M for F: ONE opening only!

Started by Nathan Malreaux, December 08, 2011, 01:41:00 AM

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Nathan Malreaux

Salutations Fellow Elliquins (Elliquians? Elliquiyans? Fuck if I know. :P)

For anyone that wants to know why I was absent for so long, let's just say college is a BITCH. 'nuff said.

Aside from that, I've managed to work my Spring Semester classes into something more manageable so I'm willing to attempt just ONE forum RP. As tempted as I might be to take on more and more as time goes on, I SHALL restrain myself.

So. What do I want to do? You can throw me a message with some ideas, but it basically comes down to the following basic guidelines:

-Heterosexual encounter (I'm male, and play male characters who are oriented to desire females.)
-Good to High Quality Writing (A couple paragraphs, USE SPELLCHECK!, and be visually compelling. I understand it can get difficult to post paragraphs once the posting gets to sexual encounters and the pace needs to speed up, and that is fine. Just as a rule, I love good descriptive writing that provokes imagination.)
-IF MODERN: More then likely a Non-Con-kidnapping, or seduction leading to sex that may or may not have been rape...
-IF FANTASY: More then likely going to be a modern setting with vampires (NO Twilight vamps. I HATE glitter.) Otherwise, possibility to play with Nordic themes with heavy Raven themes. Again, more then likely in a modern setting as well.
-If SCI-FI: Futuristic or Modern with secret tech, or derived from the following movies/TV shows: Star Wars, Stargate, Firefly/Serenity, Riddick, etc. Willing to CONSIDER some Alien Snatch 'n Grab rape play.

NO FURRIES, PREGO, FUTA, or just about any of the weird stuff that comes from the Hentai branch.

Which also reminds me, I like to start with character sheets that have live-action character pictures, NOT anime or cartoon unless they are very realistic. Pics don't have to be NSFW, just informative enough so that I know what I am working with.

That's about it, just shoot me a message when you can. Depending on the responses I'll try to allow enough time for everyone to have plenty of "audition" time.

~Nathan Malreaux~

Nathan Malreaux


Congratulations to Shadow! I declare this thread and it's purposes closed.

If anyone desires to roleplay with me still, send me a message, just in case you want to reserve a future opening.
~Nathan Malreaux~

I am going to open up ONE MORE roleplay but that is it. The only reason I desire this particular roleplay is because I just saw the new Conan the Barbarian, and it got my inner barbarian roaring. I don't care if I play Conan or another Cimarian, as long as I get to use the line "I Live, I Love, I Slay, and I am Content..."

... and mean it.

Nathan Malreaux

*le bump in respond to my new addition*