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Author Topic: Ideas and Wishlist  (Read 2610 times)

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Ideas and Wishlist
« on: December 06, 2011, 04:31:14 PM »
 Alright here's a list of ideas I've had in my mind for a while. Pick and choose, mix and match, it's likely all the same. We're here to have fun. Most of these I would prefer long term if possible.

 Now as a note, I'm not too keen on M/M scenes (but not against, I have done several M/M scenes), depending on what they are. I also have a preference towards Incest and Impregnation stories. Just something is at the top of the list doesn't mean I have preferences over another one, it's just what I wrote in that order, nothing more. Unless specifically specified, it can be human, or you can select anthro of some kind.


Meeting a Goo Girl: This was actually sparked from reading a story It's Always Time. I know the whole story is entirely too long to read (and I haven't read it all myself).  Basic plot is a boy buys a tub of 'thickening agent'. Reason behind it is he was working on a dare to have sex with some jello, then write on a blog or write an erotic story on it, chickens out and leaves the jello. But he didn't know it came alive. You don't have to fully follow this line, it could include characters from other places, like Batman Beyond (inque).

Dragon(s): I have a thing for Dragons and Winged snakes. Plenty of options from kidnapping girls, to capturing princesses, to hatching a dragon egg, to dragon/dragon interactions. The dragon could be considered a god and offered sacrifices to keep the town safe, or could be unnoticed when the dragon shifts into human form. It could be medieval or modern times, could include dream elements and hypnosis. I've even read some odd stories involving cock vore (odd but interesting to try).

Genie: Find a bottle and the genie therein comes out to Grant some wishes. It can be a regular genie, a demon pretending to be a genie, or a genie that only grants a specific set of wishes like erotic ones. Be warned, sometimes wishes are granted 'to the letter' and not in the spirit of the one making the wish.

Harem/Pregnancy: Character either grows a harem by selecting girls and incorporating them in his group, or breeding one or more girls to get his harem. Likely heavy incest and playing multiple characters (More female to male obviously).

Daddy, Daughter and friends: Father begins (or is seduced) into a sexual relationship with his daughter. After it starts however his hunger extends out and with his daughter begins to prey on her friends. Likely scenario is she begins a rumor of what he might be like or she saw him with a large member, and gets them interested enough to find out on their own over the period they are over there. Alternatively the girls being horny can drag him into the room and decide to make use of his body for their own pleasure, ending in a pile of exhausted naked flesh.

Time Warp: Ever want to do a scene multiple times to see how it would play out? (Ground hogs day) Or perhaps a character has ESP and makes changes to try and do/prevent something based on that input? (The Dead zone). I would like to try one of these out, see how they go. Likely at agreed points we would back up X posts and resume there with a different decision, different timeline which could have a similar or completely different result.

Time Travel
A note on time travel: there are different types according to various sources of media. But these are the compiled types I'm aware of. ESP/Divination/Psionic results like from the Dead Zone not included, but could be thrown in as a 5th here. In multiple cases characters unaware that time is being distorted don't notice changes, even sudden ones. (Like from the movie Frequency)

1) Gargoyles: Time is immutable. Trying to change time is impossible, rather you usually end up helping along make time happen as history knows it rather than preventing or changing it. Being clever won't do anything.
2) Back to the future: Paradoxes are possible, and you can change the future and the past. Probably the most confusing
3) Dragon Ball Z: Going back in time actually takes you to a parallel/alternate universe, so if you kill your grandfather you won't disappear and going forward in time again you might just go back to your own timeline rather than the one you altered...
4) Groundhogs day / X-files / Star Trek: A day is repeated until some event or result is achieved, failed results don't exist beyond the day. Groundhogs day the character remembered from one day to the next making it a nightmare, while X-files they had de-jevu after some dozen of times. In the star trek episode the same day was played out infinitely while time continued to move forward and they were iterations of themselves, de-jevu and some unique working involved to get past suddenly dying in an explosion by running into another ship (which was missing for 500 years).

