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Started by MomoPeach, December 06, 2011, 04:57:16 PM

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The Last Gunslinger (CRAVING)

Name: Avery
Age: None of your damn business
Setting: Old West
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Avery is an outlaw on the run again for knocking off one more bank. She lost her partner in the shoot out and now she's holding a grudge against the sheriff of a town called Rose Point. She plans to kill him, but the night she returns she ends up having to save your characters neck from the noose. She doesn't know what compelled her to have a moment of weakness, but now that you're here you're going to help. She needs a partner again and you've just filled that slot, like it or not.


These are vague but I'll add plot later.

Ive been wanting to play different races angel/dark angel/ demon/ succubi/ fairy/Neko/ elf/ etc. I'm also looking for more fantasy and urban fantasy themes than day to day life.

Pandora's Box

Elizabeth Finds a little golden box at a Yard sell and she's intrigued by it for some reason. The box itself is small and covered in dirt but still something about it calls to her. She takes it home and forgets about it until later that night. When she tries to open it a green smoke pours from the cracks and her kitchen suddenly becomes a battle ground for two creatures who aren't quite human. She should have listened to the voice on the phone earlier that told her not to open the box.

(I'm thinking I'll play the human if someone wants to play another race like an elf. The box could contain something good or bad, no one knows for sure. They'll be escaping dark faeries and trying to protect the box and get it to his home. Of course I'm open to ideas.)


Have a Little Faith-primarily looking for M/M

Father Don has been part of the church since he was a child, but that doesn't mean he's all purity and innocence. For one he's got a big drinking problem and for two he's not exactly immune to the sins of the flesh. Slowly his vices are noticed by the church and he's sent to Eden, a small town who needs all the faith they can get. Little does the good father know there's an ancient vampire inhabiting the small town and he won't give up his world so easily.

(I'd like to play either the priest or the vampire. I see them struggling for power with the vampire showing him both the evils of the world and the delicious sins he could be enjoying, while the priest tries to either convert the creature or destroy him. Either way I see a power struggle between the two though I'm not even sure how it'll end. This could easily be changed m/f as well or f/f. Though m/f I see it being more of a mental and even less of a physical struggle.)


The monk and the geisha

Xiu is in danger. She's not only a geisha but a spy and someone's found out her little secret. Instead of hiring guards her mother hires a nearby monastery of monks to protect Xiu until things have calmed down and she can return to society. The young geisha hates every moment of it. She's no longer a pampered princess, she must follow the rules of the monastery. Early bed times, no liquor and most of all no sex! Frustrated she begins a game of trying to seduce one of the younger monks. At first it's an empty attempt but when she sees him falter just a bit she can't help but to push and push until she gets what she wants.

(While I want this to take place in earlier times it doesn't have to be completely historically accurate. I'd like for it to involve a lot of teasing, frustration, humor, innuendo and last of all romance.)



His marionette

Cladious had been alone for before he could remember. He kept to himself in a small shack where he created wonders hidden from the eyes of all but his. For years he worked on his proudest creation; a beautiful marionette doll with golden, silken blond hair, porcelain skin and the most alarming and enchanting green eyes. He fawns over her daily until one day he finds the perfect components to make her real. He brings her to life, names her Mary Anne and promptly falls in love with her. However the doll is far from complete, she’s breathing, living, but she has no experience of the world and she has no emotions and without them she can’t return his love. He delves into an ancient and dark art and begins a carnival that travels through town. As he goes he collects girls and at night with the carnival is shut off he kills them and lets Mary Anne consume their souls. With each girls death she’s a little more alive, but now her conscious eats at her. There’s no leaving the obsessed Cladious, but she wants no more souls. What is she going to do?

(This plot would basically involve Mary Anne learning right from wrong and gaining independence. She clings to him because he’s her maker, but I have an idea that one of the other employees of the carnival begins to teach her that what Cladious is doing is wrong and perhaps they even start a secret affair. Cladious (or whatever you wanna name him) and Mary Anne would have a rocky relationship at times with him being obsessive, violent etc. at times. This could go a million ways and I’d love to incorporate different characters from the carnival and see where it leads.)