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Author Topic: In need of a pet Neko [m seeking f]  (Read 775 times)

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In need of a pet Neko [m seeking f]
« on: December 07, 2011, 12:20:06 AM »
Looking for: A female writing partner who is literate and can provide detailed posts and a few paragraphs as well.  One liners or short and lacking posts will not do it for fact it will just kill my muse.  I am looking for a partner who can sort of go with the flow, feed off my posts as I feed off yours.  Also I need someone who is open and willing to talk OOC about the role play before and during it for feedback and to discuss perhaps future plot twists in the story.

Roles: Owner/Master(played by me) and the Pet (a female neko)

Ages:  I definitely see the male as being older by several years as the pet will be rather young such as 16 to 18.

The Pet:  Now unlike most neko characters, I would like this one to actually retain a rather small, petite and lithe body to go with its feline features.  So I was thinking she would be around 4 feet tall, having petite yet feminine curves to her body that show off when she walks/prances around, and of course her body and movements would also reflect her own toned muscles the ripple through her feline movements.  I also see her as having large exotic, feline-like eyes with a face that is sexy and devious, being cute and yet of course holding maturity and a look of feline mischievous prowess.  Even though she is no larger than a human child or...midget...I am not looking for any underdeveloped features or non-proportional body parts.  I am not attracted to the body of a child or well...a midget/dwarf/or anything else like that.  She simple holds a small, petite feline figure in the form of a human and of course has her ears, tail, and a sexy body with a woman's figure.

The Master:  Usually I go with a male standing just above six feet tall, having lean and well toned muscles, a defined yet not overly bulky body...having long, shaggy, messy dark hair that hangs down in his eyes and covers his ears.  My males are usually intelligent, dominate, caring and romantic.  Of course I am always willing to change things according to preferences.  My character would not have to be human either...once again depends on your preference.

Setting:  This can be modern day, or slightly futuristic.  It will of course probably have some fantasy elements to it as well due to just the nature of the role play and the female role being a neko.  She could perhaps be purchased from a special slave/pet shop or something like that.  This could start out NC at first, my character needing to coerce the neko, training her and all of that but I would like it to turn to consensual as she learns to like and love the treatment he gives her.

Kinks/Fetishes:  This is just a list of compiled sexual kinks/fetishes that I think we could have some fun with in the role play...not all have to be included, some can be changed or left out and of course others can be added
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Size Difference - Now this is simply just implied because the neko will be smaller and shorter than my character due to her small feline frame...also I wanted to think of a way of incorporating this kink without super sizing my character.  It really does make her more like a pet with him towering over her, plus he can easily pick her up and things like that. 

Large Penis - Nothing ridiculous, but a large penis on him would be huge to her concerning her size which would be some fun.  It just goes right along with size difference, also I like the idea of them having to work around the size, taking it slow, breaking her in, molding her...also resulting to other methods of sex besides just penetration.  Plus I think it would be cute to have her small feline hands or tall to curl around his big shaft...then oral would also be a mouthful.

Excessive Semen - Now not necessarily an amount that would would be overwhelming or anything, but for his size compared to her his load could make for was wet and messy fun - also possible impregnation somewhere done the line if wanted.  Stomach bulging and cum inflation is welcome as well, depends on preferences but can be left out...same goes for cervical penetration.

Naive/Innocent/Feline Curiosity - Now I would want her to start out as a virgin, being young and untouched...though as a neko she would be as curious as any other cat.  Doing things such as being drawn to the smell of his musk, petting or licking his penis, nudging it with her nose, nuzzling against it and rubbing her face against it...though not just his penis but his body as well like a cat would.

Rough Sex - I would like it to get a bit rough here and there, especially with her being a neko...basically while he is thrusting into her or something like that she claws and bites at him, grabbing and holding onto anything...maybe ripping clothing, fabric, creating red streaks on his body and perhaps even drawing small amounts of blood at times which he would love.  Not to mention she would get it rough sometimes as well, getting picked up and thrown against the wall or down on a bed, being spanked and groped, thrusting into her fast and hard, etc.

Adventurous Sex - Depends on the setting but here are some ideas...Having them have sex all around his mansion and not just in the bedroom, but also in things like the shower, hot tub, garden, on a table or couch, up against a wall, or while they travel they could do it in his private jet, in the back of one of his limousines, in the corner of a train/subway, in the restroom at a restaurant, on the balcony of a hotel, in a office, etc.

Foreplay/Teasing/Non-Penetration - With size difference and also them finding alternatives to penetration there can be all kinds of fun in foreplay, and not just the usual stuff either.  Vaginal/Anal penetration does not always have to happen in a sex scene, there are many other things that can occur.  Of course there is oral which is always fun, but there is more than that as well.  I'm one that likes to draw out foreplay a lot, and sometimes it could consume the entire sex scene without actually leading toward penetration as I will show below.

Oral - Scenes dedicated to just exploring each other orally, sucking and licking each other, deep throating, having her ride and grind on his face as he eats her out, cumming in her mouth or giving her a facial...even having her squirt all over his face and/or body.

Mutual Masturbation - Either teasing each other by watching the other masturbate before them, or having her jerk him off at times or him finger fucking her...could be used as a great tease as well such as her rubbing his erection through his pants or him stroking her wet pussy through her panties.

Buttjob - Penis is rubbed and stroked between the cheeks of her ass without penetrating her anus, could lead to him cumming all over her back and bottom.

Thigh Sex - when either she sits on his lap or he comes up behind her and slides his penis between her thighs and they move as if they were having sex but inside the penis slides in and out of her thighs and rubs against her pussy.  She could also jerk him off in such a position, her hands playing with and stroking his shaft as it comes through her thighs.  Can also be done clothed, or with her panties on.  He could cum then in her thighs, in her panties, on her pussy or pull back and cum on her ass.

Grinding - When they grind their bodies together, such as he grinding her round bottom and hips against his groin, he even sitting on top of him, riding him as she grinds her pussy along the length of his cock - can be done naked or even clothed.  Could lead to them cumming while still clothed, or having him cum on himself or between the two of their bodies as they move and grind together.

Titty fucking - A bit tricky with a more petite figure...but I think it would still be rather cute and sexy if she rubbed and ground her chest against his erection or he did so himself right between her small breats, could be done naked or even clothed.  While clothed she could just lift of her shirt, or unbutton it a bit to create a hole that leads to her mounds, or even keep her bra on.  Then it could lead to him cumming on her face, breasts, shirt, etc.

Watersports - Definitely optional.  Things like him urinating on her to mark her as territory, used for domination and humiliation...could also have her drink it, or even release himself inside of her and have her hold it and run off to the bathroom to dispose of it for him.  She could accidentally wet herself sometimes during sex or bondage scenes where he limits her use of the restroom...or she could just accidentally release herself after an orgasm/squirting.  This one can definitely be left out of the role play but if I am putting it here just in case someone wishes to try it or experiment.

Interested?  Send me a PM and we an discuss the details and ideas.
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