He/She isn't Gay: Son/Daughter doesn't go dating, is alone, and doesn't seem to show any interest in soliciting. So Mom/Dad/Both decide to take it into their hands to find out what's wrong. Upon finding out they 'THINK' they are gay, they want to prove them wrong. By the end of it, they at least have their child Bi, or interested in both sexes, if not the opposite sex.

VR system/Body Switch: Experimental technology is being tried out and one finds they can use a virtual body in a virtual machine, or use a mechanical body. For fun they go out and have sex, the time of their lives. But something is wrong when they can't wake up. It's worse when the programming of the body starts to kick in, and they are compelled to obey.

SPS (Sexual Pet Services): Heavy anthro themed. A sexual service called SPS is up, where you can put in a request (for yourself or someone else) to have an anthro of choice (and set of kinks) to come and satisfy a specific type of urge(s). Want to enjoy a Neko? Done! Need an equine cock? Done! Want someone depressed or stuck up to be shown the pleasures of inter-species sex? Done (Upon signing of a release form). Plenty of themes to go with, and if impregnation is involved likely a quick incubation.

Gargoyles: I have a gargoyles thing (Greg Weisman), so if you are a fan and want to do some intimate encounters between them in the dark ages, modern ages, in time (TimeDancer series), or even have a specific FanFic author's plot you care to follow, I'll be interested. Alternatively if you don't want to follow any story/timeline and do original characters, or make them less honorable we can figure something out.


 I'm also open to suggestions.
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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2011, 10:22:19 AM »
Ghostly Encounter: Enter a spooky mansion as part of a dare, or rumor that the place is haunted. At first it seems calm, empty, nothing there for the first couple days, but then there's a chill down your spine as hands seems to hold you in place, slipping under your clothing (without removing them), touching you, arousing you. The longer you are there, the more the feeling seems real, even the world around you seems to blur into what the place looked like at it's peak. Cause of death and reason they hang around can be decided on.

Summon Failed: Based on a story from Sofurry (Read the directions); you summon a demon either to get revenge or for sex (Succubus Summoning 101), but the summon isn't contained. NC, transformation, impregnation, perhaps master/slave. Regardless the summoner doesn't get his intended result.

School Mixup: Get sent to a demon/monster school that either concentrates of seduction and sex, or is just like high school. Alternatively it could be at SAIA (DMFA, good comic). Almost anything can happen.

Dungeons and Dragons: Themed for forgotten realms (or similar), it would be a diceless RPG of the adventure of either two or a small party. Non-epic (no saving the world, perhaps a town at most). Good setting for an impossible romance (Human and drow for example), dally with a god, and perhaps just help putting a background to a character you have made and fill out their details a real D&D outside of the forums.

Snowglobe: Someone (or something) is trapped in a snowglobe. Get trapped in it, or free something from it. Just about anything (within Ons & Offs) goes. Short term or long term.
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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2011, 04:07:32 AM »
Without a clue: Based on a movie of the same name, Sherlock (or a detective somewhat gifted) and possibly his assistant work on simple crimes and solving them. The general public being as dumb and clueless as they are will accept almost anything as the clues and answer to a particular crime, even if they are totally wrong. In the roleplay I'd want the detective to notice how stupid the public is, and begins using their stupidity to get laid with radical 'discoveries' to crimes that require sexual services to complete. (M/F, Cuckolding, Humor/Comedy) Example: "I shall now find how the murderer entered the building. I will look for a gust of wind, however the best way with the most sensitive part of my body is my penis! To properly check I need a blowjob..." and waits for a female (or male, depending) volunteer to blow him off, then proceeds on with the case.

