstone

See the OOC thread.