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May 24, 2018, 02:58:45 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking few stories...  (Read 388 times)

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Seeking few stories...
« on: December 08, 2011, 03:54:17 AM »
Alright, I am approved and looking for some roleplay!

I have some ideas which I have wanted to play for a long time. Drop me a line if you happen to like any of those; lets discuss in detail.

Stones Upon The Hearts

Sad but it is true, I have often imagined a third world war or a natural disaster which would shrink down the human population from billions to thousands. I believe it would be an interesting place to live, or shall I rather say, an interesting place to survive? No, it would be a bitter place and I am certain that none would argue. Imagine a place which lack necessary resources to be alive; no governments but power, no societies but gangs, no law and perhaps no morality?

With stones upon the hearts, people would do everything they can to be alive. They would cheat, rob and kill for a single meal. It would be a place where strength would mean life and weakness would mean death. It would be a place where everything which we consider wrong would flourish. Thus, making a place where this particular story can flourish too.

I imagine my character to be a loner survivor, a warrior; one who has learn the art to forgo companionship and live alone as a wanderer. This character just wouldn’t involve himself with anything, he wouldn’t interfere with other people business, right or wrong, basically because in an era like such, troubles would drift around as winds.

Certainly less than men in numbers, women, who survived would have no other choice but to find a character like mine to avoid abuse by the gangs. These gangs would consider women merely a toy; buying, selling, sharing and abandoning would be common. Thus, we have a plot for both of the characters to meet, a character who can survive and a character that needs one who can survive. These characters would travel across the earth exploring everything on their way, the alive and the dead, the mountains, the rivers and all the adventure including love and hate. 

Pearls Around Her Neck

A younger man and an older woman stories are always alluring but nothing beats it a bit of taboo nature gets involved.

I am looking to play a character who is a spoiled manipulating son of a rich man. Naturally, he grew sick of his father’s interference in his life and moved to another state to pursue his studies. His father was tired himself, he didn’t stop rather he was glad that his only son wasn’t around him. Time passed, month by month and they lost the touch. He didn’t need anything from his father, he had enough money in his account and his credit card bills were getting paid timely. His rich father was too busy running the big organization; which had hundreds of problems of his own.

After few years as my character was nearing his graduation, he received a phone call from back home informing that his father had died in a car accident. He was summoned back to attend his father’s funeral but was shocked to find a young gold-digger stepmom waiting for him. He wasn’t enjoying the notion of sharing the wealth with his stepmom but thanks to the lucky starts his father left everything to him. His father wanted to change the old will but didn’t have enough time. The stepmom would have nothing else to go back to now. She had left here low paying job to marry a much older man but she ended up nothing.

The young lad is responsible to take care of his stepmother who is addicted to pearls around her neck. He has enough money and doesn’t mind throwing away some of his wealth on his stepmother but being who he is, the manipulation begins, he offers her everything she needs but there is always a price to pay. She doesn’t enjoy most part of it but has no other option but to play along. It’s would a slow poison; she can’t live with it or without.

Methods To His Madness

Here, I am looking to play a character that is in late 30s, he gets himself in a trouble at a shopping mall, while claiming that a wedding ring which the security found belongs to his wife. The real owner too walks into the security room while he was trying hard to convince security that his wife was back home and he came back to the shopping mall to check for the lost wedding ring. An argument leads to an escalation; finally security overpowers him and calls cops.

Cops take him to the station and he finally understands the magnitude of the mess he created. He apologizes saying he got greedy as he needed some money but cops feel that there was more to the story. The interrogation lead the cops to believe that my character is the one they been looking for years. He is the wedding ring killer. He gets arrested and a charge sheet is filed, only trying best to list down his offenses, kidnaps, raps and murders. My character entirely denies all the charges saying he in innocent and getting framed for crimes he didn’t commit. 

The case gets limelight across the country; media makes my character a celebrity overnight. He gets portrait as a poor commoner framed by state for their shortfalls. He covers all news paper as a hero who is fighting alone against the entire state. This case had all the reasons for every lawyer to approach my character requesting to do a pro bono. Thus, our characters meet; the opposite character must be a mature married woman. That is the requirement of this story.

The lawyer sessions starts, your character demands to know the entire story. The story unfolds, and inside a found-proof chamber with a verbal contact he starts spilling out all the secrets. Your character finds it astonishing and keeps on listening it session over session. Methods to his madness are darkly addictive. He is handsome and charismatic, skilled with winning the confidence of lonely woman. He would tell stories to win over your character, manipulate her to the state where sympathy turns to love. Your character would certainly find his attention appealing. The end of this story is certain.