Pure Poetry: This idea is an encounter from the middle of a date or afterwards, or even a hookup for a one night stand; A short story. Add the rhythm to it, add eloquent words, the detail is less in the erotic sense of being right nearby or experiencing it in person, but rather the feelings, emotions, and more spiritual view. I would want a feel to it that is romantic and heartfelt, and more like the scent of the flowers than a painting of them. It can be two poems that go interlacing side by side, or one poem where you add on top of it as a single (hopefully seamless) entity. I don't have a specific length for it.

Executioner: Perhaps a bad title, however if you've read any of Laurell k Hamilton's books on Anita Blake, Vampire slayer, then you'll know basically the world I am referring to. The vampires and werewolves make sense (No sparkly vampires), and I enjoy the pack structure, ranks and how it all fits together. The RP would be sexual in nature although optionally no sex takes place (bunch of stripper and titty bars). Probably be either a new vampire/werewolf being brought in, transferred to the area. Joined the club and works under Jean-Claude's business and supervision. A few references can be brought from the books, perhaps another view of a particularly bloody scene. Romance is optional.

- new stuff -

Of Incest and Breeding:  My largest kinks by far are incest, impregnation, and forced pleasure. In RP my partner would be willing to play multiple characters; Namely the mother and her daughters (like 5 of them). The mom would be intent on getting herself pregnant (or potentially can't) and would watch and assist in ensuring every one of her daughters getting pregnant as well, ensuring it happens. He could be hesitant to get involved in taboo, perhaps they aren't human (creatures of lust like a succubus maybe?), but once his balls are being held, fondled, and he's guided deep inside a warm needy ready fertile pussy he can't help but fulfill his purpose.
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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2012, 09:34:11 PM »
Finished RP's:
The Genie Always Wins In The End....

 Erotic horror, a magic lamp with a genie is found, but the genie is just biding her time until her master makes a bad wish letting her escape her prison. She can interpret how she wants, and tends to Grant wishes that end up with side effects, sometimes very bad ones.

 Mary Masters, watch out!
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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2012, 11:06:34 PM »
Abandoned RP's:
SPS - Setting up her friend
SPS - Setting her friend up - Seems after we got started he just lost steam or interest. If you feel like taking up this RP to resume it let me know.

Basic plot: Friend thinks their other friend needs to get laid, and probably needs a kid for her to look after. So she fills the paperwork out not letting SPS know that her friend didn't make the original request. The girl is taken by a herm (or male) kitsune who uses magic for illusions. Following the 'rape fantasy' he rapes and breeds her. Only after it's quite too late does it all get realized, by that point perhaps she's taken to her role as his breeding vessel. Further down the road her friend (who set her up) could come by and enjoy her own little rape fantasy or getting taken.

It was just a simple gift
It was just a simple gift - Sao just lost steam it seemed, I would offer to restart/resume but she is on hiatus. Maybe later...

Basic Plot: A friend gets her best friend for her birthday a pet. This pet comes from SPS (Sexual Pet Services) however it's no doubt it's for a sexual nature. Her parents are more prudish and want her to get rid of it. Unexpected by everyone the pet & owner fall in love.

Intended direction: We intended for it to go where she ends up getting pregnant, being sexually used by her mom (since he was a slave and couldn't say no), and then eventually becoming more confident they move out and live elsewhere.

Relunctance (Naga/human)
Relunctance (Naga/human) - Another one that lost steam. Partly my fault, had to take a few months off and my partner just wasn't in the mood for it anymore. Not really their fault.

Basic Plot: Survivor of a plane crash wants to get back to civilization, however a beautiful and exotic girl finds him, cares for him, and later fucks him. Unexpectedly he's forced into an inescapable situation where he's a father figure. Be it out of boredom or just sympathy/empathy for the naga girl to be left alone after baring her heart (and body) he accepts his role (although not wholeheartedly at first)
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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #5 on: June 04, 2013, 03:59:57 AM »

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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #6 on: June 10, 2014, 01:44:40 PM »

Added 'of incest and breeding'.

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Re: Ideas and Wishlist
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2016, 06:21:09 PM »